11 Simple Steps To Get Your AdSense Approved (2021)

Find out the 11 Simple Steps To Get Your AdSense Approved Below!

11 Simple Steps To Get Your AdSense Approved

Adsense has and will continue to be a big thing online and it’s easy to understand why. The money that you earn from it can help start and grow your blog a lot and it doesn’t have to be that hard to get approved for it.

You need to know what people find when they read your website. There are thousands of websites that are in the same niche as yours but there are some that get clicked more than others. You need to make sure that your content is good and that you are covering what the other websites aren’t. It’s critical to understand what Google actually wants from you – they want unique and quality content that attracts an audience who is likely to click on your ads. So before you even start writing your website, find out what your audience is looking for and then fill that need. Make sure that you make your website load fast so that if someone does click on it that they will be able to do so without a problem. Having the site load quickly is important because most people don’t want to wait for something to load when looking for information.

There are many other factors too and to help you save time and energy we’ve put together a list of the ones we feel will help you get approved quickly and easily.

1. Take No Shortcuts

Do not take any shortcuts or go the easy way out when making the website. You need to show Google and the Adsense Team that you are building a website that is unique and is here to stay. So do not try to get the website approved in a few days as that is not the point here. You need to put and show effort into this. It will not only hold you to higher standards but it will also make you more familiar with the process.

2. Make Your Blog

You need to make your blog and put the hard work into it. Do not try and get it done quickly to move onto something else. When it comes to the Adsense approval process you want to put priority into getting it approved. You need to give the process enough attention to where you can not only get the site approved but make it thrive to a point where you can look for opportunities to grow it and increase traffic to it. You need to plan it and make it look good so that you can make money from it.

3. Write 3-4 Long Articles

To help with the process you need to start writing content and taking the time to produce quality content. Many new website owners new to the process let the approval happen when they are writing their content. If you do so you are just putting the cart before the horse. You have to have the find content written first and then try and submit it. The only time you want to put the cart before the horse would be if you’re already approved and you need to submit more content. So with the Adsense approval process you need to make sure that you write 3-4 long articles and give yourself at least 2 weeks to do so. The reason for this is that it will help with the link building process as well.

4. Prepare Your Privacy Policy, Contact & About page

When you are trying to get your website approved you need to make sure that you have all your contact information and About page information ready to go. You want to make sure that it is complete with pictures if you want them. When it comes to the privacy policy it will come in handy if something happens in the future and you need to cover your bases. You will need to make sure that this is done before making the site live though.

5. 30 Days – 30 Post Rule

With Adsense you have to make sure that you create 30 posts in the first 30 days. This is to build up the profile of your blog and to help make the Adsense Team aware of the site. This will help them see that you are willing to put in the effort to not just get approved for it but also to make it live and for that they will approve you. It is important that you do not take shortcuts when posting how to tips on how the process of getting your Adsense approval. You can write short posts for them but you need to make sure that they are of good work. When it comes to the code on the blog you will need to make sure that it is completed and that you are linking it to the Google Adsense tracking code.

6. Do Not Use Free Webhosting Services

There are many people who talk about how they used a free web host and applied for Adsense and Tumblr and they were approved for them. This is because they still use the free web host to host their content. So if you are trying to get the Adsense approval then do not do it. The same goes for Yahoo adverts. Along with this do not use free web services such as Wix or Weebly as well. These are not free services.

7. Branding Is Required

With Adsense you need to make sure that your business is represented correctly and that you are reaching out to these companies in the right way. So you will need to make sure that the site has the right links to your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You will also need to make sure that when you target companies like Amazon and eBay that they have links to them. This will help when it comes to getting Adsense approval and may even help when it comes to other companies in the future.

8. Add Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools

When it comes to getting Adsense approved it is critical you add your site to Google webmaster tools. This is also a good way to to get the help that you need and to make sure that your site is built correctly. If you have any questions about it then you will be able to find out by following the Google webmaster tools support guides. You can also find out what your competitors are doing to make sure that you are doing the same thing.

9. Keep following SEO RULES

There are many SEO RULES out there and to do this you will need to make sure that your website is ranked correctly and that you are following the Google webmaster guidelines. If you do so then you will not only get the Adsense approval but it will help you make more money from it too. It is important that you have a good business plan and that you are following the SEO RULES.

10. Keep Your Blog Upfront

It is important that you remain focused as when it comes to getting Adsense approved as it can be nerve wrecking. You need to make sure that you don’t stray away from it and to keep your Blog upfront. So try not to focus on any side tasks too much.

11. Purchase Your Own Domain Name

When it comes to Adsense there are many people that use Gmail, Blogger or Yahoo to host their content. If you are using a free web host it is important that you do not do this. People who want to get Adsense approved do so by creating a new domain name and making sure that the site domain matches with the Blog domain. You need to make sure that the domain name is yours and that the content on the page is well built out. Make sure that you have the right keywords and the content. If you don’t use keyword in your content it is less likely that people will give it a chance. So try to use these keywords in your page and you will not only get your Adsense approved.


There you have got the top 11 steps to getting your AdSense approved. You can put this into action and you will be able to get your approval easily if you follow this list.

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