A Quick Review Of Print Monkey

Hello and welcome everyone to this review of Print Monkey.I will use this space to deliver a short and concise article about this new software as well as the training programs put in place by Brendan Mace. We will be going through the software in detail so that some light is shed on the multiple facets such as the features, costing, as well as the upgrades included with the plan itself. There are also a few personal bonuses that are completely exclusive. Please feel free to pick one up if you think it will help you in your online endeavours. 

Without further ado, let us begin our journey.

Print Monkey – A Brief Overview

It is not out of order to be asking what the actual nature of Print Monkey is. It is an affiliate campaign-style building software. It was created by Brendan Mace. Print Monkey works by providing you with access to Brendan’s own videos and pages so that they can be leveraged in order to generate an income by working as an affiliate marketer. Brendan has been acknowledged with creating similar products in the past. A few memorable ones include Smash My Campaigns and The Clones. Obviously, there are other such applications to have graced the market as well. .

Print Monkey will let you make use of the affiliate bonus pages painstakingly created 13 individual campaigns hand crafted by Brendan himself. You can leverage Brendan’s authority along with pages already created, besides the bonuses to be generated via commissions present online to have a flourishing business. Remember to keep an eye out for the warrior plus platform.

What Does Print Monkey Contain? 

Print Monkey houses multiple different sections inside it. Let us turn our focus towards what all it contains. I will make sure that you have a little bit of idea about everything that is present inside this package. 

  • Proper AffiliateTraining
  • Campaigns
  • Traffic Related Fixes 
  • Upgradation To Premium Services
  • Unlimited Traffic Techniques
  • Licensing Rights
  • Complete Support

Let us take each one of these categories head on. 

Affiliate Training

Print Monkey uses this section to explain and expand on the member’s area and its multiple functions. This section will also direct you towards a more detailed study of an affiliate marketing campaign, simultaneously pointing you towards the myriad ways in which you can start generating commissions. All of this will be directed via case studies. All in all, this is a very simple process and you will not find it too difficult to handle. 


If you were to pick a section which requires the most amount of time and commitment from your end in this software.This is literally the most important section that you will encounter. This will tell you how to make and manage affiliate campaigns. In order to do this, you will have to follow a few simple steps. Take a look –

  • Give your campaign a name
  • Make sure that you get your hands on the affiliate links available at WarriorPlus. If you do not have a link yet, make sure to put in a request for access and promotion.
  • Remember to publish your campaigns. 
  • You are free to view, edit, as well as delete the various campaign pages and the bonus pages.

Instant Traffic

This particular section will familiarize you with all the ways in which social media can be used to popularize your campaign. There are social media sharing buttons that you can make good use of these features to boost your business. 

Upgradation To Premium Membership

If you wish to re-access the premium features of Print Monkey, this is the section that you must keep an eye out for. It is possible that you might not have taken up the one time offer during the initial purchase. In such a scenario, Print Monkey allows you to access the upgrades easily inside the member’s area. Remember that this is not a mandatory thing, do as you wish and as your needs dictate. 


If you ever think about facing problems within this program, this particular section is present to help you with it all. Use this section to send an email to the customer support; they will take care of everything. 

Now that we have covered all of these things, let us turn our attention towards the upgrades and pricing present in this scenario. 

Pricing Of Print Monkey

Let us quickly find out how much Print Monkey costs and the upgrades available to all customers. 

  • Front End – A subscription for Print Monkey is available for a price of $12.95. With this as the base price, you get 30 different campaigns done for you paired with case studies as well as tutorials. At the same time, you will get access to the instant traffic upgrade. However, there is no specific condition for getting you trained for inviting more traffic.
  • Upgrade 1 –  This first upgrade is traffic training. It is easily the best way to introduce strategy in your marketing game. Although I have not made this purchase, I will not be able to tell you exactly what the module entails. However, with the bonuses that I will add here, the outcome will definitely not be the issue at hand.
  • Upgrade 2 – This is the second upgrade that will have you sail through the entire process smoothly. It will provide you with monthly campaigns that you can utilise all throughout your life. Yes, that is quite impressive right? There is no question of recurring fee in this entire process. 

Brendan crafts campaigns and adds them to the portfolio of campaigns every month. This makes sure that you have different templates and strategies to implement at the beginning of each month. 

The only advice I have for you at this point is this, if you do not imagine yourself making use of Print Monkey for a really long time, it would not be a great decision to go for this purchase. Although the fact that you get a lifetime of material to use for a one time price seems like a pretty good deal. 

  • Upgrade 2 Downgrade – This is a 14 day trail for all members who are not convinced if they should subscribe to a monthly campaign producing platform. If you have any doubts about this platform, I suggest that you go ahead with it. Remember that there is a monthly fee that needs to be paid. 
  • Upgrade 3 –  This is something that will completely set up the affiliate system for you. Although I do not have this upgrade, I would suggest that you go ahead with this membership so that you can remove all the pressure from your head. It will make sure that your business is completely in place before you head into the market
  • Upgrade 4 – This is something that will provide you with authority to input Google and Facebook pixels to your business. The idea is simple, the sales pages created by Brendan have a set of audience targeted for traffic generation. With this in mind, the pixels will be able to help you in navigating the works of re-targeting audience for your own benefit. As is obvious, you will be reaching out to them via different advertising techniques. It would be prudent to mention that there are payments to be made for advertisements which definitely adds to the bill.   
  • Upgrade 5 – This is one of the best upgrades in my opinion. It provides you with licensing rights for Print Monkey. You can sell this as your own individual product. All the work has been done for, there is nothing in particular that needs to be set up or have for this product to be acquired by you. Market it appropriately and keep the returns for yourself.

The Pros And Cons of Print Monkey

No Product/service review can be complete without a proper Pros and Cons list. Let us quickly finish this bit.


  • All your campaigns are prepared. The bonuses are ready to be handled by you. Pages have been made, videos already created, all that you need to do is simply start working. 
  • If you have no idea about affiliate marketing and are thinking of giving it a try Print Monkey is one of the best products to start out with.


There are multiple problems with this particular product in question. Sit tight and take a look at all of them. Do not worry though, you will have my bonuses to help you out. 

  • The product that you will be promoting in this scheme of things has not been createdd by you, neither do you own it. Basically, you are pushing all your efforts to strengthen Brendan’s brand. Think about it, you are making use of his videos and pages.
  • There is a legitimate issue with traffic in this form of business. Let us elaborate on this; Print Monkey relies on social media sharing as a strategy for inviting traffic. You make use of things such as Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your page. This becomes a problem when your social media accounts do not have the requisite amount of followers to translate into profitable traffic. This is specifically why I do not trust the in-built traffic techniques in this program. 

Well, I do have a wonderful solution for you. 

The Bonus

The traffic problem is ever present with Print Monkey. In order to fix this problem, there are a few traffic training bonuses that might intrigue you. If you are thinking of purchasing a Print Monkey subscription through this page, you will be able to access things such as –

  • A traffic training course – This is a complete video series that is divided in 7 parts. I can teach you how to garner great and fast traffic directed via one of the largest sites in the world. This is something that has been widely succesful for me. I will make sure that I share the tricks of the trade with you.
  • If social media is not something that you are completely comfortable with, there is an SEO traffic training included. This means that you can easily rake up to a hundred dollars in a month. It is not a very difficult task.
  •  ‘Turbo Traffic Turmoil is a video training that is included in this plan.Along with the main video traffic course, this is an add on that focuses on the finer points of making money online.
  • ’Status-Quo Facebook Traffic PDF has the information to provide you with instant traffic mmaximization and increment in sales for less than 24 hours. 


To end this quick review, I would like to point out how Print Monkey is something that couldbe viewed as a valuable investment only when you couple it with bonuses and the likes. If you have never been a part of the affiliate marketing community, I think that this will be an interesting area to expand into.

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