Here are 6 ways you can quickly earn 100 dollars (2021)

Find out 6 ways you can quickly earn 100 dollars Below!

6 ways you can quickly earn 100 dollars

Earning money is all about putting in work and effort. If you are certain about earning $100, you will be required to actually do things. With high commitment, these little things will eventually accumulate and you can even earn $100/day, starting today.

1. Sell and/or Rent your Stuff

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The internet era has allowed people to scavenge online platforms for used items sold at cheaper prices, in attempts to become cost-efficient.

We often find items at home we no longer need or things that no longer pique our interest. Instead of throwing them in dumps, sell or rent them to those in need.

Once you start doing this type of business, you will be surprised at how happy people are to purchase used items in order to save money.

Everything can be bought second-hand now, including clothes, chairs and even games. It’s no wonder ebay and Craigslist garnered success via this channel or income.

2. Survey Websites

After scouring the internet for the many ways to earn extra income, I stumbled upon survey websites. Believe it or not, there is an enourmous amount of companies on the market today that are offering cash in return for your time in taking their surveys. The payment ranges from a few dollars to $10 depending on the company.

The amount may not be intriguing to some, but it is definitely a better option than mindlessly browsing social media that will not pay you for your hours spent.

A rule of thumb when enrouting on this alternative: surveys that require more time will pay you more money.

It is easy to get started, all you need to do is sign up for a few survey companies then you can begin completing surveys at your convenience. Do not fret, as these companies will normally explain the payment or rewards before you start the survey.

Making money from surveys will be hardwork because the more surveys you take, the more money you will make.

3. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

Put your car and driving skills to use and let them earn money for you. Uber and Lyft drivers make pretty good money, an amount better than normal people would expect. Most drivers earn more when they are smart and hardworking during busy times or peak hours such as Friday and Saturday evenings.

Take advantage of these Happy Hour timing to offer your services to get people where they need to go during these busy times.

Besides, drivers are known to still earn at least $100 a day during slower days. But it is definitely better than nothing!

So if you have a car, why not give this a shot? Better yet, kill two birds with one stone can complete surveys while waiting to pick up a ride!

4. Fiverr

Fiverr has become a reliable source to hire freelancers or for freelancers to get jobs.

This is a cool platform for you to showcase any type of skills you possess. Basically when you get a job or “gig” as they call it on the website, you will get money in exchange. There are all types of gigs on Fiverr, without limitations to genres.

Hence, you can be sure to find something suitable to your skillsets.

The type of gigs on Fiverr span from singing a song in Kermit voice, to writing an essay, designing a logo or even dancing in a Santa outfit. As you can see, the list is endless and goes beyond your imagination of what people are willing to pay for.

So, given my experience of utilizing Fiverr and hiring people to do random stuff, I suggest you log on to and check out the gigs people are doing for money. From there, you can determine the sort of service you can offer or even buy a few random gigs from other people!

5. Write

Writing is often overlooked as an essential skill nowadays and more so as an effective method to earn extra income. If you can write well, you are basically en route to print money.

There is often ongoing sourcing of freelance writers for blogs, websites, and media publications who would pay good money for fresh content.

After all, writing is an innate skill and everyone writes differently. Hence, it is almost a certainty to find a client who just clicks with your writing and who are willing to give you a chance in writing for them.

Writing does not solely relate to novels and books, as everything in existence came about from stringing words into sentences that are comprehensible for the masses.

One of my highly recommended sites is Upwork, where you can create a profile and begin marketing your writing skills to upsell yourself for worthwhile writing jobs.

6. Create a Money Making Blog

Although creating a blog seems like a hassle, I promise you it is an effective way to earn extra income, well at least for me.

In actual fact, creating a blog is easy. All you need to begin with is to set up a domain and hosting.

Then, you are good to start producing content. When your content is out in the world, now is the time to monetise it through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts or even through your own products to name a few income channels.

A money-making blog is definitely relatable to “slow and steady wins the race” as you can turn it into a full-time career.

You can even establish partnerships with Amazon Affiliate, MaxBounty Affiliate, ShareASale Affiliate, ClickFunnels Affiliate and so on.

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