23 Best Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell This Summer on Shopify in 2021

23 Best Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell This Summer on Shopify in 2020

23 Best Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell This Summer on Shopify in 2021


Running a dropshipping store is all about the products. Of course, without a product to sell, you won’t be making any profits. However, you can’t just simply choose any product to sell. Researching a product to advertise on your Shopify store takes a lot of time as there are so many aspects to consider. You will need to find a niche, research market trends, competitor trends, etc. Doing all this prevents you from selling things that no one is interested in on the market, hence, wasting your time and effort.

Trending Summer Products

Finding the right products to sell also takes trial and error. I found that out the hard way, but my mistakes have led me to be a professional in identifying winning products by analyzing trends. I’ve also developed a strategy that has helped me in my Shopify store to find potential winners. Hence, I’ve put together a list of products that are becoming popular this summer on Shopify. Let’s dive in!

1. Solar Charger

Summer is probably the only season that you can get solar chargers moving, so you should hurry and seize this opportunity! Solar chargers are great if you’re going for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, or anywhere that you know might not have an outlet to charge your phone. People nowadays can’t live without their phones so you can surely get a profit from them. The product is also great as it doesn’t require electricity consumption and its all-natural. It uses the sun’s energy to recharge itself, and then you can use it to charge your phone or any compatible devices. Its also multifunctional as it comes with a compass, lighter, and flashlight. The charger uses a standard USB charger that can be interchangeable with a lot of devices. You can also upsell the cables to increase average order value. You can also advertise this product to tropical countries as they can use this problem-solving product all year round. However, it’s essential to check where the supplier’s ship to, as it might not ship to certain countries.

2. Golf Clubs

According to Google trends, golf clubs always start getting popular in the summer. Although they are considered a high ticket product, passionate golfers will spend money to get them. You can also build a collection surrounding them and even sell golf-related gears such as gloves, golf sets, putters, etc. You can add golf swing trainers as an upsell technique.

3. Dog Cooling Bandana

Pet owners love spending money on their pets! Especially something like this dog cooling bandana that would benefit their pets and make them look cute at the same time. Taking pets out in the summer might be fun, but not for long as the sun and heat will eventually make them tired. This bandana can save them from the heat and exhaustion. This could also be your marketing method to help pet owners realize why they need this for their pets! You can promote this item in the pug, puppy, dog grooming, PetCo section using Facebook ads to get traffic. You can also offer this indoor pet cooling mat to go with it during the hot season.

4. Pool Floats

As you lounge around your villa and take aesthetically pleasing Instagram pictures, you will need a pool float or two in the background to make it look even better! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some of them can get creative! Another great thing about pool floats? Instagram influencers use it all the time on their Instagram pages, so your advertising is already done! You can also reach out to your list of influencers and have them promote it to their followers in exchange for the product. This will get your sales going for sure. You can upsell float drink holders as they fit perfectly in these large pool floats.

5. Fishing

Fishing is an excellent hobby as fathers take their sons to spend quality time as the weather gets warmer. This is probably why fishing lures increase in demand when summer rolls around. You can also build a whole niche surrounding fishing lures and sell other fishing related items. If someone is looking for fishing lures, chances are they’re looking for other fishing equipment too! Hobbyists will be willing to spend on getting functional products before setting out on their activity. Fishing lures are also cheap, and you can lure hobbyists to your page and upsell other related products together with it. You can also find Influencers in the fishing niche to promote your products.

6. Travel bags

Summer is the best time for traveling, or for people to get out of the city to enjoy the holidays. It also creates a niche for you to sell other travel-related products. Reach out to travel influencers or even fashion bloggers so that they advertise your products in exchange for the product itself. With this, you can create SEO optimized content to market your items and even use paid Google shopping ads to drive traffic to your store. You can upsell these with luggage tags or other travel accessories.

7. Sandals

Sandals are stylish and easy to slip on. They increase in trends during summer as it gets hotter and more uncomfortable to wear shoes or sneakers. They’re also great to wear while traveling, or if you’re going somewhere with water such as the beach or lakes. You can promote them as a travel must-have or a fashion item. Reach out to travel and fashion influencers to post your item on their pages to get traffic. You can also use Google Shopping, Google Adwords, or Facebook ads.

8. Swimsuits

Swimsuits increase in trend during summer as there are no other seasons to wear them. The best thing is that you can test it by creating an accessories store to see if it will do well. Again, influencers are a great way to get the word out there. Facebook and Instagram paid ads will also help you generate more sales. You can offer bundles and sell a few swimsuits as a time. After all, most people will need more than one.

9. Water Shoes

Water shoes are an exciting and innovative product that comes in trend every summer. There are many benefits to the product as it helps solves problems. You can create marketing videos by listing all these benefits. Reaching out to fashion or outdoor adventurer influencers will help you to get traffic to your store.

10. Pest Repeller

Summer is when all the pesky insects come out to play. It’s warm outside, but you can’t go out to enjoy the weather due to pesky mosquitoes. Therefore, this is a problem solver as more and more people need it during the summer. It’s also useful and can be sold with camping niches or outdoor adventurers. Use Facebook Ads and Google shopping ads to promote it as pest control, home improvement, or insect sprays. You can upsell this item with an indoor pest repellent.

11. Long Plasma Lighter

Have you ever tried lighting a candle with a regular lighter and burning your hand in the process? The long plasma lighter solves this problem. It also saves you from the wind if you’re trying to light fires outdoors. Therefore, this is a problem-solving tool. You can market this product to a wide range of audiences from outdoor adventurers, barbecues, cooking, fireplace, camping, etc.

12. Paw Cleaner

This is another product for pet lovers. People love going outdoors with their pets during the summer. Their paws get dirty as they collect dirt from outside and bring it back home. To prevent this, the paw cleaner is portable and safe to clean your dog’s paws. This item should be targeted to pet owners, and you can even post a before and after picture of using the product. Promote using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, or Google Shopping. You can upsell this item with other pet-related products such as fur trimmer or comb.

13. Beach tent

Love going to the beach, but it gets too hot? The beach tent is here to save the day. They are an inexpensive product, so some people buy many to keep in case others get spoiled or torn. You can use Google Shopping ads. You can also get influencers or outdoor adventurers to post the benefits of using a tent. Upsell this item with waterproof items or sand free items that can be used together at the beach.

14. Hiking Shoes

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that you can only do in the summer. The hiking experience is made better if you have comfortable and stylish shoes! They’re so chic that you can also have influencers promote them. Although they’re for hiking, people might even buy them to use daily. Timberlands are also outdoor shoes, but people wear them as a fashion statement. Use Google Shopping and Google Adwords to promote them.

15. Grill Mats

Don’t you hate it when you forget to flip the meat for 5 seconds when grilling, and it sticks to the grill? The grill mat is here to save the day! They’re very inexpensive, and you can use it to sell with other products for a higher margin or as an upsell. There are many benefits of it and you can showcase them in ads or before and after pictures. You can also upsell them with portable electric fans as it gets hot when you’re grilling outdoors in the summer.

16. Portable grill

This is something that you can sell together with the abovementioned grill mats. Portable grills are great to take on camping trips as you can grill your freshly caught fish or game. Enjoy a homecooked meal even though you’re far from the comfort of your own home. Facebook Ads and Google can be used to target specific interests and keywords. Bundle it with other outdoor or grilling products.

17. Kayak Cover

Kayaking is an expensive hobby, so this comes as a high ticket product. It has the potential to earn significant profit margins, although it only speaks to an unusually small niche as they are usually a passionate audience. Finding adventurer influencers to promote this big-ticket item will help your sales. You can also use Google ads to target specific keywords. Upsell this item with other outdoor products.

18. Beach Towels

Beach towels are a must-have item as summer rolls around. This is further verified by 40,000 monthly searches on the term. As they are quite inexpensive, you can upsell it with other beach-related items such as the beach tent or bikinis. They come in a lot of creative designs that are pleasing to the eye. This makes it great for reaching out to influencers and have them promote it on their social media accounts. At the same time, you can use Instagram and Facebook ads by posting photogenic pictures of the item. You can also bundle a few towels and sell them as sets to increase sales volume.

19. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great item to have all year round. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, however, peak during the summer season as we love to enjoy good music as we chill by the pool or the beach. You can use Facebook and Instagram ads to target outdoor adventurers or market them as a travel item as its portable and easy to carry around. You can upsell this item with outdoor tents or the Beach tent and vice versa.

20. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another hot selling summer product! They’re quite inexpensive, and you can offer discounts or bundles if customers buy more. This way, you can also save on shipping costs as their shipping fees increase with purchasing multiple items.

21. Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love good ice cream as the weather gets hotter? They’re also a great gift idea! Google Adwords is a great way to market this product as you can target specific keywords and include step by step guides to making the perfect ice cream. The product itself is also pleasing to the eyes so you can take great pictures and videos.

22. Laser Hair Removal

Summer is the time when women go hairless. Being a high ticket product, you can sell them for high prices and earn high-profit margins. Beauty influencers can help you promote this product, and you can then advertise their posts. You have probably also seen them on social media, which means it’s a potential winner. Upsell it with other beauty items like eyebrow trimmers or tweezers.

23. Baby Beach Tent

Bring your whole family down to the beach for an exciting time! With the Baby beach tent, your baby can rest comfortably and take naps while the adults have fun in the sun. This solves the problem of not being able to go to the beach in case you disrupt your baby’s sleeping patterns. Upsell with beach mats or waterproof items.


Trending products change with each season, and here are the high potential winners for this hot season that you can use for some inspiration.

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