Acabado Theme Review

Acabado Theme Review

Do you want to enhance the speed of your WordPress post, and the theme is slowing your pace? Do you find plugins an additional headache? Or are you a newbie into the world of WordPress and do not know where to start?

Want to ad Pinterest images, but cropping the images decreases the quality of your image? The Acabado theme offers not only these features but also other features that other subjects lack.  

Here’s a detailed review of the Acabado theme. With this review, you can easily find your way through the Acabado theme.  This review will give you all the information about the Acabado theme you need to know. We promise you a complete analysis of the theme listing all the pros and cons. 

What does the Acabado theme offer you?

The Acabado theme provides you with amazing benefits at a fair price. With Acabado, you now have fast speed, a clean, organized, and mobile-friendly blog post. The theme also has a built-in SEO that increases your relevance on your Google. It also allows you to create a professional yet eye-catching post, so you get several visitors on your blog post.

It only takes a few minutes to install and has an easy installation setup. Like most WordPress themes, after you have purchased the theme, you are directed to the Income School’s page, where they have detailed descriptions and videos on every setting you can avail with Acabado.

The creators have customized the theme, and you won’t find the need to modify your post. But if you want to be a bit more adventurous and try customizing your page, you can even do that. Acabado is created to fulfill basic snags that the creators found on other themes. The theme aims at creating a stupid-fast and easily accessible blog post even via mobile phone.   

The theme has been tested and then provided to the users for use. You can also look for them on Income School’s website. The website even has a few demo sites with the Acabado theme for you to check out and see for yourself the design of the item. The creators of the theme offer complete transparency to the users, and in case of any query or issues, you can even contact them on their site.

Meet the creators

After getting frustrated by the slow-paced WordPress blog themes, the two creators Jim Harmer and Rick Kesler took upon themselves to create Acabado. The word Acabado means finished in Portuguese. These two well-to-do entrepreneurs have their page called Income School, where they share their stories and also provide information regarding their new creation, Acabado.

The entrepreneurs are thoroughly transparent and honest about the setting of Acabado and even give tips and tricks to the user on their created theme. Income School also has a YouTube channel which they use to share their personal experiences and the complications they faced while running a website.

The Top Things to Like of the Acabado theme

What are the top things to like about the theme, you ask? Here are a few that we came across.

1. Super-Fast Speed

Does your theme slow down your site speed? Here’s good news for you, with Acabado, you do not have to worry about the speed of your WordPress blog. Rate is an important guideline when it comes to any web page. The Acabado has achieved a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights testing. You can even check-out the loading pace of some demo-sites on the Income School’s page.  The theme works super-fast, even on your cellular devices. Since a majority of the population has access to websites and pages through their portal devices, the Acabado theme enables you to open the themed site on your smartphones quickly, so you can now ditch your laptops and wallow in. The Acabado themed page runs on the compatible speed regardless of your host. Even a substantial number of pictures and data don’t dampen the speed of your blog post, so your viewers can get a kick of your online journal.

2. SEO Built-in

The theme also comes with a built-in SEO, so you can discard the use of plugins for optimizing your leaf. The theme also provides Google with the desired information regarding your page, so the moment your topic is loaded into the search engine, Google will display your website. You can even remove comments with just a click of a button. There are other SEO features in the theme, and this will minimize your effort for SEO. 

3. Secure, Clean and organized installation

Installing a WordPress theme does take a lot of time; with the Acabado theme, you can easily install the theme in just 3 minutes. The theme has easy customization, so now you can customize your webpage quickly and efficiently without the extra coding you had to go through. Once you have purchased the theme, you directed to Income School’s page, where you will find a detailed video on every set in the theme. 

4. Mobile-first

About 65% of the world’s population uses their cellular devices nowadays, so you can promisingly grab their attention with this theme. Even though each theme has its mobile version nowadays, but the speed of the webpage is slow. With Acabado’s stupid fast pace, you get the desired attention from the majority of the masses. While the entire themes are built for desktop first, Acabado makes mobile a significant preference. Due to this feature, your site will look the same as it does on your desktop. 

5. Anti-bounce protection

Popups can be irritating and annoying when you are viewing any webpage since they block the content and hence reduce the visibility of your page. When a visitor leaves your site abruptly or deliberately for various reasons, it is known as bouncing, which is certainly not beneficial for your website. To avoid this complete nuisance, the Acabado theme, instead of using popups, directs the user to your most popular posts on the site and manipulating the visitor to stay on your website, which directly increases your bounce rate and site efficiency. The default setting leads the visitor to the top of your page and encourages them to stay on the site for more extended periods.

6. Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest is one of the major platforms to showcase your website images and other pictorial references. Usually, a Pinterest image has a longer length, and adding such lengthy photos of your choice can make your post look cluttered. With Acadabo, you can easily insert any image from Pinterest on your site; customize the length and placement of the picture according to your preference. Thus, you can create enough space for your page and clear away unnecessary mess on your site.

Installing the theme

Like any other WordPress theme setup, the installation for the theme is also the same. If you are new to WordPress and the themes, you can learn how to install the theme on Income School’s site or even visit their YouTube Channel for more detailed information about the theme.

You do not need an additional extension to improve the functionality of your blog post as the Acabado theme has a built-in SEO. It is an excellent start for beginners, or if you are planning to create a WordPress post and find the use of plugins confusing and complicating, Acabado theme can be your life savior.  

The theme is reasonably priced and even offers a year as well as a 100-year license. So you can avail of any option and enjoy the theme. 

Demo-sites using the Acabado theme

There are a few demo sites available on the Income School’s website. The links to which are

You can check these sites and look for yourself the aesthetics of the website. Some theme seems different after you have purchased and installed them, with Acabado you get to check-out the theme first before buying the license.

The Final Verdict

Finding a competitor for Acabado is going to be a task for you. Like a coin has two sides, the Acabado theme has certain demerits too. Although the theme offers high speed, a built-in SEO, Pinterest image optimization, and even customizing your post to a certain extent. You cannot go artsy on your page and customize or revamp the whole theme, but you do have the liberty to tailor it to a certain extent.

If increasing your blog speed is what you are aiming for, then this theme is hands down the best option you can get. But if you want a stupid-fast speed and total liberty of customizing your post, then you might be a little disappointed with the theme.

Apart from this ‘inconvenience,’ the theme offers a lot of features that other themes lack. It even has anti-bounce protection that keeps the visitor captivated with your blog post and makes them want to discover more on your blog page.  The theme also looks the same on the phone as well as on the desktop. While another theme is designed for desktop first, this theme intends to prioritize mobile-first.

With all the aspects, this theme offers a lot in terms of pricing and features. You can purchase the license and enjoy the performance that this theme provides.