4 Passive Income Ideas Guaranteed to Help You Quit Your Job (2021)

Find out 4 Passive Income Ideas Guaranteed to Help You Quit Your Job Below!

4 Passive Income Ideas Guaranteed to Help You Quit Your Job

Passive income sounds promising, and many people are seeking to achieve it. Passive income means that you’re earning while doing little do no work at all. This means that you’re even getting income while sipping cocktails on a beach in Thailand and get away from mundane 9 to 5 routines. Everyone wants passive income nowadays, either for their family or just to have a more relaxed and luxurious lifestyle.

Passive income is possible nowadays due to the internet and the eCommerce industry. Many people have achieved passive income, and this includes bloggers, dropshippers, affiliate marketers, etc. However, you should know that these passive incomes aren’t so passive from the start. It requires a lot of hard work and even some upfront costs at the beginning, and then if you do everything right, the passive income will start rolling in. Now, we’re talking about one-time sales, there’s nothing passive about that. We’re talking about building a sustainable platform that can work on its own to give you passive income. Now, this sounds more logical.

This article will explore several ways of passive income. Recurring commissions are the best and most obvious way. Secondly, never underestimate the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your business is failing, try out the suggested software below to turn things around. Thirdly, Video helps!

Monthly Recurring Revenue – Affiliate Marketing

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is another term for passive income. One of the ways you can achieve this is by becoming an affiliate marketer to promote products that are already doing great at the market. All you have to do is support them and wait for the recurring commissions. The best thing about this is that you don’t need your product to get started. Just sell someone else’s! All you need is a platform to advertise these products, such as a website or a blog. This is how bloggers can monetize their blogs, affiliate marketing!

So, if you already have a blog, all you have to do is set yourself up as an affiliate, advertising links and ads on your blog, and start earning commissions! If you don’t already have a blog, it’s pretty simple to set up, and it doesn’t cost anything at all. However, you should come up with exciting and engaging content to keep the traffic coming! But this is easy, and you can start a blog about anything you’re passionate about! For example, if you like traveling, you can talk about your recent travels and post high-quality pictures and videos.

Now, let’s take a look at other ways of generating passive income that will help you escape your mundane 9 to 5 office jobs.

1. SEO/Keyword Research


Everyone knows how vital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is these days. If you have a website or blog and you don’t have SEO, then your site or blog must be tranquil. This defeats the purpose as you want more people to visit your website to increase engagement and conversions. SEMRush helps you find the most profitable keywords on the internet. It’s so simple, and if you don’t have a single clue about SEO, SEMRush can help you.

The SEMRush affiliate program also pays you a 40% commission off every referral. There are three kinds of membership on offer, from $99 a month, $199 a month, to $399 a month. So, if any of your referral signs up for each of these, you will get 40% of this subscription amount.

Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro is also an excellent keyword research software that can generate a bunch of keywords from phrases or single words. It’s a widely used tool that’s helped people to succeed even in the affiliate marketing industry. Their payout is a 30% commission for each sale that you make, which is very lucrative.

They also come in three pricing levels. This ranges from the $37 per month plan, the $67 pro plan, and the $147 agency plan. You can choose the program depending on the volume of sales you get.

2. Tracking and Traffic


Once you’ve launched your marketing campaigns, you also need to monitor them. By observing them, you will know what works and what doesn’t. You can then tweak and improve your methods based on this tracking. Tracking saves cost and time. And this is what ClickMagick helps you to do, track your campaigns!

At the start, you will receive a whopping 100% commission for the sale of each customer. Then, the recurring commission is also a hefty 35% for life.


Udimi is secure and fast to use, and you also get a lot of vendors to choose from. If you want to get high-quality customers on your site, Udimi is the software for you. It also helps you to increase traffic for your website at low prices.

The Udimi referral plan is fantastic. You get 15% from all solo ad sales from your referrals. For example, if 10 of your customers buy five solo ads each month at $100 each, you’re making $750 each month! Also, you also receive an additional 25% from Prime members. And if you are a Prime member yourself, you receive an astounding 50%! The Prime membership is easy to sign up and pretty reasonable at $29 a month.

3. Email Autoresponders


ConvertKit has excellent features, it comes with amazing data, and its super simple to use. Affiliate marketers know the importance of building a useful email list, and they use ConvertKit to manage it!

It also has a great affiliate program where you get 30% of recurring commission from your referrals.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is another reliable email marketing and automation tool. It’s great because it also includes room to add segments, rules, and marketing automation.


Aweber is excellent if you want to save time and automate your email replies. They have a 30% recurring commission from each referral that signs up with your affiliate link.


With GetResponse, they pay out 33% in commissions for each referral.

4. Sales Funnels


Kartra is a software where you can generate effective sales funnels. It comes with a lot of features that you can use. It’s launched by Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern and has become a strong competitor in the sales funnels market.


You’ve probably already heard of ClickFunnels by now. They’re known for paying millions of dollars to their affiliates, yes, millions!

Their referral program is excellent, with a 40% payout for every referral based on two membership plans. They have a $97 a month plan and a $297 a month plan. So, if your referral signs up for the first plan, you will get a $40 commission.

Passive income Takes work

The idea of passive income sounds fantastic! Who wouldn’t want a steady flow of income while you have the freedom to do whatever you want? You can go on holiday, buy your dream car, or even go back to university to study something you’ve always wanted. It all sounds great but why people often fail is because they have the wrong mindset. Passive income is possible, but you also need to put in the hard work. It’s not a walk in the park.

So, if you want to escape your boring routine corporate life and make a living on your own, you need to have a healthy mindset and be ready to put in the work. This work includes creating content that involves shooting high-quality pictures or videos to promote your brand. You will also need to invest some money to buy several useful software to launch your business. This cost includes investing in programs and courses for you to learn the market better, and also software such as marketing software, etc. And lastly, you will also need to be sociable and network with a bunch of people and stay ahead of the game.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of work before you can reach the level of passive income. It’s essentially a business that you should build and nurture until its stable enough to run on its own. Hence, this is what usually separates the serious entrepreneurs, and people who are just playing around with the wrong mindset. So, if you think you have what it takes, you should sign up on the programs above and start earning!

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