4 Easy Ways To Make Money With GrooveFunnels

So now that we are done discussing all about GrooveFunnels’ costs, discount, where to get it from, functionality, trials and free hosting, I guess you are all set with your Groove account. Finally it is time to actually start using the tools and earn money. Right?

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one solution to all your business tools. You name it, they got it covered. They actually live up to all the hype that’s been created in the digital marketing world. People are making tons of money using Groove tools. 

Do not worry if you have got a free base account. You can benefit from it just as much as a paid account. 

I am here to give you four most effective ways that you can follow and earn. 

Stay tuned folks!

Become a GrooveFunnels Affiliate 

One of the easiest ways to earn commission from GrooveFunnels is to become one of their Affiliate members.

This is a very simple ‘refer and earn’ process. You are probably familiar with this already like when you referred a shopping app to your friend. 

You refer GrooveFunnels products to your leads. If they sign up, you get a percentage.  Almost 20% of your converted leads end up upgrading to Pro.

Let’s dive a little deeper in the process. 

How to become a GrooveFunnels Affiliate :

To make yourself an affiliate you have to register for their lifetime free base account. 

You can head to this link : https://groovefunnels.com/#checkout-form 

Once you create your free account you are automatically signed up for the affiliation program.

Now you already know GrooveFunnels is an amazing marketing tools suite that helps you to design websites, landing pages, sell funnels, sell your products or courses, to track your email analytics, send automated voice based emails, provide free hosting and custom domains and tons of other things. 

What you need to do is let your friends in business know how useful this platform is. You promote GrooveFunnels, refer to other people and when they sign up for their free account, you earn commission. 

How is GrooveFunnels affiliate program better than others :

When a conversion is complete from your referral link, that person’s account is tagged with yours forever. 

This is like a hardcoded ‘parent-child-relationship’ as Mike Filsaime phrases it. Once your lead is tagged to your account, it’s for a lifetime, no matter if he upgrades later, or signs up from another device.  

How much do you earn from this commission :

They have two different commission rates for paid and unpaid users. 

For ProMembers : 40% commission on all referrals For Life

For Free Users : 20% commission on all referrals. 

2nd Tier Affiliate Program :

When the person you have converted, refers to someone else, that second person automatically gets tagged to your account like a grandchild in the whole parent-child equation. 

This is what they call the 2nd tier affiliate program. 

For ProMembers : 10% commission

For Free Users : 5% commission

Sale Your Own Digital or Physical Product 

Another easy and profitable way to earn money is to create and sell your own products, may it be digital or physical. You need GrooveSell to get started.

Is GrooveSell free :

GrooveSell comes free with your base account. You may ask why is such a powerful tool available free of cost? 

Well it is needless to say how Covid 19 started to take a toll on worldwide small independent businesses throughout this year. So very thoughtfully GrooveDigital has opened this feature to everyone, just as a contribution to the larger sales community.

How GrooveSell works :

First you can create your business website in GroovePages using the easy features like ‘drag and drop’ elements (icon, content box, progress bar, headers, footers, navigation menus etc.) and place them on the webpage. 

Or you can use their pre-customized templates as well. 

There are two types of dashboard in GrooveSell : Vendor and Affiliate. 

You are automatically logged in as a Vendor.

Now you can create your product funnels, set pricing, thank you page, check out page. 

One of the best features of GrooveFunnels is one-click upsell (to increase the amount a person spends on your products), downsell (to offer a lesser priced product when the customer is hesitant to buy your main product), order bumps (put another offer during checkout that the customer will be most likely to add on cart). 

What can you sell :

Now that you are all set with GrooveSell, it’s time to start selling. You can sell literally anything. 

  • It can be a physical product. 
  • As GrooveFunnel is developing at a faster rate everyday, many people may need guidance to cope up with all the products. 
  • Share your knowledge. You can design a course or create tutorial videos and sell that. 
  • You can start your own affiliate program or sell a membership offer. 

Digital Services 

If tutoring is not your thing you can actually provide these services by yourself to independent business owners and other clients.

  • You can take care of their email marketing
  • Manage their advertising system
  • Design graphics for websites and social media
  • Design websites and membership sites

Website building :

This is the most interesting out of the lot. 

With GroovePages you can build crisp looking, SEO optimized business websites from scratch and sell or rent that to your potential customers. 

Or with this exclusive GrooveFunnels feature called ‘Clone Page’, you can copy an already existing website from an outside host in GroovePages very easily. It will essentially save you a lot of time.  

Now let’s see what are the pros when you design a website with GroovePages : 

  • You get free hosting
  • 3 custom domains for free
  • Page loading time is extremely fast 
  • Mobile index optimized which helps to rank in Google
  • Higher ranking means more traffic, increase in sales and profit

Imagine the kind of response you will get from a client when you offer these facilities. Don’t worry if you already don’t know how to do any of these. You can learn anytime like a piece of cake. And if doing all that work is too time taking in your busy schedule, you can outsource help from Upwork or Freelancer. Just pay keeping your profit. Simple.  

Design, Sell and Share Sales Funnels 

What is a sales funnel :

Sales funnel is a step-by-step analysis of each step a customer goes through until the purchase is complete. 

With a funnel you get a clearer view of any gap holes or how to optimize your business. 

A funnel helps to cut short all the menus and options that might confuse a customer and brings him back to your main product. 

A sales funnel can be designed as a website, email or personal consultations. 

Almost every sort of business owner and entrepreneurs should adhere to highly optimized sales funnels. 

Design and Sell Funnels :

If you have a knack or some expertise in web designing or creating websites, you can start with designing your own funnels.

In case you don’t have the required skills, you can take any basic designing courses. 

A good funnel that is aesthetically designed with proper strategies is always in high demand, irrespective of the niche. 

A highly optimized funnel can actually increase your daily traffic and show a higher rate in conversion. This will lead to huge profit. 

So if you have some effective funnels designed, you can start selling them today or rent them on a subscription basis to clients. 

Share Funnels :

There goes our last suggestion, a very simple yet profitable way to make some money, well a lot of money. 

This is more like the affiliate program we talked about earlier. 

Here you design your funnels and share them with business owners. Create a link that will let them use your funnels in their business websites. 

You offer the link for free, maybe punch it with some other digital services. Now when they come back and sign up for the software, you earn money. 

I know right! It’s that simple. You have to promote your free link with any sources that you can like in your website or social media. 

If any of your leads ever upgrade to the Lifetime Platinum Plan of GrooveFunnels that brings you credit in return too. 

How to Get Started with Groovefunnels 

To start earning money on this platform you have to get a Free Base Account or you can upgrade to the Lifetime Platinum Deal. 

Here is just a brief list of the pricing that you should know before signing up. Right now there are two plans available on GrooveFunnels website. 

  • Free Base Account : No credit card details required. Instant access to 20 GrooveFunnels App. Validity lifetime
  • Lifetime Platinum Deal : Cost $1397. Four payment instalments available. Validity lifetime

These two are limited time offers. Once the software is fully launched there will be three monthly payment options. 

  • Silver plan – $99/month
  • Gold plan – $199/month
  • Platinum plan – $299/month

In my suggestion, the smart thing to do is to grab any of the first two deals as long as they are available.


So there you go. Four easy ways to make money with GrooveFunnels. I have tried to chalk out an overall idea in the easiest ways possible. There are many other ways too. These are most effective to begin with. 

I hope this helped. Let me know which one you preferred according to your need and skillset. 

You don’t essentially need to be tech savvy to work in GrooveFunnels. The whole suite with so many features and apps may seem pretty overwhelming and intimidating at first. But eventually you will get a hang of it soon. There are many many YouTube tutorials to help you get started. 

In a world struck by Covid where dreams were dying, small businesses were shutting down, GrooveFunnels team came to the rescue with their absolutely free platform.

Now over one lakh happy users are running their business successfully with GrooveFunnels. 

If you are not one of them and still struggling with your business, get your free subscription today! What are you waiting for?

Be an affiliate. Start earning. Remember people are already making thousands on this platform. Join the club.