11 Ways to Make 100 Dollars in a Day (2021)

Find out 11 Ways to Make 100 Dollars in a Day Below!

11 Ways to Make 100 Dollars in a Day

With the dwindling world economy and the rise of living costs, having one income is scarcely enough for us to feed our family and have enough left to live comfortably. This article aims to list down 11 ways that you can make a quick buck, but it also includes other long terms, and more consistent income methods. If you’re looking to get some cash fast, or if you’re looking for a second income method to supplement your lifestyle, keep reading!

11 Ways to Make 100 Dollars In a Day

1. Get a Personal Loan

This is an option if you’re looking for some money to invest in a new business or something that will guarantee you a return over time. I do not suggest this option if you do not have a plan to recover the money or if you’re unable to pay off the monthly installment plus interest. Getting a personal loan isn’t easy; you should make sure you do your research entirely and make a feasibility calculation of whether or not you can pay off the debt. Being in debt is annoying, and you won’t be able to rest properly until your debts are paid off. If you’re good with the repayment, CashUSA can give you loans of up to $10,000 if you need some quick cash to go on holiday, etc.

2. Get Paid to Shop

This is the easiest way to make some money, as you’re getting paid to shop! Rakuten is a site where they get a commission from their partners for referring you to their shop, and Rakuten shares this commission back to you in the form of a cashback. With 1,700 participating stores on their site, you will surely find something that you’re looking for. Then, every quarter, Rakuten sends your accumulated cash back via check or PayPal. It’s as simple as that! They also have a referral program where you get $25 for each friend you refer. Although the amount you get is not significant, it does add up every quarter.

3. TaskRabbit

You can find a bunch of local random freelance work via TaskRabbit. The job scope is pretty extensive, from assembling Ikea furniture for someone to mowing someone’s lawn. So, if you have a pair of hands and can read an Ikea manual, you should sign up to see if there’s anything for you. You might even find something long term!

4. Open an Etsy store

If you love doing DIY or handmade products, why not sell them and make some extra income? The best thing is that you enjoy doing them anyway, so it’s more like a hobby and doesn’t feel like actual work. Etsy is super easy to set up. You will need a bunch of good quality pictures of the product you’re selling, and wait for sales!

5. Affiliate marketing

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a blog to start affiliate marketing. All you need is a social media page with a good following. You can then use this platform to promote products and get paid.

Max Bounty is an option you can consider.

ClickFunnels also has a good affiliate marketing program where you can earn up to $3,000 a month even as a side hustle. Some people even make up to six figures a year!

6. Start a blog

You can pretty much start a blog about anything, and there will be people who will read it. If you’re passionate about something, write about it! Chances are, some equally passionate people would want to learn about your opinions. Once you gain a significant amount of traffic, you can then use your blog to make money. It’s not the fastest option to make money, but it’s sustainable!

7. Offer a Service

This works if you have a unique talent or skill, don’t let it go to waste! Instead, use it to get some extra money! If you’re a web designer, many people are looking for web designers online. Do you speak a different language? Why not offer classes or find someone who’s looking to learn your language? You can even make a friend or two along the way. Fiverr is a great place to do some freelance work if you have any skills or talents.

8. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft drivers make quite a bit of money as a side hustle. All you need is a car and a couple of free hours during weekdays or all day weekends, and you can earn quite a bit of money over time. Although it’s not the most glamorous of jobs, it does pay.

9. Sell your old stuff

There are many places where you can sell used or vintage items such as eBay, Amazon, and even Facebook marketplace. I’ve seen lots of people doing this, and you can find interested buyers with some patience. Just go into your storeroom or garage, and I’m sure you’ll find something worth selling.

10. Surveys

Surveys are another way to make some income, but it takes some time, and you won’t be making much. They’re great as you need to answer a bunch of questions on a particular product and get paid! You will only need to sign up to survey websites, fill out some details about yourself, and the site will send you relevant surveys. These sites usually offer cash, but some of them also provide gift cards. You can give these sites a try: Survey Rewardz, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks Surveys.

11. Rent out your spare room

This is a great way to make a significant amount of money. Airbnb is a great place to rent if you have any additional rooms available. Airbnb is very reliable, and you get to screen through the guests before accepting their booking. It’s also very flexible as you can choose the dates you want to rent according to what suits you. If you want the whole place to yourself for a few days, you can block the dates. If you need long term cash, you can also choose to rent it out for a longer-term.

There are many ways that you can earn money these days, all you have to do is get out of your comfort zone and look for it!

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