5 Ways to Improve WordPress Page Speed (2021)

Find out the 5 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Website’s Loading Speed Below!

5 Ways to Improve WordPress Page Speed

In today’s fast pace digital life, your website is the first place where your potential customers and clients go for the first impression of your services and products. If one wants to reach out to the target audience, the customers, then they should understand the need of good web designing and they should have business website.

Since, more and more people are moving over to the digital world of internet for the search of information and products and services, it is very important that you keep your business website in sync with the needs of your customers and try to build an online presence. But once you have the presence you need to ensure you are fast in what your website offers. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why website speed is so important as it can make a big difference in the response to your website.

Understanding Why Website Speed Is So Important?

1. Boost in the Visitors

The overall website speed determines how visitors come your website, there are many factors that affect the loading of a website such as the website’s design, structure, and the coding system used in the website design. So, if your website is designed well and it uses lighter coding and is fast in loading, it will be able to attract more visitors. Like, if you are using a fast WordPress site template, your website will load faster, but if you are using a huge website template with lots of graphics and other elements, then it may take much more time to load and will have a negative impact on the visitor’s experience of your website. So, it is advised that you stick to the best professionals in the market who can help you with the fastest loading website as every second counts on the internet.

2. Better SEO

It is also well known fact that website speed affects the ranking of your website on major search engines like Google and Bing. There are various Google update which has been linked to the loading speed of page on the website. The main purpose of search engines is to return the results in the most relevant way possible. So, by having fast loading website, you can have a better chance in ranking higher on Google searches.

3. Better Conversion

If the website’s design and coding system is good, then you can have better conversion from your visitors to your website. People trust a web page that loads quickly and contains all the relevant information that they need. If a page is quick, it is able to respond to user’s needs in a better way. A slow website design will frustrate the user and the visitors will have an unpleasant experience when they try to get the information that is being sought from your website.

So, it is always advised that your website loads quickly and that the information displayed on the website is what the visitors are looking for and what they require. A well-designed website will ensure that all information is displayed in a simplified way and that it does not take too long to load.

4. Good Branding

Having a systematic and fast website would help you to build good brand and reputation for your business. You may be a small business owner but you don’t want to compromise on the quality even if you are a small business owner. Every visitor to your website views you as a brand. So, it is important that your branding and the quality of the website reflects well in the impression of your personality. If your website is good and displays the information the visitors are looking for, then they will have good impression of your business instead of being frustrated by the bad website. So, having good website that loads quickly is needed to build your good brand and reputation.

5. Improve in User Experience

One of the best ways to improve the response to your website is to improve the user experience provided by your website. If the website is fast, the visitors will have a smooth experience and they will be able to enjoy the quality of your service and products. So, in order to achieve this and to build a good name for your business, your website needs to be fast and understandable.

So, in order to ensure that your new website has the right speed, you need to choose the best web designers and web developers who can create a good website that would deliver the quality services and products to your customers and attract more visitors. You can also use tools like GT Metrix to check the speed of your website.

How To Speed Up WordPress Website?

1. CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a simply a way of sharing your website content (such as images, CSS or JavaScript files) with users. There are wide CDN networks and web hosting providers that provide the CDN service and harness a nearby server to your website to store, load and deliver your website contents.

CDN makes your website large in size, and it also helps to improve your website performance by reducing your server load. You can even use them if you have high traffic on your website.

Although there are many benefits to have a CDN service, it has some disadvantages too depending upon your website requirements. You should choose the CDN service provider carefully after considering your needs and business goals. There are a few different types of CDN services available.

1. DNS-based CDN

This is the most common type of CDN service. The DNS-based CDN acts as a reverse proxy to your website, but you are not required to host anything when you use a DNS-based CDN service.

The DNS-based CDN service is made by your hosting provider, and if your hosting provider doesn’t have a DNS-based CDN service, then you can use any CDN service provider.

You just need to make a few DNS settings, and then your website will be ready for the CDN service. Once the service is installed, all the contents of your website are replicated at a remote CDN server, and you will be able to access the CDN copy of your website over the Internet.

If a visitor is accessing your website over the Internet, then your website contents that are stored at the CDN server will be delivered to the visitor’s browser.

2. Origin-based CDN

This type of CDN solution is made by connecting to a static object or small objects. An origin-based CDN service needs to store all the objects you want in your website inside the CDN server.

If you want to use this type of CDN service, then you have to host your website files at the origin server. This is the opposite of the DNS-based CDN.

Typically, for origin-based CDN to work, you need to find a provider that offers origin hosting and caching as a single or multi-vendor system. This is because, to deliver your files, the CDN system needs to store the files in its origin-server and in its CDN servers.

3. Hybrid CDN

This type of CDN is a combination of the previous two types. It has similar benefits to both DNS-based CDN and origin-based CDN.

In a hybrid CDN system, you don’t need to upload your website files to the host server and then to the CDN server. A hybrid CDN service will first store the content at the origin server and the then replicate it at the CDN server. This will greatly reduce your hosting cost.

Need of CDN

Let us consider a few scenarios where CDN is beneficial for your website.

Businesses with websites that have high volumes of traffic

With the progression of Web 2.0 and its increased usage, the number of users has increased exponentially. This has eventually led to the spike in the website users and traffic as well. Companies with high traffic traffic may need CDN, but it may also have a negative effect if used incorrectly.

The one benefit on a high traffic website can be the reduction of server load. This is, however, not always the case. If your website uses a CDN, but does not load images, script files, or CSS files from the CDN server, then as an end user, you will not get any benefit.

If your website is prone to hacking attacks

If your website is not able to handle high traffic traffic or malicious traffic then it is a major risk for your website’s security. A CDN service can help you deal with such risk.

The best CDN services will have a strong “Cloud Security Architecture,” which can help you to protect your website from being exposed to hacking attacks or malicious users. Following are the three main components of the Cloud Security Architecture:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Attacks and threats detection and mitigations
  • Automated incidents and alerts remediation
  • Quick Website Load

If the target audience of your website is mobile, then you have to ensure your website loads quickly on mobile devices. Otherwise, you can lose the target audience to your competitors.

For a quick website load, it is necessary for your website to load content quickly without sending the users to load the same content again from another server. CDN is the best option for this requirement!

Bandwidth reduction and server load

If your website lacks caching, then it will keep sending the same requests to the server over and over again. To avoid this situation, you need to have a CDN service.

Where To Use CDN

You can use a CDN service for different sections of your website, but it is recommended that you should use them only for content-related objects.

You should avoid using them for objects that are not dependent on the theme, and objects that have to be loaded to render the HTML page. Fundamentally, a CDN is a localized storage facility that is located close to your visitors. The aim of a CDN service is to organize and store the data so that it is readily available to your users.

If your website uses static content such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files, then using a CDN service makes your website and mobile websites load fast.

2. Cache

WordPress is a powerful CMS and you can build amazing websites with it. However, if you don’t have enough performance optimization techniques, you’ll find that loading speed of most WordPress hosted websites are quite slow. If you have ever hit a WordPress website with a bad loading time, you will know how frustrating it is. This is why website owners need to implement WordPress cache plugins to make their websites speedier and more user friendly.

There are many different types of WordPress cache plugins, and each cache plugin varies in features, capabilities, and approach. WordPress cache plugins differ in features and capabilities as well as in approach. But overall they all cache your content and make your website lightning fast.

The 4 main reasons you should use a good WordPress cache plugin are as follows:

WordPress cache plugins improve your page load speed.

It’s true that every website owner wants to increase page loading speed of their website. But most people expect that it would be as easy as the ingredients in a box of chocolate. Yes, they can set up a few things from a guide and make it work better, but what really makes a difference is when you’ve got something that actually fits your needs. Caching is one of the most crucial aspects of performance optimization that is out of reach for most people. A good cache plugin can solve a lot of performance issues and boost your website’s ranking on Google search.

A good cache plugin can reduce your website maintenance time.

One bad thing about caching is that it is quite difficult to manage. It takes a lot of time to manage different cache techniques and it can be quite complicated. The best is to choose a WordPress cache plugin that meets your requirements and don’t need you to learn a lot complex configurations.

A good cache plugin reduces your server load.

Every website is a huge demand on your hosting. Too many websites hosted on the same server can make your server slow, but a good cache plugin can make your website load faster and your server doesn’t have to work harder.

It upgrades the performance and functionality of your WordPress website.

Caching can improve your website’s loading time, but it has some adverse effects as well. For example, a cache plugin can be quite good at improving the load time of your website, but as we said earlier, it is very important for you to choose the best one that suits your needs. Using a WordPress cache plugin may not be as easy as you expected, but it can be well worth it.

3. Make Sure You Are with The Right Host

It is important that the hosting of your website is not slowing down your website but actually helping it achieve a faster speed. If you are a small business owner and are looking for promoting your business online then you should always stick with the right web hosting services that are efficient, affordable and reliable also.

These hosts are professional and will help you to achieve the blog speed you need by providing high-quality speed services of your website. The companies like BlueHost, or Hostinger provide some of the most cost-effective and efficient hosting services.

4. Image Optimization

Most of the users are unable to understand the difference between an image optimization tool and an image compression tool. When you are looking for image compression tools, you should keep in mind that it can ruin the image quality with the usage of heavy compression.

The image optimization is a right way to reduce the size of your image size without changing the quality of your image. The image optimization tools like WordPress plugin allows you to optimize the images on your blog. It helps to reduce your loading time and also helps to increase your page speed, which helps to increase your overall Google ranking.

Be it a business website or a personal website, WordPress is the best there is, in the blogging world. If you are looking to save the money and time in optimizing your site, then you should go for an optimized WordPress theme to save you from the repetitive work. The theme should be authentic and should be SEO-friendly. It should not give you any compatibility issues to integrate SEO plugins.

5. More Important Tips

To ensure that you gain the best out of your website and also ensure that you are making the most of your time and money, there are few other rules you need to follow and some of them are mentioned below:

Make sure that your theme is optimized and is converting as per the Google page speed standards.

Ensure that the theme you are choosing is responsive design and is capable of working on the mobile devices.

Make sure you have a separate hosting server for your images. If your website’s theme that you are using is not permitting you to create a separate image hosting, try to create your own images hosting on Amazon S3. This will speed up your slow loading website speed.


Every business owner is looking for the competitive edge on every aspect and this is the reason why every website owner is looking out to load their website on the top and the quick loading speed is the best feature which can help in this. One should ensure that they are using the right hosting, CDN, and caching plugins to ensure they are able to rank on the top page of Google. It is time to make the extra effort and reap the rewards. So, don’t wait implement all these tips to improve the speed of your WordPress site.

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