Actionetics Review: Is It Worth It?

NOTE: Clickfunnels have discontinued Actionetics! You can try out one of my favourite email autoresponders for free (Trial)

How do you find an easy way to connect to your audience? While you may look at different marketing tools to have a comprehensive strategy, you’re sure to need an email marketing tool that you can trust. It’s one of the sales funnel strategies that continue to work, even today.

A good number of platforms offer services to send emails to your visitors online. However, you may not get good results due to the complexity of using them or you have to use two different platforms to achieve your goals.

Do you get a good number of visits on your website, but only a few are interested in what you offer? The Actionetics platform gives you what you need to understand the behavior of customers and visitors, along with great features to do it.

What Actionetics wants to achieve is to help its users increase their sales through personalized emails. With that in mind, it also helps to unlock powerful marketing automation without having to look for another email service.

What is Actionetics?

If you are interested in increasing the number of clients through email marketing, this platform could be the best option.

It’s nothing but Actionetics

The platform, in addition to adapting perfectly with your sales funnel, allows you to obtain an intelligent analysis of each visitor of your website. You can perform automated actions, funnels, and messages for specific potential customers who bought an item or service through your funnel.

Thanks to this intelligent analysis and the service it offers, you can personalize the messages according to the needs of each client. You can even talk to them directly and give them the message they need.

The good

Actionetics offers you the possibility of having a direct interaction with the client or visitor. This particularity makes this software special and different from many others; it is easy to use and has many features that can be very useful.

You get to integrate all the automation tools from third-party solutions. In other words, it saves us time, providing us with high-quality service, and allows you to add unlimited contacts to your lists with no additional costs.

With Actionetics, you do not need to know everything about technology since it includes practical guides to use each one of its features successfully.

The tool is considered an excellent ally for sales funnels because, although it is an autoresponder, it integrates all actions needed to obtain optimal results.

You can create smart lists for email segmentation. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also exchange SMTP servers. To finish it off, it gives you the ability to monitor every interaction in your website. You’ll know what everyone does with each page on your site.

If you aren’t sure about it being the best software for you, you can easily try it on its 14-day free trial!

What makes Actionetics unique?

Actionetics covers traveller advertising and SMS advertising.

We know that—like many other email automation tools—Actionetics offers a similar service concerning automated actions.

So, what makes this tool so incredible and different?

Well, we must bear in mind that communication is essential even in business. One factor we must consider is the possibility of communicating and engaging with potential customers through one’s pages and funnels, all at the same time.

Actionetics not only gives you the possibility to keep your business up-to-date with online sales. It also allows you to manage the tools offered by your service more efficiently and easily.

Then, we can say that this wonderful tool is not only capable of making and sending emails from autoresponders, but it is smart enough to react and act according to the configuration of the funnels on your site.

The bad

Not everything can be perfect. Although Actionetics has many valuable services that can boost your business to the top, it’s the target of some complaints regarding the use of this software. That is not necessarily because it is complicated since Actionetics is incredibly easy to manage.

One of the impediments so that the interested people can obtain all its benefits is Clickfunnels. With that, you will need to face the costs that involves having to get a separate platform.

Actionetics is completely linked with ClickFunnels, therefore, you can only use the services of this tool with the platform mentioned above. For people who are starting with the sales funnels, it may seem expensive, plus it does not have any visual automation generator. It can not be fully customized, and not all the types of automation it offers are possible to build.

The integration of Actionetics with ClickFunnels forces you to register on the platform. You only have to use your email address and then choose a plan. But, you can not enjoy the free trial without entering your credit card information.

Therefore, you must provide information that may discomfort you. It should be noted that during the free trial, you will not be charged. However, you must make sure you are ready to use ClickFunnels after the 14-day trial because you will be charged according to the plan you choose on the 15th.


Here are some of the features of Actionetics.


Manage your contact list seamlessly. See the customers who registered in your sales funnels in a few minutes.

Click on the contact function, and there, you can see the total number of contacts. It includes new ones and those who have canceled the subscription of their products and services.

This brilliant feature helps you to see specific information about each of your contacts. In this way, Actionetics allows you to analyze their behaviors to develop effective strategies to get them to become regular and dedicated customers.

If that was not enough, you can also edit the personal details of your contacts and information such as the full name, phone number, shipping address, etc.

  • Action Score: The main function of Action Score is simple: it helps you to evaluate the visitors of your website and rate them according to your benefits and needs.
  • Email lists: With this feature, you can create any list you want. You can create lists for any purpose. This feature allows you to send targeted emails creatively and interactively. You can also upload contacts in .csv format to the newly created email list.
  • Broadcasts: Basically, you can send specific messages to different contact lists, simplify the sending of emails. It also allows you to be flexible with the time you want to send emails, immediately or later.
  • Action Funnels: This is one of the most important features that Actionetics has. It helps you to save time in your work, by grouping them into specific actions. This feature enables you to simplify the automation process noticeably.

Currently, several online tools help you grow your online marketing campaign. In this occasion, we will compare these tools with the Actionetics software.

Let’s start with the autoresponders. There are many of them, so we will choose the two most recognized:

t’s one of the most complete and professional email marketing tools.

As Actionetics, it has similar characteristics such as the autoresponder and its customer service. It also sports the ability to improve your messages with customer statistics; it’s a good way to increase your subscribers. Finally, it helps with subscriber management and detailed statistics.

One of their most notable differences is that it has no warranty period, and its service can be integrated into other platforms such as WordPress.

The visual automation generator of ActiveCampaign is impressive, and it is much more flexible and powerful. You can perform split-tests of your automation.

However, Actionetics has some advantages over ActiveCampaign.

It integrates directly with ClickFunnels, which is beneficial for you since you will not need to switch to completely new software to manage your email marketing.

As for the price …

With ActiveCampaign, your monthly cost would continue to increase, yet with Actionetics, your price remains stable.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the A/B tests,

What exactly is and how much does Actionetics look like it?

Well, its function is simply to compare two versions of the same web page or application to check which of the two iterations is more efficient.

These variations, aptly called A and B, are randomly displayed to the different users of the web page. A part of them will see version A and the remaining part will see version B.

Once users have seen the two different versions, a statistical analysis makes it possible to test the effectiveness of each variation based on different performance indicators.

It allows you to check which version generates more clicks, subscriptions, and sales. The results of these tests will determine the winning version, and consequentially, the version that should be part of your final marketing strategy.

It seems very different from the other platform. However, we can find some similarities since, like Actionetics, it monitors the activities carried out on different websites by visitors.


If you want to get all the benefits that Actionetics offers, you will have to update your ClickFunnels plan to the full suite plan.

This plan with Actionetics costs $297 per month.

Yes, it may seem expensive, but the plan is worth it, especially for those who take the use of ClickFunnels seriously.

Ease Of Use

It is quite easy to use and has many useful features.

In addition, Actionetics fits your needs because you can add contacts to grow your list without an additional cost to subscribers. Your business will become more successful, but it only works with the sales funnels you create with ClickFunnels.


Actionetics is simple and can generally be used to configure complex action funnels. Regardless, if you get stuck somewhere while you are using the tool, you can use the chat support.

One of the advantages of Actionetics is that the support team in its channels is always available to help.

Final Verdict

This service is undoubtedly one of the best tools that adapt to the needs of each client. It’s great for automating lists of contacts; it offers a variety of functions that support your sales in an agile way, interacting directly with the potential client.

Finally, it offers a practical guide that teaches you to use the tools step-by-step and without any delay at the time of offering this service. It gives a wide vision to its user, thanks to technological advances.

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