7 Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion / Lifestyle Niche Blogs (2021)

Find out the 7 Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion / Lifestyle Niche Blogs Below!

7 Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion / Lifestyle Niche Blogs

Do you own a fashion blog or are you thinking of starting one? I have put together this list for you, containing the best affiliate programs regarding fashion, all of which I use. Within this list you’ll find some of the best merchants in the niche, each of which can handle your traffic in enormous numbers – as long as you write about something that’s trending. When creating your blog, make sure to take a look at this list before you start making money with it. In my opinion, these are the seven best affiliate programs for fashion / lifestyle niche blogs:

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is a really large affiliate network, where you can find both mainstream and niche merchants. Here you can find not only the big fashion brands, but also some of the flash sale retailers that many of you already know. Since I have been in the affiliate program for so long, I know that the customer support is really good and that they will help you if you should have any problems. If you’re primarily interested in fashion affiliate marketing, this is the place to be. Furthermore, ShareASale’s affiliate program is free to join.

To get started, you first have to register with ShareASale to get your publisher ID. Then, you can look through all the available partners and sign up for all the companies that you’re interested in.

2. FlexOffers

In addition to ShareASale, I also recommend FlexOffers as a way to generate affiliate sales. The affiliate platform works in a little different way, but you can find a lot of merchants, including non-fashion brands in their affiliate program. As well as fashion affiliates, you’ll find special offers from the model industry and dating sites. Furthermore, they offer a great affiliate program for bloggers, allowing you to monetize your blog without any obstacles or costs.

To get started, register your free FlexOffers account, and you’ll receive your affiliate links.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

It would be a bit silly not to include Amazon in this list. Everyone knows Amazon, as it is frequently one of the largest retail platforms in the world. For fashion bloggers, I recommend that you use Amazon affiliate links. This will also give you a competitive advantage against other bloggers, because you’ll find a lot of fashion and lifestyle bloggers who aren’t affiliates. When you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, make sure to use some kind of SEO in your Amazon links. This way you will send organic traffic to Amazon, as well as the SEO visitors that use Google.

When you sign up for Amazon affiliate program, you’ll receive your own affiliate link that you can put on your blog and sites that you own, as well as your social media. If you’re writing lifestyle and fashion related content, this is definitely worth a try.

4. RewardStyle

Not only fashion bloggers earn affiliate sales with RewardStyle! RewardStyle not only attracts fashion bloggers, it also attracts some bloggers who write about food, fitness, the beauty industry, home decor, travel, and other issues. This program is quite similar to Amazon. Therefore, you should also try using the SEO technique in your links in this affiliate program.

RewardStyle is a niche affiliate program, focused on fashion bloggers. Therefore, it will probably be a good platform for you if you’re writing about fashion and lifestyle products.

5. Impact Radius

When you’re writing about fashion and lifestyle, Impact Radius is a pretty good affiliate program to sign up for (besides the bigger three of ShareASale, FlexOffers, and Amazon Affiliate). Here you can find both mainstream fashion brands and niche ones. In addition, you’ll find that this affiliate program offers a revenue tracking system, which is then visually displayed in your account. This means that Impact Radius is a really easy affiliate program to use!

6. Nordstrom

Another well-known company in the fashion field is Nordstrom, a premium department store with hundreds of physical stores in the US. You’ll find everything from accessories to clothing, handbags, and travel. I know many of you have already signed up for their affiliate program, but I’ll include it here anyway. And for anyone new to affiliate marketing, as well as bloggers, I recommend signing up.

7. Zaful

Lastly, I recommend a Chinese manufacturer, although I do not often use this platform in my blog. For anyone who has Chinese family and friends, this would definitely be a trusted place to find clothing for them. Zaful has a rather big affiliate program for bloggers, and it is really easy to use.

There are many other large and interesting affiliate programs in the fashion niche. However, I believe that the seven I’ve mentioned here are definitely the best ones. I try to run through them regularly and see if there is anything new, which I then include in this list of affiliate programs for fashion / lifestyle niche blogs. Therefore, if you’re new to blogs and you’re starting a fashion or lifestyle oriented blog, try out these seven affiliate programs. You might find them suitable to your business and realize great success!

Well, that’s it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you the best of luck!

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