6 Ways Not To Lose Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

6 Ways Not To Lose Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

6 Ways Not To Lose Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions (2021)

Find out 6 Ways Not To Lose Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions Below!


If you’ve set your mind to making money off a product on the affiliate marketing program, there’s a high chance that you’re going to face major challenges. You need to keep in mind that the whole process going by is a new thing for you. This means that you need to learn as much as you come across. This way, you can make sure that you earn the profit you deserve.

How Not To Lose Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

In the following sections I’ll be showing you some highly important things that you need to put into consideration if you truly want to make money from an affiliate marketing program and not end up losing it. These are the exact same things that all the top affiliate marketers make sure they follow each and every time they get paid.

1. Selective Product Promotion Strategy

Smart affiliate marketers will always be making sure they come up with a very selective product promotion strategy. Everything needs to be done for a reason. This is exactly what a selective product promotion strategy will help you with. Primarily, it’ll help you in picking the products that are most likely to sell. At the same time, the products that are very hard to sell will not be picked by you, and you will avoid a lot of losses this way.

Often, you won’t even be able to sell the product, and this, again, will mean a lot of losses for you. But how selective you need to be in your product promotion strategy? For this, you’ll need to make sure that you create a clear niche for your affiliate marketing plan. Based on the niche, you’ll have to define your target market. This way, you’ll be able to know at what time to promote what kind of product and how. Your whole affiliate marketing plan will turn out a lot more profitable and stable this way. Furthermore, your “imagine audience” will stay with you much more easily and that, too, for a longer period of time.

2. Invest In E-Mail Marketing

There is no doubt that affiliate marketers will always be investing a lot into e-mail marketing. See, even when the traffic starts coming in, you’ll need to stay in touch with your customers. It won’t be enough to just send them to the product sales page, and that’s exactly why e-mail marketing will play a huge role. You’ll have to make sure that you maintain the rapport you’ve established with your customers via e mail. That way, you can learn from them about their views on the products you promote and make adjustments, as needed.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be sending the same email to each of your customers at regular intervals. You need to make sure that your e-mails will be as personalized as possible. This is how you can stay very connected to your customers. Apart from this, you’ll also need to make sure that you will be appealing to them through these email messages. This can be very well done by presenting some discounts or something of the sort.

3. Build Authority In Your Niche To Make Your Audience Trust You

There is no doubt that you’ll have to make a lot of efforts to be really very successful in the affiliate marketing business. However, if you want to make the best out of your affiliate marketing plan, it is important for users to trust you. When they trust you, they’ll come to you only. That’ll mean a lot of traffic, and this can become your main source of income. Apart from this, trust will also help you in getting better conversions. Infact, a lot of affiliates make sure that a very big percentage of their income comes from conversion rate optimization.

So how will authority help you when it comes to affiliate marketing? Well, it is through authority that you can easily establish the reputation you need in the niche you want to work in. In case of the niche, you have to build the reputation and authority in such a way that users will come to you first whenever they will come across any problem in the niche. Clearly, you’ll be their go-to person and you will be able to convert their needs into money.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Now that you know what not to do, you need to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes. When we talk about mistakes, we tend to think of the things that have direct financial consequences for us. However, when affiliate marketing is involved, you need to make sure also about the indirect financial consequences. There is no doubt that you might be generating a very good amount of traffic and a lot of sales, but if you consider an affiliate marketing program to be your only source of income and you don’t diversify, you can lose a lot in no time.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you won’t fall into the same trap and you’ll be diversifying a lot. Especially if you’re making great earnings through an affiliate marketing program, you’ll need to make sure that you are not investing the whole amount into that program. Instead, you should be investing a portion of your affiliate marketing profits into other business streams. Not only will you get more stabilized earnings, but you’ll also be making way for chances of growth. This is what you need to always keep in mind if you want to stay long in affiliate marketing.

5. You Need To Focus On Your Present Audience, Not Your Imaginary Audience

If you’ve decided on affiliate marketing as your business, you need to make sure that you’ll be following a NNIN strategy. This is a very important factor and it’ll make a huge difference in your affiliate marketing plan. Let me briefly explain it to you:

The first thing that you need to make sure is that you’ll be focusing a lot on the Niche you’ve chosen and this means that you need to understand it in the best possible manner. You can start by doing a lot of research on the subject. Basically, you need to find the point of pain for the people belonging to your niche. Then, you can make sure that you’ll be solving the problem they have. This way, you can easily get in touch with the minds of the audience you want to target. By doing a lot of qualitative research and analyzing the market, you’ll be able to come up with a problem-solution statement that will make you stand out in your niche.

Following this, you’ll need to ensure that you’ll be focusing only on the people that are a part of the niche you’ve chosen. Not only will this reduce the chances of you wasting your time on imaginary customers, but it’ll also help you in boosting your credibility. If you’ll be focusing on the niche you’ve chosen, you’ll also be following a niche marketing strategy. This is one of the top strategies that work wonders in case of affiliate marketing.

So, if you need to make sure that you’ll stay profitable in affiliate marketing, make sure you’ll be focusing on the niches, and not the imaginary audiences.

6. Failure To Invest In Proper Research

Above we’ve covered some related thoughts on niche marketing. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing, if you’ll be just doing enough research on the niche you’ve chosen, it will be similar to not doing any research at all. No doubt that you’ll be working hard to promote the product, but the “how” is also very important. It is always very much necessary to make sure that you’ll be looking out for all the problems a visitor might face while using your product. In this way, you will be able to come up with the perfect solution for any problems that might come in the way of a user’s decision to purchase the product.

What will this do for you? This will make sure that you will be able to keep user retention at a much higher rate. This, in turn, will mean that you’ll be getting a lot more customers. Obviously, this will be done by making sure that you’ll be including the best possible features in your sales presentation. There is no doubt that once the customer will start realizing the benefits of the product, he or she will also be more inclined towards making the purchase.

Also, by making a lot of research-related efforts, there is a very high chance that you’ll be able to come up with better sales copy for your sales page. Similarly, you can get more information about the competitors in your niche. Along with this, you need to make sure that you’ll also be analyzing the trends in the market. This way, you’ll be able to know the changes that need to be made in your product to make it even more successful.


If you keep in mind all the points mentioned above you can easily earn an affiliate marketing commission. Even if you’re an affiliate newbie, it is important for you to use these strategies to earn money. You’ll be surprised to see how you can make a lot of money out of affiliate marketing. If you’re already an affiliate marketer, it can be used by you as a checklist to ensure that you’re not making any mistakes that might cost you money.

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