11 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More People in Your Facebook Group (2021)

Find out 11 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More People in Your Facebook Group Below!

11 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More People in Your Facebook Group

Facebook has over 2.3 billion users globally, and it has evolved into something more than just a social media app. It is now also a platform where you can buy and sell items, advertise your business, or have a Facebook group of about anything in the world and gain a steady following. It’s true, and you can find a group about anything these days. As long as there is a group of at least four people passionate about something, you can guarantee there’s a Facebook group for it. Well, its no surprise as it’s pretty simple to create a Facebook group, and with so many people using it, you’re bound to find some people who share the same feeling about something. Or, if you have a business, Facebook Groups are also a great way to engage with your customers to increase trust and credibility, which results in higher conversions and higher sales for your business. So, if you’re someone, even a business owner trying to get more following for your Facebook group, keep reading.

1. Display group links to other social media profile

If you have any other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc., they’re a perfect platform for you to promote your Facebook groups and vice versa. You might also have more following in either one of these platforms, which offers a more extensive client base for new leads. Most likely, your Facebook group is in a specific niche, which means your other content also falls in the same category. This means that your followers will most likely also enjoy the content on your other sites.

2. Display link on 404 pages

404 pages are annoying, especially if you want to find what you’re looking for online. But, why not use your 404 pages to your advantage since they are inevitable anyways? Use them to advertise your Facebook group by displaying a link where users know where to find you. They will be delighted as they might have found what they were looking for in the first place, your site! If they happen to come to a dead-end, they might have a negative feeling towards your brand.

3. Send an invite to new email subscribers to join the clan

You can use your email marketing technique to get the word out there about your Facebook group. You can do this by setting an autoresponse to your new subscribers. If they love your brand, they won’t even think twice about joining your group. Just ensure that you post relevant and engaging content; otherwise, they might unfollow you if they don’t like what you’re posting. Also, use your site to promote new and exciting things!

4. Call to action buttons on podcasts, webinars, email signatures, and blog posts

If you have other platforms where you can advertise anything, use them also to advertise your Facebook group! It’s free publicity! You can auto-link them in blog posts that might be relevant. This way, if anyone is interested, they can click on the link to be directed to your Facebook page. Voila! That’s another new follower for you!

5. Display Facebook group in interviews or guest blogging bios

If you’ve done a guest blog or interview recently, you can mention your Facebook group whenever it’s relevant. For example, if you’ve done anything related to your Facebook group with regards to your interview topic, you can mention the group in case people might be interested in that particular post.

6. Add invites on Thank You pages

It would be best if you had email autoresponders for some parts of your customer’s journey. For example, the crucial ones are such as welcome emails, and a Thank You email each time a customer’s made a purchase. The tip is to include a welcome link in your Thank You emails. If your customers are satisfied with your product and service, they will be delighted to join the family!

7. Use eye-catching graphic in the sidebar

If you’re promoting your Facebook group in blogs, remember to create something eye-catching otherwise, your followers or customers might miss it! Ensure that there is a contrast with the background so that it stands out and doesn’t fade to the back.

8. Optimize group name and info for Facebook Search

Choosing a name for your Facebook group can also determine the amount of traffic that you might receive. If you want a keyword rich and descriptive title, you will receive generous amounts of traffic as people are more interested in the topic. This means that people can easily find you when they enter your name into the Facebook search bar. If you choose a longer name with general words such as food, clothes, etc., then people will be able to find you easily. This also works in your group description box. The more descriptive you are, the higher the chances that people will find you. It’s good to do a little bit of research on the specific words that you intend to name your new Facebook group. You can also optimize your group via the tags as Facebook lets you add tags to your group. The more tags you use, the wiser your audience reach.

9. Create a shortened URL

Don’t use the long URL for your Facebook group, did you know you can create a shorter version? The shorter version is more catchy and more comfortable to remember, rather than a bunch of random gibberish. Just go to the button that has three dots on the top right of the group and click “Edit Group Settings.” Scroll to Web and Email address and click “Change Address” and create your new short URL. It should be catchy and easy to remember. There are also URL shortener tools if you don’t have any ideas for a shorter name.

10. Link group in the website navigation bar

If you have a website, the navigation bar on your home page is a prime advertisement platform. Here is the best place for you to get the word out there about your store. Use it to display special offers, and also your social media and Facebook group to gain more traffic. The more traffic you have, the higher the number of leads, and more possibilities of conversion. Here is where the shortened URL comes in, its easier to display and more pleasing to the eye. It’s also more catchy, and people will remember about your brand whenever they see it. If you couple this with creating an eye-catching design on your site, your customers won’t miss it!

11. Link Facebook group to Facebook page

Lastly, this idea doesn’t come as a surprise as its pretty obvious. If you don’t already, you should have links on your Facebook page about your Facebook group. Since this is a relatively recent feature, you might not know how to do it. Just head to settings by clicking on the three dots top right of your Facebook page and go to “Edit Page.” Scroll to Groups and click “Settings” to turn on the toggle. Then go back to “Groups, and you will see options to either “Create Group” or “Link Your Group.” Click “Link Your Group” and choose the pages you want to link. Alternatively, if you’re just now creating a new group, you can connect your group immediately after creating it.

Why It’s Important to Grow Your Facebook Group

Facebook has over 2.3 billion users, so it’s a powerful platform to advertise something if you want to generate more leads. Therefore, it’s also a perfect place to grow your business. If you’re already putting in marketing efforts and still not getting any traction, take a step back and try to build your Facebook group first. Then, you might be able to see your sales start growing. It’s also a great platform to let your users know more about your brand’s personality. If they can relate to your brand, the more trust and credibility your brand has on the market.

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