8 Reasons Fit Pros are Ditching their Websites for Sales Funnels (Save Time & Money) (2021)

Find out 8 Reasons Fit Pros are Ditching their Websites for Sales Funnels Below!

8 Reasons Fit Pros are Ditching their Websites for Sales Funnels

Online sales funnels are becoming more popular as more people trust them as a marketing partner for their businesses. And for great reason. Most people have successfully boosted their business and sales via these online sales funnel. It’s not just the eCommerce businesses that are getting positive results; local and smaller companies are also seeing the same success. Therefore, if your business is going through a tough period, why not give online sales funnels a try! Here are some other reasons to help you decide on online sales funnels.

1. The McDonalds Model

The McDonalds Model helped inspire sales funnels by the way they sell their products. For example, the cost for a burger is $1.00, and you buy the burger for 1.50. That’s not much of a profit for them. But, they then upsell the combo, fries, and a drink for an extra $1.50. This means you’re making a profit of $2.00! With online sales funnels, it helps you to set up your business this way so that it seems more appealing to your customers.

2. Save more

If you have chosen to do your marketing for your business to save costs, you might be spending more than you should. If you invest in an online funnel, that’s all you need, no more other fancy marketing tools or software that you need to spend money on. You will be spending on Photoshop, WordPress, Landing page software, and many more. And you’re not even thinking about the cost to outsource some tasks such as programming and graphic designing. If you think you can do all this yourself, not only will you spend more on money, you will always waste a lot of time away from running your business.

3. Sales Funnels can be scaled

There are many people using the internet these days. Facebook alone has over 2.3 billion users. This means that you can cast a wide net on the internet and get some traffic for your website with sales funnels. This also means that your business will have a high chance of expanding with such a broad audience base.

4. Online Sales Funnels can be used to sell anything

Online Sales Funnels are widely used by all sorts of niches and businesses. From mortgage businesses to photography businesses, you can rely on online sales funnels to get you high quality leads for your business.

5. No more marketing math headache

Once you’ve established your online sales funnel, it can function on its own. You can also expect to know how much you need to invest to see the returns and meet your sales goals. Effective entrepreneurs are continually monitoring their marketing analytics, testing out other methods to improve them, etc.

6. Make more money

Online Sales Funnels can compel people into doing whatever you want them to. Whatever business goal you’re trying to achieve, either gain more followers or get more sales, they can help you reach that goal.

7. Work smarter, not harder

Having a sales funnel in place, you won’t worry about taking sick days or time off as it will run your business for you. Sales Funnels are continually working even if you’re taking time off. When you’re fresh and back to work, you can also expect some sales to be made. Once this happens, you can also focus on other more pressing duties that involve running your business.

8. Save time

Lastly, and most importantly, you get to save a lot of time! If you don’t have a sales funnel and you’re going the more traditional route of building a website, you’re in for a tough ride. Building a website is tedious, and it takes time. This time could be used to launch your store earlier and immediately get the sales coming in! You can also use this time to tweak your advertising and marketing efforts in case some of them are not working very well. Launching your store might take a little more than you think. There are many things that you need to consider. So, if you rely on the online sales funnel, you can focus on other tasks. It’s not just that, and most hardworking entrepreneurs find it hard to stay away from their businesses. They might feel worried that sales won’t be coming in if they don’t focus on it. With sales funnel, you can rest easy as they are working for you even when you’re not looking.

9. Start building your sales funnel today for free

ClickFunnels is an excellent place if you want to take a look at online sales funnels. They even have a two-week free trial!

Here are some of the things that you can do via ClickFunnels:

  • Digital Product Launch Funnels
  • Create entire websites
  • Online or Offline Membership sites
  • Transformation Contest Funnels
  • Landing pages to get leads
  • And most importantly, Sales funnels that integrate with your favorite shopping carts!
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