10 WordPress Plugins to Improve Speed & Performance (2021)

Find out the 10 WordPress Plugins to Improve Speed & Performance Below!

10 WordPress Plugins to Improve Speed & Performance

According to research, 53% of shoppers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less and 79% of consumers start abandoning websites that take more than 3 seconds to load! If you are on WordPress which contains a large number of visual and audio elements, having a well optimized WordPress theme or fast WordPress hosting is vital. But above that you need powerful speed optimization WordPress plugins.

Why Website Speed Is So Important?

Website loading speed is so important because users would leave your website in search of a faster one. Moreover, Google search results will favor websites that have a faster loading speed. The more you improve your website loading speed the better your search engine rankings will be in future. Having a fast website serves as a great customer experience and enables you to perform better in SERPs. So, it’s better to improve website speed as soon as possible and gain an edge over your competitors because every moment you lose could be the moment you lose a customer!

10 WordPress Plugins to Improve WordPress Speed & Performance

Below is a list of best speed optimization WordPress plugins which will reduce up to 30% page load time and give a responsive speed boost to your WordPress website.

1. WP Rocket

There are lots of cache plugin in the WordPress market. Some of the popular caching plugins are W3Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache. We recommend WP Rocket. WP Rocket is WordPress cache plugin that makes your website load super fast and utilizes the full power of your hosting. It uses intelligent caching algorithms which calculate the ratio of static to dynamic content.

WP Rocket is perfect solution for sites with a high volume of traffic. If you want a hassle-free way to speed up your WordPress site, we would strongly recommend using WP Rocket. WP Rocket makes you rank higher on search engines, super easy to manage and it has 24/7 support.

2. Autoptimize:

Autoptimize is a well developed and free version of Autoptimize Plus. It is small but powerful plugin, which is used by thousands of WordPress users all across the globe and it is free to use. No custom code is needed in order to make Autoptimize work. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin.

Autoptimize has a lot of user friendly options which help you configure it properly for your website. You can set a separate “automatic” file minification for mobile devices (which is a big deal when it comes to speed as mobile devices cannot handle a lot of content). Autoptimize also support a function to remove query strings from static resources which helps in making sure that the browser will not request the file again. In addition to that, it supports an option to inline small CSS and JS requests into HTML head, which means the HTML will be even faster to download.

3. Shortpixel

If you want to speed up your WordPress website, you have to make sure that the size of your website is under 4MB. If it exceeds to 4MB, Google’s search robot will not index your WordPress website. So you should take care of that. Shortpixel is a WordPress plugin which will compress your images easily. It optimizes the images on your website and do the job much more better than the standard “Image Optimizer” WordPress plugin.

Shortpixel is a very lightweight JPEG and PNG compression plugin, and it does one thing only! It only compresses JPEG and PNG images and nothing else (However, it does that extremely well). It works with PHP7 & PHP5, so you don’t have to worry about that. It takes care of your images.

Its features are;

You don’t have to worry about incoming images on your website as Shortpixel will take care of them.

Even if you have inserted images into your WordPress posts from other websites, they won’t be affected because Shortpixel will compress images only.

Shortpixel is a smart and a very powerful image optimization tool and it is almost free to use.

4. Query Monitor

Query Monitor is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress plugins. Query Monitor plugin is used by thousands of professional WordPress developers. If you are a WordPress developer, you have to use this plugin to speed up your website.

Query Monitor is used by the people all across the globe and it has already improved the speed of millions of websites. It monitors web queries and displays the result, so that you can identify query performance problems, bottlenecks, and figure out where to optimize.

Features Of Query Monitor;

Query Monitor shows you where you are lacking in performance and also provides a source code.

It helps in identifying performance issues and takes you directly to them.

Query Monitor is free to use and that makes it a perfect choice for your website.

5. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the best page builder for WordPress. It has all the features that every website needs. It has the option to create beautiful, creative and jaw-dropping designs. With the help of Elementor you can create different type of pages for your WordPress site like about us page, contact us page, portfolio page, blog page, etc. It is really helpful if you are new to WordPress.

Unlike many other page builder plugins, Elementor has a lot of visual appearance and performance options. It comes with 34 customization options and 73 modules. Elementor has 8 pre-designed blocks which include single column, multi-column, full width and full-height blocks. You will also get a 12 pre-defined luxury templates with Elementor.

6. Lazy Load Plugin By WP media

Do you know why users get annoyed when they visit your website? How much time do users spend on your website? Where each user spent their time on your website? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then your website is not to your users according to the latest research.

Lazy load is a WordPress plugin that loads the images at the last possible moment. It not only reduces the page load time but it will also make your website faster than ever before. Lazy Load plugin makes sure that your website doesn’t load with huge images that will eat up the complete browser’s cache.

7. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a free yet powerful WordPress plugin that helps you clean up your WordPress database without any trouble. It can optimize your database tables by running some SQL queries and deleting the unnecessary rows. It will also make sure that your WordPress site has less database queries and thus make your website faster than ever.

If you use any caching plugin on your website like WP Rocket, you don’t have to worry about the performance of your website because WP-Optimize can clean the cache-table without any trouble at all.

8. Thrive Comments

Want to rank better on search engines? Use Thrive Social which helps you grow your website traffic. Thrive Social contains lots of features like social media integration, e-commerce store integration, grow email traffic, SEO and many more.

If you are using Thrive WordPress theme then you don’t have to worry about this as Thrive Comments and Thrive Social are bundled with Thrive WordPress theme. Thrive Comments is used by thousands of people around the globe and it is simple, lightweight and easy to use.


Sucuri website security provides full website security for all the websites out there. If your website is hacked then it can be recovered by one of the Sucuri’s experts. It also provides full security and you will get notifications from Sucuri. Sucuri hence establishes a strong relationship between you and your website’s safety.

Sucuri has a good collection of tools like malware scanner, website firewall, website vulnerability scanning, website firewall, etc. Sucuri gives your website a secure base. It has a free plan with limited features but if you need more features like malware and firewall protection then you can subscribe to their premium plan.

10. Async Javascript Plugin

If you want to speed up your WordPress website then you should know one thing, your jQuery and JavaScript files should load separately to ensure a fast and optimal user experience. If your website is loaded with large files, then users will leave your website and never come back again. Instead of thinking about the how you can reduce the page load time, don’t think about that, just use Async JS plugin.

This plugin will load your JavaScript files asynchronously and it is a good practice to avoid set time limits. When your website loads large JavaScript files and they block the page and make a user wait for a long time, then it is really painful for the website visitors.


These are the 10 best speed optimization WordPress plugins that will optimize your WordPress website and increase your page load time. If you want your WordPress blog or website to load faster then you should use these WordPress plugins to speed up your WordPress website and make it run faster.

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