5 Best Theme Shops To Get Premium Themes For WordPress (2021)

Find out the 5 Best Theme Shops To Get Premium Themes For WordPress Below!

5 Best Theme Shops To Get Premium Themes For WordPress

When someone visits your blog for the first time, the first things your reader notices are the landing page (which can be blog, custom homepage, etc) and theme, because they make the first impression. Depriving yourself or your blog of a good theme or even a good landing page could be detrimental.

I know most of you know this, but for those who don’t, you can always turn an average post into a highly read post once you get the right theme. While I spend most of my time tweaking images to look great and applying some SEO magic, the posts that do the best are the ones that are actually allowed to look good from the start. The posts that have more visual appeal are always read more than those without.

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is one of the leading WordPress theme and plugin development firms based in Nashville, Tennessee that offers highly sellable WordPress and Divi themes to individuals and businesses looking for premium WordPress-based solutions for their needs. They also have a marketplace where you can license some of the themes and extensions they sell, including plugins, pre-made layouts, and child themes.

Their themes are compatible with all the major WordPress themes, and there are a ton of different customization options available. You can get a free WordPress theme or buy a premium one. Most Elegant Themes are priced between $69 – $195.

2. ThemeForest

To be honest I know little to nothing about Themeforest themes, the same goes for a lot of other WordPress products and services. I’m always looking for theme shops and listing companies, but when I think about themeforest and why I never even consider it, the answer is quite simple – they are not exclusive WordPress. While they can offer a lot of different tools and services not related to WordPress, they never made it to my list because I feel like they are hard to rate compared to other companies on WordPress. Also I always got the feeling that website owners selling on Themeforest are somehow not often on the same level as their clients. I’m sure Themeforest has a ton of amazing themes / plugins / tools but I just don’t see anything from them when I search the web, so I leave it out even though I know little to nothing about it.

3. StudioPress

StudioPress is a company founded by Brian Gardner part of the CopyBlogger Team. As I mentioned above, Brian is the person who created Genesis Framework and as such, puts out amazing themes for WordPress. What I love about StudioPress is that they are truly useful, easy to use, flexible, and mobile friendly. You can also use StudioPress themes on every site, even if you’re not using Genesis. All their offering are optimized for speed, and they’re so easy to use. Common features found in their themes are the following:

  1. Featured slider
  2. Grabs Google Fonts
  3. W3C Standards-compliant

StudioPress put a lot of insistence on staying up to date with the latest design trends. This creates a highly competitive advantage for StudioPress. Coupled with the fact that they employ well-informed web designers and developers, you can expect there to be frequent updates for better designs. Furthermore, all their products are open source that you can look into as well. I highly recommend you check out their themes as they are some of my favorite. You can get a free theme or buy a premium one. Most StudioPress themes are priced between $59 – $229.

4. Themify

Their theme is nice and very clean, but there is no WYSIWYG editing. Also There is no page builder. Just a content builder. Some parts of the theme are slow – especially if you have lots of social media icons or big images. If you want a nice looking theme that is easy to set up, then the Themify themes are an excellent choice for you.

5. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes has been born as a response to my thoughts about the current state of Premium WordPress Themes marketplace. There are thousands of themes available, yet most of them fall very short in terms of design and flexibility.

And though thrive themes wasn’t around for a long time, but it caught my attention. I have to admit that compared to other premium theme design companies out there, thriving themes are a pretty new, but from what I see and heard, the theme quality is really good. Thrive themes actually offer premium plugins, as well as premium themes design. All of their themes run on their own base framework. Thrive themes are known to be highly modern, responsive, and touch-ready so you are sure that they are perfect for mobile devices. The theme quality is amazing, and you can go and check it for yourself. All their themes are compatible with different versions of WordPress. All in all, Thrive Themes are amazing and will create a premium presence for your business or blog.

Conclusion: Which One of These WordPress Themes Is for You?

If you want a powerful and flexible platform for your website or blog, there is no shortage of options. While WordPress is probably the best option to go with for most people, you will be hard-pressed to find a more versatile platform.

While most people can get away with a simple drag and drop WordPress theme, there are plenty of more advanced options out there that can fit in any niche.

Do you have any favorite themes that I missed? Which of these themes did you like most? Please let me know in the comments.

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