19 Survey Sites Where You Can Earn Extra Money Every Month (2021)

Find out 19 Survey Sites Where You Can Earn Extra Money Every Month Below!

19 Survey Sites Where You Can Earn Extra Money Every Month

When I was younger and fortunate enough to have the internet at home, my older cousin taught me a way that I can earn some extra money online by doing paid surveys! I was a happy 15 years old as I found a secret way to make some extra money to do fun teenage things like go to the movie or the arcade. None of my friends knew my secret as I loved showing off what little money I had. During that time, whatever I was making seemed like a lot when, in fact, I was only making a few dollars per Survey. Looking back, I can’t help but laugh at myself. But, it did help me get by my teenage years without being poor! As a teenager, I didn’t need much, but it was enough. Since then, now and then, when I have some extra free time, I find myself back on these survey sites, accumulating some money as I answer each Survey. Being such a veteran in the game, I’m able to identify the legitimate survey websites from the fake, and come up with a list of 20 sites where you can earn extra money every month!

Extra tips on how to earn more and stay safe

Before we continue, I would like to give you a few tips on how you can have the best survey experience and make lots of money! First off, you should be as truthful as possible on the demographic Survey. Most survey websites require you to answer an initial questionnaire to help them understand you more. This can range from questions about your household, interests, shopping habits, etc. You shouldn’t be worried if it’s a legitimate survey website, as they will have data protection policies in place. They just need your information to match you with the relevant surveys. This doesn’t just help the survey company, and it also helps you as it can give you surveys that you would be interested in answering. This will also increase the probability of providing truthful answers.

Another tip to make as much money as you possibly can is by joining as many free online survey companies as you can! The more you enter, the more you can earn! Each survey company has their own set of clients, so each company might only have a few surveys per day. But, if you sign up for more, you will get more surveys to answer and more chance of making even more! It’s OK if you don’t have the time to answer all the surveys, you can always just skip it and get paid for the ones that you do answer! It’s simple as that. Some of these sites even give you a special bonus just for signing up, so you wouldn’t be losing anything. Out of this list of 20, signing up for at least three sites would be more than helpful.

Lastly, always make sure to check if the site you’re using is legitimate! This is very crucial as there are many fake sites out there. A few things can happen if you sign up for fraudulent sites. Firstly, they might steal your data and use it for their purpose. Secondly, they might not pay you for the surveys you’ve answered. It’s easy to identify some of these scam websites. Make sure that you don’t reply to scam emails. These can be identified by random weird email addresses that might be sending you emails. It’s best to ignore them. Another way to determine is when they offer too high amounts of commissions. Although some sites do provide high rates of payment, some are just too good to be true.

Free Online Survey Sites

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie pays out between $1 to $3 for each completed Survey. It’s not much, but they are reliable. You get several surveys per day, and if you do them daily, you can earn a pretty decent amount at the end of each month. They collect your personal information by letting you fill out a personal questionnaire to better match you with relevant surveys.

2. Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates offers a bunch of great discounts as rewards for answering their surveys. But, it’s not just answering surveys; they also give you a chance to try and review products. The products are sent to you for free. If you use Amazon, Groupon, or eBay a lot, then you would love this site as you get gift vouchers.

3. Paid Surveys from Home

Earn by doing a bunch of stuff other than answering boring surveys! Paid Surveys from home also offers paid focus groups and phone surveys in case you’re bored with the regular questionnaire-based surveys. They even have product testing where you get to use the product for free!

4. Gold Opinions

Gold Opinions is a dedicated survey website that pays you via check or wire transfer, PayPal, or you can also choose to redeem rewards from their esteemed partners. This includes retailers like Samsung and Apple. They have thousands of high paying surveys for you to choose from.

5. MyPoints

Get $5 instantly for answering just five surveys with MyPoints. They reward users via gift cards, or you can cash out via PayPal.

6. Gaming Jobs Online

Get paid to play games! This is a gamer’s dream. Gaming Jobs Online lets you test out the latest online games for you to review, and you get to keep them for free! If you’re a gamer, then you’re really in for a treat. You will also get access to cheat codes, special walkthroughs, secrets, and many more! You will also get invited to exclusive launches and conferences.

7. Qmee

Qmee is an app extension that you need to download. It becomes your internet browser, and you need to use it while you’re browsing the internet as per usual. Every now and then, an ad will pop up and you will get 5 to 20 cents just for clicking and viewing the advertisement. Qmee also has paid surveys that you can answer for even more money. You don’t have to accumulate a certain amount to get a payout by Qmee.

8. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll rewards users in the form of rewards. So, if you’re looking to earn money, then this site wouldn’t be for you. Earning rewards can be more fun sometimes, and what’s good with Harris Poll is that you still earn points even if you don’t qualify for the Survey.

9. Survey Downline

Get paid between 10 to 20 cents per Survey with Survey Downline. Don’t worry if you run out of surveys for the day as they regularly will send you email updates on new surveys.

10. OneOpinion

OneOpinion lets you earn points for completing surveys. You can then convert these points and cash out via PayPal.

11. American Consumer Opinion

This is a legitimate and trustworthy website for surveys.

12. EarningStation

An excellent platform for you to earn some extra money. It offers a bunch of ways you can make from taking surveys, online shopping, or just watching videos. You can then redeem the points you earn for gift cards!

13. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is pretty similar to the EarningStation as mentioned above, but I think its more robust. You get points for using Swagbucks to do a bunch of things. Even by just using their Search Engine, you can earn points. You can also watch videos and take surveys to maximize your earnings. The points can then be converted into cash or redeemed for gift cards.

14. Vindale Research

Vindale is a trustworthy and straightforward site to use. They let you see how long and how much you can earn for each Survey before you even start. This is good for you to gauge before undertaking each Survey.

15. Ebates

Just by signing up on Ebates, you can get a $10 sign up bonus. What’s even better is that you get a 3% cash back each time you spend on Amazon! If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, this will definitely come in handy for you. Other products might even earn you a 30% cashback! Signup with my link to get an additional $10 when you spend $25 and above. You can just sign up now and the $10 will come into your wallet once you’ve made a $25 purchase.

16. Legit Paid Online Surveys

The name says it all!

17. My Survey

My Survey has a global outreach which means its suitable even for international users. They pay you for visiting sites, trying free offers, completing surveys, and even more when you refer a friend.

18. Opinion City

Opinion City connects you with trusted market research companies who wants to hear what you have to say!

19. Shop Tracker

Shop Tracker rewards you for spending money! Just spend like you usually do, and wait for the rewards to start coming in. Just by downloading the app and setting it up, you will receive a $3 Visa gift card as a welcome bonus.

20. Inbox Dollars

Sign up and get a $5 bonus immediately! It’s a great site to earn via surveys, online games, and online shopping.

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