About The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program: Commissions And Bonuses

Looking to become part of the GrooveFunnels affiliate program? You’re in the right spot!

Here, we go through what is the GrooveFunnels affiliate program- what kind of money is it realistically possible to make with it, what is the manner to use it, how and where can one sign up for it, why should people be using it, and anything and everything else that is related to the GrooveFunnels affiliate program. All, so as to enable you to start making tons and tons of money in commissions as an affiliate for a crazy product!

I’ve never seen anything like this surface on prior occasions and I think this is the perfect time to get in and reap crazy benefits! Let us explore it more.

GrooveFunnels- Introduction

Let us start with understanding what GrooveFunnels is and what it does.

GrooveFunnels is basically an all in one wholesome marketing program made by the legendary Mike Filsaime as well as the GrooveDigital team he runs- and suffice it to say this is a unique and once in a lifetime platform usable by a plethora of individuals.

It lets one access each and every tool that they may require in order to create or manage an online business from scratch. It is certain that GrooveFunnels is going to outdo and dominate every single alternative platform that promises to deliver similar services currently.

Extending from sales page creators to website builders, to email marketing autoresponders webinar creator, membership area maker as well as an affiliate marketplace- GrooveFunnels promises to deliver everything you may need to be able to successfully manage an online business.

GrooveFunnels is going to be super huge upon launch and it is probably one of the best opportunities to make online money. Why do I say so? Simple. Because it is going to be a monthly subscription service which will also act as an efficient and power driven alternative to some of the extremely cost incurring softwares currently available in the marketplace. It is novel, it is efficient and dynamic. It has a massive reputation and popularity, and it has got a long and bright future moving forward. If one wants to know any more about GrooveFunnels- try out this alternative review!


The GrooveFunnels affiliate program happens to be a partnership relationship allowing people to act as affiliates for the platform and earn money in way of commissions for every customer they recommend the platform who goes on to subscribe as a paid member.
The payout in the form of commissions will rely upon the plan that the affiliates themselves belong to and the plan that the customer goes on to upgrade to! (let us discuss this in detail shortly)

For what reason do I suggest promoting GrooveFunnels though? What is the hype made of? And how will you earn and take advantage of the promotion you do?

Why Should anyone sign up for the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

GrooveFunnels Affiliate has a unique SP- which makes it superior to every other affiliate program out there!
Obviously the first thing going absolutely right for GROOVEFUNNELS affiliate program is the fact that it is by itself- a super efficient, useful, powerful, and magnificent platform that alone has all the features that it has- in its entire league. No other product is similar to GROOVEFUNNELS and for that reason alone, joining the affiliate program would help you guys.
That said, let us look at the advantages of the Affiliate program too.
Basically, once you refer a person in GrooveFunnels affiliate program, they are locked in what is called “Parent-Child” Relationship by Mike Filsaime. In essence, this is the exact same stuff as “hardcoding once leads”. Once a person is referred- they are your referrals for life.

 It is of no importance virtually, that the customer has upgraded in a week or in a month or even if they have moved to a different device altogether. This sale will be tracked back to you and you will definitely receive the commission when they upgrade or every time they upgrade.

In the affiliate network, they refer to this as “First Tag Wins” and all one has to achieve is to let someone know of the offer and their commission is automatically generated by the GrooveDigital team- and given when the customer is registered.

Do People Even Upgrade To Groovefunnels Paid Plans?

Here’s the thing- as I write this- statistically 1 in every 5 people who sign up for a free account will eventually opt for the paid programs of GROOVEFUNNELS (that you may check below) and to be honest- this is literally 20% of people. In my opinion- so many people pay eventually because the program itself is super useful to them and contains so many of the relevant features and even has so many products and features that are upcoming such as GrooveBlog which is an autoresponder allowing 25000 FREE contact links under GrooveMail and other such things. Lastly, remember that GrooveFunnels is also available for a lifetime subscription plan (for some time now only). It is best if somebody buys it as a lifetime subscription since compared to monthly plans- it is a fairytale cost catalogue. That’s probably why I myself have switched to a lifetime plan at an unbelievable price!


Once GrooveFunnels gets launched to the public, there are gonna be three basic plans:

  • Silver ($99/month)
  • Gold ($199/month)
  • Platinum ($299/month)

In the capacity of a GrooveFunnels affiliate, and like we were mentioning previously, you’ll be getting a percentage of that revenue, which will vary based on your account’s level. You’ll obtain:

  • 20%if you’re a FREE GrooveFunnels member.
  • 40%if you’re a PAID GrooveFunnels member.

This means $19.8, $39.8 or $59.8 PER month PER person if you’re a FREE member.

And $39.6, $79.6 or $119.6 PER month PER person if you’re a PAID member.

And these commissions start to build up and compound over time too!

If you refer individuals to platforms that are as crazy as GrooveFunnels, in due time, you yourself will make a lot of money by virtually putting in negligible efforts. That’s why it is so crazy.

All that is expected of you is to give away a free offer for a super crazy product- and the team under Mike Filsaime will take care of back end automation, the retargeting, the upselling and every other kind of work for you.

Two Tier Commission Structure

Please additionally  note that the GROOVEFUNNELS affiliate program lets you access a 2 tier commission structure which effectively means you are remunerated on two levels- for your own inputs put directly and inputs of every other person you refer. The manner in which it operates is that if one person that you referred to GROOVEFUNNELS, goes on to refer another person to the program then the program will employ its parent-child-grandchild relationship.

You’ll be paid on a 2nd tier for 5% of the upgrades on a free GrooveFunnels account, and a 10% of an upgrade on a paid account.

Imagine if you yourself referred to an insta or online celebrity or influencer and they in turn attracted hundreds of people to the program- you will make thousands of dollars this way.

NOTE: This money making process obviously doesn’t come with a ‘make money in any case’ guarantee. You will have to lay the groundwork before you expect to start reaping the benefits in forms of lofty commissions. Again, note that these leads will be locked and hard-coded as your “second-tier” lead downline.

This allows you to leverage other people and build a huge downline and a team of affiliates. If you’re able to get one influencer or anybody with some reach, to promote GrooveFunnels with you, you can potentially make a lot of money together.

This is basically like the Alaskan Gold Rush- the more the hunters you bring to Alaska, the better it is going to be for you. Crazy, right?

How To Sign Up As A GrooveFunnels Affiliate


In order to sign up to become a GrooveFunnels affiliate, one has to finish the following process:

  • Head over to com, Here
  • Make an accountby entering your relevant information.
  • Obtain your affiliate links, and begin to promote.

 It is in fact convenient and straightforward. After having made said account, you will be able to obtain access to the affiliate linked hand prepared for you.

Optionally, you may as an alternative or substitute create for yourself, a free GrooveSell account using this link. This will enable you to use GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate (with affiliate links) and GroovePages lite which helps you in making websites as well as funnels.

For now, GROOVEFUNNELS is letting affiliates earn up to 9.6 $ for every free sign up for paid plan (half on the free plan).So then, even with 10 sign ups based on your referral, you will be making 96$, 960 for 100 sign ups, 9600 $ for 1000, 96000 for 10000 and so on and so forth. This is super serious and opportune. In effect, with minor time investment and some work done and a few referrals made- you will be making good amounts of money.

 What is the way to Promote GrooveFunnels?

I personally think that the way to promote GROOVEFUNNELS is super duper easy.

This is so since one already can offer a free GrooveSell Account which is very simple to do (if you have a GrooveFunnels free account, if you don’t, you can create one, here).

To add to that, you also get your own promo material.

In essence therefore, one will be duly instructed on how to be able to best promote the platform and they will be handed the right tools to do so as well so irrespective of the platform or strategy employed, you can do your bit and make your fair share of money if you play this simple and right.

Within each and every GrooveSell account, you’ll get things such as: Banners, review articles, pre-made email swipes, video reviews, social media posts (twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)…and all that jazz.

One more thing I thought was pertinent to include here is that the affiliate program lets you have the power to add email signatures. These are in effect- signatures at the bottom of your mails along with your respective affiliate links. Each mail being sent- one can include a PS to give people a free Groove Sell account.

Doable, right?

It is super crazy to have the right promo material since it makes your functioning as an affiliate- super easy and I think they could still do a better job by adding so many other features- which according to them they are still working on. Let’s see how this bit goes.

On how to promote- Here’s my two and two. I would suggest that go for anything around search. Myself- I do Youtube and Google SEO– which is Google SEO on blog. Alternatively, you may go for a social method. It works out too since people are somehow leaning towards going for any social method sign up. If we talk about the advanced and experienced marketers, they would most certainly like to go with paid traffic given how fast it is but eventually- that depends on the person. The bit to look out for, is understanding who you wish to target and how to best locate them. It could be Linkedin, Instagram, even Youtube. That’s all totally on you.

Here, as far as the extent of this review is concerned, I would recommend going for a person who is remotely interested in building online products, websites, selling physical or digital products, people who carry out affiliate marketing, video marketers, and even email marketers, small business owners, and owners who employ various costly tools and methods. (even though one method that is GrooveFunnels would also work) and these people are the perfect audience.


In order to access your GrooveSell, GroovePages as well as all other affiliate links, the first thing you must do is to log into your account. If you don’t have an account, you will have to make one. After you are done with this, go to the GrooveAffiliate tool. You can access it from the left sidebar or inside of the GrooveSell App, at the bottom half of the window.

After this, click on the “promo” tab. You should now see the affiliate products that you can promote and GrooveFunnels will be one of them. Click on the first little button on the right side of your screen and you should be able to see the pop up for the affiliate link. You can copy paste this now at your convenience.


GROOVEFUNNELS will pay you through either Paypal or through a direct Bank Transfer. In order to receive payments, one will have to set up the affiliate payment settings and additionally include tax information as well as general information.

In order to set up this information, You will want to go over to your GrooveAffiliate account, within the GROOVEFUNNELS dashboard. After this, you must click on the “promos” tab followed by adding account info. You have the option to choose payment method and enter your general info which is just your username and credentials.

DO NOTE that if you are from the United States, you will NOT be able to get paid till you have input all of your tax info such as your tax id, social security number as well as your payment mode and method. However, if you do not belong to the US, there is no need to input Tax information.


Basically here is how the GROOVEFUNNELS affiliate program functions. GrooveFunnels will pay you out, once per week after finishing 2 sales- 37-45 days after the making of the sale. This is since there is a 30 day money back guarantee and add to this 7-15 day grace period.

If I am honest, I will concede that this is slightly cumbersome for new Affiliates since they have to first make 2 sales and then wait for a long time to receive the first payment. But, the money is quick and smooth and GROOVEFUNNELS is selling really fast based on what I myself have observed. So it will not be very difficult after an initial while to start making good amounts of money as commission and once this flow starts, payments become rather efficient, regular, and relatively easy. This is the craziest thing about GROOVEFUNNELS payments. I have, by now, started to make money very regularly.  It is also not like there are many refunds. I’ve seen negligible refunds so there is a very low chance of refund obstructing your payments too.


Indeed! GrooveFunnels Actually pays its affiliates and pays them rather handsomely.

There is however the case of an unpaid 198.80$ payment I am yet to receive because of some account related issue- GROOVEFUNNELS actually pays out affiliates regularly and handsomely so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Legitimate companies keep their promises and GROOVEFUNNELS is one such crazy legit company which ensures it is able to keep its word since it is essential for their own good will and it keeps the affiliates hard working and motivated- smart right?

So then, I do not see why you should be worried.

Just ensure you do your work correctly and fill in and set up your payment method as well as Tax identification. Once you do that, and once there are at the very least 2 sales made by you, and the plans or sales are not refunded( 30 days + 7-15 days) then your commission payouts should ideally be made every week. Check out these cool screenshots of the commissions I have personally made so far from GrooveKart LLC! Sweet, right?


This is a rather interesting question and I believe it is important to address it since this was something that has bothered me as well and it is for the best if we get to the core of the issue.

No sooner than you have upgraded for the pro plan, you will start to make 40% commissions for every sale. However, as is obvious, this will in no way impact your past sales or increase their pay outs too. This is obviously only logical in order to avoid any kind of frauds. What this boils down to is that you should, in the best case scenario for your own self, upgrade to pro as soon as possible in order to make the maximum amount of commissions possible. Imagine if you made 10 sales and made 100 $ and then moved pro and made 5 sales and made 100 more Dollars versus if you had shifted to pro at the very start and made 300 dollars on total 15 sales.

Imagine that you have made a sale for the 3 payment plan, and you’re a free member only, and then you choose to upgrade prior to when the customer gets charged, you will STILL only get 20%. The 40% commissions is for all future purchases and will in no way impact past purchases or sales made.


In the capacity of GROOVEFUNNELS affiliate, there are a few rules and guidelines that define what one can or cannot do- as far as promoting the platform is concerned.

If you pay attention, you will find that there is a specific and devoted section within the GrooveJV page, which covers all the rules, one at a time (check them out using this link right here) and I decided to cover the rules in detail here so that you can recall the most important ones.


  • Use the word “scam” as a keyword in your review or articles. Or in any way or form misrepresent the company.
  • Use your own affiliate link to sign up under. There have been people who were caught doing this and as a direct repercussion, they have gotten their account banned. The system picks up on this and flags your account, so don’t do it under any circumstance
  • Use your link in order to sign up people BY CREATING THEIR ACCOUNTS FOR THEM. Some people have gotten mails regarding the sign up process without actually signing up themselves and they have been quite annoyed and displeased by such acts. So, don’t do this.
  • Impersonating the brand in any way or form.
  • Indulge in any other kind of fraud or fraudulent seeming activity. If you feel like ‘the line is being crossed’ or that something you are doing is even ‘slightly messed up’, it probably means that it is and if you still have a query or doubt regarding such acts, reach out to the JV manager to ask.
    Do remember that these are only a few of the rules prescribed for Affiliates and you must check these one the site in order to be fully sure.


So, after all of this, are you in to earn real dough with the GROOVEFUNNELS affiliate program?

If your reply is yes and you are sure this is what you want, let us begin this segment of the article.

I happen to be a backer member of GROOVEFUNNELS- that comes down to me being one of the people who chose to upgrade for a lifetime price. I am crazy about this platform and I truly believe it is superb and the people behind the platform are completely legitimate and efficient. The product is extremely valuable, thus I am left with no other option but to completely put my recommendations behind this.

Therefore, given the potential, I’ve put my money and time into ensuring that I can promote this platform in the capacity of an affiliate. I have tangible experience as an affiliate marketer and my results and rewards have been mostly good. But when it comes to GROOVEFUNNELS, my rewards have been hyper and I can’t possibly downplay that part.

Therefore, if you are also into becoming a GROOVEFUNNELS affiliate and are interested in earning some dough using the platform, let us get together.

Should you choose to go for a FREE GrooveSell account, using my link, it will let you have access to some crazy bonuses that I have made over time to be used by GROOVEFUNNELS affiliates, in order to help individuals earn money using this platform. You will get access to stuff that I have not made anyone else privy to before this. In order to use this, you merely have to sign up as an affiliate with the page link and let you have access to this top secret bonus list.

Let us now take a look at all the bonuses you guys will get if you choose to become an affiliate with me, which will in turn help you in promoting the product.

  • My Facebook free traffic avalanchevideo course. In this course I go over EVERYTHING that has anything to do with generating free Facebook traffic, that I’ve used to make money online, as an affiliate, with Facebook. These are the kind of things that I’ve never revealed anywhere else and people PAY for (including myself). I could easily charge +$199 for this.
  • My “Status-Quo” Facebook Traffic Hack I invented this strategy to be able to get almost lightning fast results through facebook groups that you can use to start seeing commissions and sales pretty much overnight.
  • My “1k/month SEO” PDF. Not everyone wishes to employ the use of Facebook, so in this PDF I will discuss how to promote products using your keyboard, to make multiple hundred dollar commissions using Google. I go over the different steps, platforms and products you can choose for easy +$500 commissions.
  • Turbo Traffic Turmoilvideo course. This video course that I created back in 2018 happens to be an older version of my Facebook traffic course. It was only given out to a very few people ever and still worked amazingly well.

In order to make the bonuses, what you are required to do is to sign up under any of these links on the page and you will get access to an email with relevant details and other bonus delivery page type things.

PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason you did not get the bonuses, drop a comment under this article, and I’ll be sure to reach out to you as soon as I can.


Thus, GrooveFunnels is an absolutely crazy and brilliant way to earn some real money with the latest, highly powered, dynamic and super efficient product- which intends to control the online marketing and online business tools world. It is going to happen- just a matter of time. I mean, just look at their upcoming as well as existing apps to see why.

Mike Filsaime, who is the CEO of GrooveFunnels is famous for his track record and high experience as far as the world of Marketing Tools is concerned. Take for Example- such tools as WebinarJam and Kartra. Whatever he makes- it goes on to be a hit. He’s a wizard and we must reap the benefits of his magic.

The Platform is a dynamic and popular mega-phenomenon which is going to be impossible to clash with and the opportunity it brings with it is a once in a lifetime kind of thing and we are at the center of it all- even as we go through this article. Use this for your benefit as soon as you can and trust me- you WILL be able to convert this into a golden chance of earning high end commission figures. Go ahead and sign up at the earliest people! That is my only recommendation. I hope that you find this product as interesting and helpful as I have found, and upon purchasing you too see success.

If there are any queries, do not hesitate to drop a text.