AAWP Review: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin To Boost Sales (2021)

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AAWP Review

Affiliate marketing is diverse, demanding and can be a somewhat mild learning curve. Often you are burdened with a mountain of information to learn, but then they expect you to swiftly perform acts of magic – driving traffic, creating engaging content and making sales.

This is not an easy thing to do (yet for many).

Also, there is no silver bullet – no one tool to bring you all the goodies. You have to look for and implement tools that help you make your business more visible and create a niche. You also have to be able to devise a technology stack that works best for your business. Fortunately if your affiliate website is powered by the all-so-powerful WordPress, you can take advantage of AAWP which is by far the most comprehensive and all-rounder affiliate plugin out there.

What Is AAWP?

AAWP or Automatic Amazon Affiliate Link Creation WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin that is a one-stop solution for all your commercialized website needs. AAWP WordPress plugin has built-in Amazon associates API integration, which means that it automatically pulls your affiliate data, including your affiliate ID, to every link you add. You will love how easy and straightforward that makes your promotional campaign sometimes! No more hard work on manually pasting links into product pages, reviews, listicles or comparison tables. No more trying to make one link work the same for every vendor products.

AAWP Makes A Perfect WordPress Plug-In For Affiliate Marketing

In the advertising industry, clients demand a perfect conversion rate and hence, the need for perfect campaign management. To be able to achieve all that, you need a WordPress plugin that offers many ways of targeting your audience, whether by affiliate or non-affiliate campaigns, by category, by tag or by keyword etc. You need a WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to run profitable campaigns using your own, a third-party or even Amazon’s campaigns to work with.

The best thing about AAWP is that it isn’t just a WordPress affiliate plugin, it’s an all-round WordPress tool that offers several premium features for both affiliate marketing and non-affiliate marketing use. I find the following tools worth mentioning ->

1. Product Showcase Templates

When creating an affiliate website what is that one thing that helps your site stand out from others and make sales? Having that diversity and aesthetic template that makes your website attractive. But even above that is how you present your affiliate products. How organized, yet appealing everything is, how smooth the user journey is and ultimately how necessary the site is for your audience. With AAWP, you can easily design and publish amazing, unique and extremely attractive product collection (also known as product showcase templates). These templates can be easily created with their visual builder, which is a greatly simplified version of WordPress visual builder. I believe the visual builder is definitely the favourite tool I have used in this plugin.

2. Create a Comparison Table

If you are a marketing expert, this comes naturally to you. If you are new to marketing and you are trying start a business of your own, it can be really hard to get started on out-of-the-box marketing campaigns. Comparing products side by side is a great way to promote and sell them to your audience. AAWP comes to the rescue with its Comparison Tables Widget. Easily design, publish and manage a comparison table of any product, which can be compared with products from other vendors. No more worrying about the format of the product name or the link. The AAWP plugin will handle that for you.

3. Bestseller Product Listing

Ever imagined seeing Amazon’s like book sales widget on your website? We all have, but the truth is that the Amazon API doesn’t allow us to embed such features. Even if you are not an AMA merchant, you can still display Amazon’s bestsellers on your very own website. AAWP gives you the option on making this happen. You can pick the product to feature, the number of the bestseller products you want to display, select the category you want these bestseller products to display under as well as the bestseller product excerpt to display on your website. It really is that simple.

4. Product Widgets

One of the most important tasks for affiliate marketers is to drive traffic to their website. Yet it can be so tedious to have to create separate links for the same product, which can be difficult to maintain along with the manual Amazon affiliate tracking code that you need to paste into every product link. And yet again, you may not have complete control over what Amazon is saying about your products on their website.

What if I tell you all these could be a one-click task, no, in fact a one-second task! With the AAWP plugin, you can create product widgets that can be of different types – comparison table, product showcase or bestseller list to name a few. Further you can configure to include the affiliate link into the widget. For the comparison table option, you can display either one or multiple products.

5. Geotargeting

Ever used Google’s (Universal) Analytics to see who is coming to your website from where in the world? It’s rather interesting to see where your visitors are coming from and hence what kind of audience you are wooing. It’s definitely true that Amazon.com is the largest marketplace in the world. It is also a great source of traffic for your affiliate website.

So what happens if you can see the products bought by people who come from Amazon? Now you can see if they are products your audience probably want to buy as well. Well, you can use AAWP’s geotargeting feature to show the products they have bought (either from your Amazon affiliate campaigns or their own) and link them to your website.

6. Extra Features

Something that makes any additional features worth it is the ease of use, the aesthetic factor and the added value to your business. AAWP offers you a variety of choices in this matter. From the default WordPress drop-down menus, you can either manage your affiliate links or your non-affiliate links. With the “Manage Widgets” option, you can easily create product widgets as well right from the WordPress back-end. You can also discover new features by simply playing around with the plugins.

AAWP Review: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin To Boost Sales

This review was not sponsored in any way. This review was based on my personal experience while using the AAWP WordPress Plugin to create an affiliate website for my affiliate marketing campaigns. I have mentioned affiliate links in this article, but these are all my affiliate links and this article is meant for providing a well-balanced review.

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