Top 10 Online Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money (2021)

Find out if top 10 Online Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money Below!

10 Online Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

Working from home businesses lets you avoid the hustling in an office and its overwhelming environment. Even though the Internet is full of scams, they also give you the opportunity of running a home based businesses. And if you are struggling with what sort of business you should opt for, don’t worry,  we have accumulated some of the best home based business ideas to make the process easier. These ideas are not any low-income survey sites and do not hold the promise of getting rich overnight. You would need time, effort, the right set of knowledge, and strong determination to become successful.

Moreover, you don’t need to make any investment to start this business. Yet there are some effective paid courses and services available to help you understand the ins and outs of the business quicker. Think of it as an investment in yourself as you will gain a lot of knowledge from there.

The top 10 Home Based Business Opportunities are

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest home-based businesses, and anyone who has their own website, YouTube channel, or other forms of social media can start it right away. To put in a nutshell, you only have to promote products and services of other brands via your personal affiliate links on social media channels. However, you have to master the skill of marketing to reach success as your profit depends on how many people buy your recommended products through the link you shared.

Currently, Amazon Associates holds the top position in the biggest known affiliate marketing programs list. Some of the other popular affiliate programs are Clickbank, Share A Sale along with 1000s more.

The majority of the topmost brands have this program, whether through an affiliate network or an independent program of their own.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

  • Option to work from anywhere and at anytime
  • Promoting products you love and use and has in-depth knowledge about it.
  • No need to create your own product and sell
  • No warehouse to buy and employers to hire
  • No dealing with returns and refunds of the product


Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products in your online store, but you don’t need to own any warehouse. It is not as easy as Affiliate marketing. You would need a proper strategy to run this business successfully. Your aim is to find the cheapest and trendy products from the right suppliers, which can become a challenging task initially. But once you get the hang of it, this business model can be very lucrative for yourself. Many global leading online stores use this business model, such as Amazon. There are a lot of platforms from where dropshippers source their products; however, AliExpress is the most famous one among them. It is better to sign up for a good-quality course for drop shipping so that you could know what to do and what not to. Anyone can go for this business, but prior to that, you have to establish an online store. Shopify is an easy and popular choice to do so among the dropshippers.

Benefits of dropshipping

  • No need to own a physical warehouse
  • No hassle of shipping and packaging the products as the suppliers do this on your behalf
  • If done with a proper strategy, you can earn a large sum of income
  • No need to buy any product beforehand; do it only when a customer places the order


Creating your own website means you can put your content with the relief that it will always be available. Most social media platforms come up with different terms and conditions which force you to abide by their rules. For instance, one day, YouTube prohibits users from putting up Amazon affiliate links on your channels so you won’t be able to do it, but if you have a blog, you don’t have to follow anyone’s rules and regulations. Having your own website or blog is essential even if you go for other business opportunities.

How to start a website?

Nowadays, you don’t need anyone to create a website for you. WordPress is the most used and easy platform for making a website. It is integrated with various theme stores and plugins. They also offer both free and paid domains. In paid domains, you can have your own domain, which is recommended if you want this as your career.

Benefits of own website and domain name

  • Option to place ads on your own website
  • It does not get affected by social media user agreement changes
  • Capable of promoting affiliate programs that are not allowed on social media platforms
  • Increases your brands or products and services reputation
  • Own domain name looks more professional and drives more traffic

YouTube channel

Among these top home-based businesses, making a well-established YouTube channel takes a lot of hard work and patience. Consistency and quality content is the two most important factors to build up your YouTube channel. However, it also provides the highest income among these once you gain enough subscribers and have recognition in the YouTube community. Try to watch as many videos as possible about the business side of YouTube. It will give you a basic idea of how to earn money from YouTube.

There are multiple income streams from YouTube

  • Sponsored Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling merchandise
  • YouTube ads
  • Free products
  • Minimum eligibility criteria to make money from YouTube ads
  • Abide by all the YouTube Partner Programme policies
  • To live in a country where the YouTube Partner Programme is available
  • Get over 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Obtain more than 1000 subscribers
  • Have a linked AdSense account

Meet these minimum requirements to consider having your own merch

  • User should have more than 10,000 subscribers
  • Are in the YouTube Partner Program
  • Haven’t protested against any Community Guidelines

Social Media Influencer

To Become a social media influencer, you need to have a large following on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and especially on YouTube. It would take time to build up your followers organically but be unique and passionate about the work you do and soon people will start to follow you. One of the best ways to gain followers is to be as much active as possible on the platforms. Like YouTube, this business also gives many streams of income like affiliate marketing, paid sponsors, merchandise sales, Patreon, crowdfunding campaigns, and many other methods. There are a lot of videos available in YouTube on how to become an influencer but it can get confusing on where to start and what to follow. It’s probably best to take up a course.

Work for Amazon

Amazon offers various types of ways one can earn money from there.

Here are some of the ways you can make money from Amazon

Amazon Jobs

Go to their Jobs section, where you will find many job openings at Amazon’s physical locations. They have student programs, internships, full-time opportunities, fulfillment center career opportunities, and many more.  There are also work from home opportunities

Amazon Flex

You can make $18-$25 an hour and be your own boss by setting your own schedule with Amazon Flex. It gives more time to pursue our dreams and goals. The job is to deliver packages with Amazon. Download The Flex app and set the schedule you want to work for. Then pick up the packages and deliver them.

Merch by Amazon

Making merchandise and selling it online is not unusual, but doing it on Amazon exposes you to more audiences as millions of people shop from there. Consequently, it increases the chance to sell your shirts and other merch more.

Amazon’s Self Publishing Services

It is one of the best services for authors to create kindle books, print books, and audiobooks. It is a fast and straightforward way to publish your print book with the help of CreateSpace, digital book with Kindle Direct Publishing, and an audiobook with ACX.

Fulfillment by Amazon

With the FBA feature, you can sell your products by storing it in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. And Amazon in return pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. It is a great way to scale your business and reach wider audiences.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that allows individuals and organizations to outsource their processes and jobs to a workforce who can complete the tasks virtually. These tasks can be conducting simple data validation and research to more subjective tasks like survey participation, content moderation, and much more.

Create & Sell Your Own Merchandise

Amazon is not the only one that has this opportunity. Some of the other create and sell your own merchandise companies include TeeSpring,, RedBubble, CustomInk, Gooten, Vistaprint, Blank,, Spreadshirt, and much more. If you have a knack towards creating designs, then this is the best home-based business to earn money from. Many artists make a healthy amount of income through this business. But make sure your design is unique and stands out among others.

Sell Your Crafts And Artwork

With Etsy, an e-commerce site, you can earn money by selling your artworks or vintage items lying around your house. It is a great opportunity for people who like to make stuff as this platform is more focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies as well as factory-manufactured items. The items have a wide range of categories starting from jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, to craft supplies and tools. But make sure the vintage items you sell are 20 years old or older. Also, you will get some privileges for the first four months or until you make your first sell, like No additional monthly fees, Secure transactions, Automatic deposits, and Seller protection.  After you sell an item, you will have to give a small commission and standard payment processing fees.

Create Your Own Online Courses

This is the best to put any special skill you have or in-depth knowledge of a specific subject to use. Create an online video course on that matter and earn money through it. There are multiple platforms you can put your courses in like Udemy. These courses will be available all across the globe, and through this self-employment opportunity, you are also helping others to learn something effectively. Share these courses on all your social media platforms so that people can get to know of its existence. But make sure the information in the courses is unique and easy to understand. Also, you can create one on your own website. Try to make some quizzes and assignments to keep your students interested. At the end of the course, you can also provide everyone with a certificate.

Publish Your Own Books

Amazon’s Self Publishing Services allows you to write your own book or hire writers to write them for you.

With this service, you can make Kindle books, audiobooks, and physical copies and share it with the Amazon audiences. K Money Mastery is an amazing course to learn how to take full advantage of Amazon’s Self Publishing Services. This course teaches you how to get your book noticed in the Amazon bookstore, which is crowded with other great books as well. Also, it tells you how to hire writers when you don’t want to write one by yourself. Needless to say, there are other platforms available as well, like iTunes and other bookstores, to sell your books.


 These are the 10 best business opportunities from where you can earn a good sum of money while staying at home. But like any other business, you need patience, time, and determination to scale your business. It is suggested to focus on one method instead of trying everything all of them. One of the important reasons why people fail is that they don’t stick to one for enough time and give up easily. Hence, try to follow one of these businesses until successful.

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