4 Ways You Can Use Sales Funnels to Build Your Network Marketing Business (2021)

Find out 4 Ways You Can Use Sales Funnels to Build Your Network Marketing Business Below!

4 Ways You Can Use Sales Funnels to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Networking marketing is said to be a very lucrative business. You can see many network marketers popping up saying they’ve finally hit the six-figure mark and are even now making passive income. So, with the same promise, you begin your network marketing business, but you don’t see the same progress. Don’t be disheartened as you’re probably not the only one. Network marketing does work, but you’re probably still stuck using old and sophisticated methods to market your products.

So, if you’re experiencing this problem or have given up on your network marketing business, it’s time to get motivated and pick it up again, as this article aims to help you do that. In this article, we will discuss digital marketing and sales funnels, and how they can help you to boost your network marketing business. You might even be surprised as to how simple it is, and I can guarantee you that it’s straightforward.

Network Marketing Lies

Before we move on to getting to know sales funnels and digital marketing, let’s address some common lies or misconceptions that you might have of network marketing. You need to see if you’re coming any of these misconceptions and throw them out the window so you can learn something more updated. These misconceptions include recruiting friends and family to join your network. If you’ve done this before, its no wonder why your business hasn’t kicked off. You’re also probably left without any friends at this stage.

1. Spend most of your time looking for prospects

You might think that network marketing requires you to be sociable and look for as many people as you can to expand your business. I mean, I can understand as the name itself suggests ‘Network’ marketing. But what people usually do is approach random strangers they meet on the streets.

Instead, you should think of your business as an actual business, and you are the boss. Therefore, you shouldn’t be going to the public looking for prospects in the old fashion way. You should instead use a sales funnels to get people coming.

2. It’s a number’s game

Another misconception is thinking that network marketing is a number’s game, so you go full force recruiting every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But this isn’t sustainable as not everyone you hire will be fit for the business, and they might even leave you halfway through. With a sales funnel, you won’t be wasting time with people who have low chances of signing up. Instead, you will be getting potential prospects that have a higher chance of signing up.

3. Home meetings

Home meetings is another network marketing fad that you might be guilty of doing. Since you don’t have an office, you result to opening up your own home to strangers. It’s one of the outdated methods that you’ve probably done, including handing out flyers outside your local supermarket. Instead, moving along this article, we will explore a whole new digital and updated ways of doing business. These methods include using social media, landing pages, email marketing, and other more advanced techniques of getting prospects. What this means is that you won’t be wasting precious time, and instead, you can target high-quality prospects for your business.

4. It’ll take off after one recruit

I’m sure this phrase has been used countless times by network marketing leaders to motivate their prospects. Once you’ve broken it down, you’ll realize that this doesn’t make sense, and it’s not that easy. Its not like random people will come rolling in after one recruit. You will most likely have to restart the whole tedious process again and again for each new hire. That’s so tiring and such a waste of time! So, instead of sitting around waiting for recruits, you should do something that YOU can change your business.

Next, let’s move to how a sales funnel can help with your network marketing business. A sales funnel used by regular companies to generate high-quality leads and convert prospects into paying customers.

Finding prospects

So first of all, you will still need to do some prospecting and recruitment to get people to the start of your sales funnel. Here’s where you skip your past misconceptions and open your mind to better and more effective ways of doing things. You can even do all of this without stepping outside of your house!

1. Social media

Facebook alone has 2.3 billion users using their platform. You can imagine how impactful social media can be when you’re looking for prospects on different social media platforms. Nowadays, you have tons to choose from, such as Facebook, Instagram, or less popular ones like Line or WeChat.

The best place to search is via your’ friends of friends’. I mean, you’ve probably already exhausted close friends and family list, and they aren’t speaking to you anymore. Once you’ve exhausted the ‘friends of friends’ list, you can then move on to strangers that you might find on relevant groups or pages.

However, this is still considered manual prospecting as you’re reaching out to people one by one, hoping to get a response. You should try to stay away from this method as it requires the most work and takes the longest time.

2. Paid traffic

Paid traffic is such as using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to find more targeted prospects. What this means is that you’re no longer shooting at an empty space. With this, you’re marketing to people who need what you’re offering.

You can even set remarketing pixels. If a user keeps clicking onto your ad but still doesn’t convert, your ad will keep popping up when they’re browsing the web to remind them of the offer.

To ensure you’re getting a bang for your buck with paid traffic, you need to learn how to create attractive offers and target the right audience. Once you have these two in check, your ideal prospects will start coming in. You will also waste less time with this method.

Generating prospects

Once you have a sales funnel in place, it should work for you. But you still need to do some heavy lifting at the start by coming out with some video or slideshow advertisement. The trick is to entice prospects to the beginning of the funnel and let the funnel do the rest of the job.

Gone are the days of cold calling and harassing friends and family members. Your prospects are also more likely to sign up, seeing as they’re the ones who came to you instead of the other way around. Now it seems like they need you more than you need them, and trust me, and this works better.

1. Landing page

A landing page is a site that should be designed to convert these potential prospects, or at least get their email information. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that has been proven to work, so you need to collect as many email addresses as you can to build your marketing list.

Therefore, you should design a compelling and conversion optimized landing page. Your landing page should have a lead magnet in order to be effective. A lead magnet is something that you can offer your prospects in return for their email address. It should be something valuable that shows what they will get if they join you as a prospect. Lastly, it should have a Call To Action (CTA) button to get prospects to do whatever you want.

2. CTA

CTA’s are very effective in getting your prospects to do what you want. You should include something specific and something that stands out such as “Add To Cart” instead of a simple “Add”.

Converting Prospects

Now as we go along the funnel, we’re reaching towards the end, which is the money making section. At this stage, your prospects already know what they’re in for and its time to close the deal.


The aforementioned email marketing is the most effective way to do this. Emails are a more personal touch between you and the prospect. Through an application like Actionetics, you can curate personal messages for each type of prospects to answer their needs. For example, depending on which stage of the funnel your prospects are, they will have a different set of questions.

As you can see, the whole point of the funnel is being specific with your prospects. If you’re just randomly shooting in the dark, the prospects you get will be of low quality. With a sales funnel in place, your targeted efforts will only attract relevant and high quality prospects. It saves money, effort, and time. So, if you struggle with the above common misconceptions with network marketing, don’t give up just yet. There is a whole other world of possibilities with going digital. Instead of being restricted to your local area, you can even reach out to global prospects. The possibilities are endless.

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