5 Best Social Proof Marketing Tools To Increase Conversions (2021)

Find out the 5 Best Social Proof Marketing Tools To Increase Conversions Below!

5 Best Social Proof Marketing Tools To Increase Conversions

Although everybody knows about the importance of keyword research and SEO, few actually master those concepts to really succeed over time. This is why most bloggers and site owners end up publishing content that never gets the attention it deserves – and thus results in failing to achieve their targets of growing their email lists and/or sales.

How Social Proof Works?

Social proof is commonly manifested as a form of psychological information based on the actions of others. It helps to boost trust if the trust designer builds it into the design, since to the human eye it becomes obvious how many people have chosen a specific activity — in a nutshell, it becomes “popular” and therefore “trustworthy.” Whenever I’m browsing the sections on new marketing strategies and realize that a large number of my competitors are already using similar tools, I would want to try those tools too, as I can afford the price and because, probably, those tools work well. In short, social proof triggers a competitive and dog-eat-dog attitude that causes us to mimic our competitors.

1. Proof (Formerly UseProof)

Proof is an impressive social proof plugin for your website that’s been around for quite a while, since it was formerly called UseProof. It has been on the market for more than a decade already, providing a clean and minimalistic design, which means that it doesn’t take any efforts to set up the plugin and start using it!

UseProof is one of the fastest techniques to display social proof on your website by adding hashtags from across the web. Traditionally, including these has always been a long and convoluted process, but by adding UseProof to your website, you’re setting the foundation for showing off customer opinions on your brand.

With UseProof, you get access to awesome features like these:

  1. Buyer flow,
  2. Rich image, video, and testimonial UI,
  3. Purchase counts,
  4. Demographics,
  5. Rapid proof,
  6. Testimonials,
  7. Usertesting, and more.

One of UseProof’s strongest features is the statistics it provides its users, because it gives its users the ability to track the traffic use by referring users, which will allow you to maximize your sales and conversions in the future. UseProof also supports multi-language options, allowing its users to effectively target and provide promotional content to users in many languages.

2. WP Fomify

WP Fomify is a simple yet very powerful tool that can save you a lot of time, instead of pulling your hair out over a gig of social proof plugins. It allows you to display some of the latest social proof items on the sidebar of your website, or on individual pages.

The plugin can be installed in a few minutes and is super easy to use. To get started, you just need to take the following steps.

Go to WP Fomify and select the social proof elements you need. Then click the edit button and add the HTML code to your website or page.

It also has lots of cool additional features, for example:

Option to enable Countdown Timer

Show different elements for desktop users

View counts, plan proceeds, sales, and subscribers

Chosen is a high-quality tool that allows you to showcase several options to the customer and let them decide which one is better for them. When one of the choices get more clicks, the plugin automatically sorts the elements in this order. Proof, it’s a great choice to display the popular color schemes to get more clicks in a short time.

3. Fomo

Fomo is a powerful plugin that allows site owners to create a simple call-to-action on any part of their website to attract attention and encourage users to take the next indicated action. A call-to-action can be anything from a click on a CTA button, to a post on Facebook, to a comment, or a form submission.

Stats prove that social proof is a great way to get buy-in from the website visitors and get them to take the next step. At the same time, it can be useful in making site visitors feel more confident and secure about their own purchase. Consequently, social proof can be a good way to make more sales conversions and get rapid growth on your site.

4. Upfunnel

Upfunnel is a plugin that comes heavily priced and requires a WordPress developer to set it up. However, it’s an impressive tool that you should definitely check out. The plugin takes just a few minutes to set up and offers precise and reliable analytics.

Besides, it’s flexible and allows you to get the customizations and personalizations that you want.

5. WP Fomo

WP Fomo is a free and a lightweight plugin that allows users to display their recent social proof elements. The elements can be displayed on any part of the site using just a few lines of code. To start, just copy and paste the desired code to a text file and upload the file to your website. Upon uploading the file, you will be provided with a short code that you can then use to customize and personalize the elements. There are various customization options of the plugin to allow users to display the recent social proof in different ways.

The plugin offers numerous features and different social proof design to make users feel more confident about their purchase. The plugin allows you to display social proof on the sidebar of your website or on individual pages. The social proof can be displayed in various formats, for instance, in a Facebook comment, a YouTube suggestion, as an Instagram hashtag, and etc.

In addition, you can customize the plugin to display recent social proof items in different colors, or use a different custom style.


To wrap it up, all tools listed above are great at creating a social proof around your business and making it look trustworthy. So, what do you choose now?

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to comment below and share your experiences with the tools mentioned in the article. Moreover, if you would like to add any other social proof plugin to this list, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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