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123 Affiliate Marketing Review (Pat Flynn Course)

Is 123 Affiliate Marketing Course worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!

123 Affiliate Marketing Review

Affiliate marketing is nowadays one of the most popular ways to make money online for a lot of people.

It can be an excellent passive income once they are established.

Pat Flynn is one of the more popular affiliate marketers who is honest. Find out if his course is worth it or not below!

Starts at 249$


Paolo uses professional equipment for the videos, so the video quality is excellent.

Ease of use

The course is easy to understand and does not require specialized knowledge or data to do it.


The course has eight videos, with each of the steps to promote your products through Email Marketing.


As other courses, the course has a Facebook group for support. It's beneficial, for contacting Paolo directly is a hassle.

123 Affiliate Marketing Pros & Cons


Email Marketing

The course contains a structure defined and organized towards the goal of achieving a resounding success with an Email Marketing strategy.


The content of this course can be applied to different affiliate marketing programs.



It is a costly course for its short and limited content.

One Strategy

The course only focuses on Email Marketing without touching other digital marketing strategies.

What is 123 Affiliate Marketing?

123 Affiliate Marketing tries to give you all the tools you need to promote products successfully, and how to do so.

The course offers an excellent solution to a lot of concerns like creating your products from scratch or generating income from them while consuming your time and energy.

Affiliate marketing is a time-tested strategy focused on income generation with great benefits. It allows you to maintain and build a strong relationship with your audience.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if 123 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn is right for you or not!

Who is 123 Affiliate Marketing for?

This course aims towards entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their customer service and affiliate relationships. It shows you how to put your audience’s needs and trust before the money.

However, it’s a course for people with established businesses. It’s not for newcomers.

Who is Pat Flynn, The Founder of 123 Affiliate Marketing?

Pat Flynn is pretty well-known due to his Youtube channel, where he makes videos on various topics to his 191,000 subscribers.

He runs a successful blog called Smart Passive Income. On his blog, he shared his income reports through the years and makes it clear that he is doing pretty good from affiliate marketing.

He owns courses about finding a good business idea, building a brand and even podcasting. The cost of these courses goes from $249 up to $999.

What is Included in 123 Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing a product

The first step inside the course is learning how to select your main product and how to work with affiliate links.

This section starts with a few essential videos on what to do if you can’t find affiliate programs available, what to do with your link, and how to build relationships. However,  you can find the same content on a lot of other Youtube videos.

Strategies for passive promotion

This next section goes on into looking at various promotional strategies such as adding links to your content, and setting up pages with conversion strategies.

This module is short and somewhat disappointing for a course aiming to teach you everything about how to start an affiliate marketing site.

Strategies for active promotion

The last module is about different methods recommended by Pat. This section includes email broadcasts, affiliate bonuses, and affiliate marketing campaigns.

There is no mention of SEO, or blogger outreach, link swaps or building links to your website.

Personal Experience With 123 Affiliate Marketing

I must admit I’m disappointed. I was excited when I saw that this course wasn’t for beginners, yet he still explains things like what’s affiliate marketing and how to get products.

That’s also a preview of the rest of the course. The content is superficial, and there’s a lot he’s missing. There are zero mentions of SEO, and trending methods like sales funnels are also absent.

123 Affiliate Marketing Scam?

Nope, 123 Affiliate Marketing is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like Savage Affiliates.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Pat Flynn’s 123 Affiliate Marketing course.

There are other sites claiming they either have 123 Affiliate Marketing Coupon or 123 Affiliate Marketing Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, 123 Affiliate Marketing Nulled or 123 Affiliate Marketing Free is not a thing.

123 Affiliate Marketing Final Verdict

The 123 Affiliate Marketing can be looked as underwhelming. It has less than 30 videos on the entire process of making money passively, and it fails to look at valuable content such as SEO.

For the price, there is a lot of limited information on starting a website and even less information on how to understand paid traffic. There is no mention of sales funnel or Amazon affiliate marketing.

123 Affiliate Marketing Alternative

One of the best and most affordable affiliate marketing courses out there that I love is Savage Affiliates. It’s by Franklin Hatchett, who makes 7 figures online from various businesses, like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, software and much more. Franklin constantly updates his courses so, they aren’t out of date.

I have been affiliate marketing for a while now and I knew about affiliate marketing before I came across Franklin Hatchett but, I never really made consistent money with it.  This course is for someone whos a complete beginner all the way UP to Advanced Affiliate marketers, it has definitely helped me increase my affiliate income and build a proper affiliate marketing business.

What type of Results Are Savage Affiliates Students Getting?

Not all but, quite a few students are getting amazing results. I check Franklin’s youtube comments and facebook group and I always see people showing their results. Here are results some of his students provided:

Savage Affiliates Results OneSavage Affiliates Results TwoSavage Affiliates Results Three

1 thought on “123 Affiliate Marketing Review”

  1. Hello,
    Before buying this training of zero quality, I should have read your review. Unfortunately, I bought his training. Many of its modules have an inaudible sound, you have to add a plugging to hear. His facebook group contains very few participants and several questions from the participants are unanswered. The final modules of his training are without videos when they should be.
    Horrible experience, I was scammed by his coaching on google ads for a period normally 8 weeks. At the presentation, everything seemed really serious contact via Zoom and he proposed solutions. Then after 3 weeks, no contacts, no answers to my questions and reminders with mail, whatsapp, Skype…
    I asked for a refund of his coaching that he stopped, no answer. It’s a real scam.


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