Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Review (2021 Edition)

Are you tired of making ends meet with your day job? Are you looking for ways to diversify your income? Thinking about earning through affiliate marketing?

If you’ve thought of profiting through affiliate marketing, you might have probably explored all about it. If you’ve come across Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Course, but not sure whether to take this course or not, this review is for you.

We’ve outlined a detailed review of this course to help you make the next step. In this review, you will know about the course content, price, modules and finally see if it’s the right fit for you. So, let’s get started.

Important Info (Don’t Skip This)

I am a real student who bought this course a couple of years ago. But, the big question is it worth it nowadays? Is the content outdated?

I am going to be giving a fully unbiased and honest review on Affiliate Atlas Blueprint.

Now, if you’re in a hurry I suggest just watching these video’s below and skipping to my verdict on Affiliate Atlas Blueprint, however, I prefer you read through the entire review to see if it’s right for you, I want you to make a conscious and well-informed decision because this is not an impulse decision.

I don’t want you to be trapped in the shiny object syndrome where people keep recommending courses after courses then one new scheme than the other.

Before we get into the review, I just want to address some questions some of you might have.

Is Affiliate Marketing still a viable business? Is it even possible to make a long term sustainable business with Affiliate Marketing?

You see many gurus nowadays, claiming you will become an overnight millionaire by buying their thousand dollar course.

In short, the answer is still yes, it has definitely gotten harder than before however, Affiliate Marketing still to this day is one of the best beginner-friendly business with low start-up capital and build a long term sustainable business.

If set up right, it can be quite passive.

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Video Review (It’s the same course just renamed)


What exactly is Affiliate Atlas Blueprint?

The Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Online course is all about affiliate marketing by Franklin Hatchett. Affiliate marketing is promoting/marketing a company’s product by a third person.

You are the affiliate here, and you market the products and get a commission. It’s a way to boost the company’s sales. With people going digital and looking up on the Internet every day, online marketing is growing exponentially.

The course touches upon all topics related to affiliate marketing. But, let’s see if it’s worth the price or not here. With thousands of online courses rolling out time and again, not all of them offer a real value for the price.

Is this course similar to other online courses? Does it really help build your online marketing from scratch? Or is it just the hype? Let’s see all about it here.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchet Savage Affiliates

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint is an online course on Affiliate marketing by Franklin Hatchett. Franklin is an affiliate marketer who has his own YouTube channel and posts videos on online marketing once a week.

If you’ve already enrolled in his previous courses, you know about him well. He’s exceptional in what he does and knows in and out of online marketing.

If you’re planning to scale up or start your business online but not quite sure about how to get started, this review might help you find the one. You can head to his YouTube channel and check out his videos.

Whether it’s about attracting more traffic to your website or making a living by earning online, he has got you covered in his videos.

His course is all about Affiliate marketing from scratch. (And if you’ve been planning to learn the same before getting started, this review might help.

Now, there’s a lot of fake gurus out there online so, it’s important to do your research on people. Franklin is one of the most trustworthy guys online, his FREE content is better than 99% of the premium content that gurus charge 1000’s of dollars for!

I mean people have gotten results just by watching his free youtube videos, and after getting the course made even more money.

Now, you might think I am biased towards Franklin, but, I also point out fair criticisms below as well!

What is the total cost of the Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Course

Now that we’ve got a little idea about the course and the tutor, the next big thing is the price. The Affiliate Atlas Blueprint course has two packages.

One is the “Standard,” package which is for $197, and the other is “Super” for $297. It’s a one time buy, where you can access it anytime for life.

If there are any updates, you will be notified and updated automatically. There is no extra fee for it. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra for the bonus materials.

Bonus packs come with both the packages. The only difference between “Standard” and “Super” is that the Special pack is not included in the Standard package.

Apart from that, all the modules are included in both packages. You can buy the one that best fits your budget.

The modules are in-depth, and you might need a considerable amount to understand each of them if you’re totally new to online marketing.

Will I get a Refund after Enrolling?

You get a full refund if you do not like the course within 30 days of enrolling. It’s legit, and you’re free to opt-out for It anytime.

What is included in Affiliate Atlas Blueprint? How many modules are present in the course?

The two packages have 9 different modules and 5 bonus packs. The Super pack includes 5 extra bonuses, which is not available in the Standard pack.

If you’re someone who prefers online tutorials, you will love this course as it is simple and easy to understand. You can even track your progress after completing every module and ensure you don’t go off course.

The modules are well-structured, and you can easily follow what Frank is explaining without the need to hit the replay button repeatedly.

It’s suitable for beginners, and there are many exciting things to learn as you progress. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, you can jumpstart your online career with this course, as it provides pretty good insights into the online world.

Introduction Module

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Introduction

As with every online course, this is the Introduction section where you’re introduced to affiliate marketing in the best possible way.

It is made simple and easy to understand, even if you’re a newbie. To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to understand the basic terms, and it is done right in this video.

Frank demonstrates how to operate the course so that it’s easy for you to follow along in the later videos.

This course on affiliate marketing is straightforward, and all you need is an internet connection to get the best out of it.

He teaches you all about SEO, email marketing, how to get paid and fee traffic, and more. You’re in for a great of learning materials here at an affordable price.

Module 1 – Affiliate Products to Promote

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 1 Affiliate Products To Promote

This is the first section or the first module in the entire course. It’s all about the type of product you need to choose as the affiliate to market.

You might find it easy, but it’s the main thing in marketing. Choosing the right product is crucial to success. You don’t want to choose a niche that doesn’t fit you and lose your customers, right?

Thus, even though it is affiliate marketing, you need to choose the right products and find your niche before promoting and diving into it.

This module is entirely about it, and as you progress, there are in-depth guides in it for you. Once you go through the entire course and get a clear picture, you can find your niche and start promoting. Franklin also lists lucrative niches for you to promote in this module.

Module 2 – Building Your Website Asset

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 2 Building Your Website AssetAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 2 Building Your Website Asset 2

Module two is packed with plenty of details, and you’ll love every bit of it. Franklin teaches you how to build a website from scratch on WordPress.

Having a website for a better reach is essential. Online marketing is about expanding your reach, and he teaches it pretty well here.

From basic website design to plugins, themes to choose the right domain, which host provider to sign up for, add articles under the blogs section, create landing pages to attract traffic, and all about website set up is taught.

If you have a basic idea about website design or know how to create a WordPress site, you can skip this part.

But, if you’re totally new, you need to go through this module carefully and ensure you set up your website just fine. Having a website is like your asset while marketing, and you will learn every inch of it here.

Module 3 -Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 3 Clickbank Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 3 Clickbank Affiliate Marketing 2

Clickbank is a platform to promote, buy, and sell products. It is one of the leading marketplaces for affiliate marketers worldwide. This module is all about it.

You will learn how to gain more traffic by using paid and free methods, how to generate leads and more.

Clickbank is a vast market, and this module is in-depth too. It deep dives into every minute aspect of it here. For an affiliate marketer, the most important thing is to promote products, and with Clickbank, it is easier than ever.

You can earn commissions of up to 90% and helps expand your business. Best of all, you can do all of this from the comforts of your couch.

You just need the right strategy to get it going. Affiliate marketing is easy when your strategies are in line with the rising demands. You need to know when to apply it right.

Module 4 -Clickfunnels With Websites

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 3 Clickfunnels With Websites

Clickfunnels is a platform to heighten your sales process. It is exciting, and there’s a great deal of info in this module. You learn how to attract customers to your pages and how to convert them to recurring customers.

You need to turn eyeballs into customers and customers into regular customers. That’s where Clickfunnels comes in. If you know about the sales funnel or how to generate leads, then this is where you will learn more about it.

Franklin does an in-depth exploration of generating leads and making money monthly by earning commissions by applying the right strategy.

You need to know when and how to target customers and boost traffic to your website. These modules are great, and you might need to keep a book beside you to make notes for a better understanding. Affiliate marketing is intriguing, and with this course, you can get your hands dirty here.

Module 5 – SEO Google Traffic Training

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 5 SEO Google Traffic TrainingAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 5 SEO Google Traffic Training 2

The entire module is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization. We cannot stress how powerful SEO is for online marketing, and Franklin has nailed it in this section.

He has touched upon every topic under SEO, and if you use it right for your website, you can improve your site visibility and generate more leads.

Some of the topics covered are On-page SEO, off-page SEO, about keywords, backlinks, guest posting, and whatnot.

These are pure gold, and if you understand them well, you will be ahead of the game. Online marketing mainly relies on SEO, and applying SEO strategies in your content can help you rank well in Google search results.

It can be overwhelming initially, but once you delve into it, you’ll know how amazing it is. SEO is pretty intriguing, and this module teaches plenty of things if you concentrate. There are the top five modules in this course.

Module 6 – The Funnel Academy

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 6 The Funnel Academy

If you’re a marketing student, you already know what funnels are and how they work. And if you’re not, don’t worry; this module teaches you all right from the basics.

You will learn how funnels work, what a lead magnet is, and all about how to keep your customers hooked to buy the product. Franklin gives you tons of examples, and you’ll be a pro at it once you’re done with this module.

Marketing is easy to learn, but one needs to hit the customers’ pain points and develop the right strategy to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

If you’re genuinely passionate about building your online marketing, this course will get you started with everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Though there are plenty of courses out there, this particular course goes in-depth, and it’s worth every penny. Franklin has done a great job with these formatted video course till here.

Module 6.2- The Email Automation Academy

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 6.2 The Email Automation AcademyAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 6.2 The Email Automation Academy 2

Email marketing is still there and will still be there. Here you will learn all about email marketing and how to make more money by reaching out to clients worldwide.

The module has many sections that discuss how to set up your email autoresponder and how to get higher click-through-rates.

You will learn about newsletters, campaigns, workflows, and how to write an email to get the most commissions monthly. Email marketing is alive, and that’s what you will learn about here. There are a bunch of ways to reach out to customers/clients through email.

You just need to build a list and send well-crafted emails to them. Writing a perfectly structured email with a killer subject line can get your emails open and read more.

You might even get responses from the list you’ve built and make money online. The entire module is packed with every topic related to email marketing, and it sure is fantastic.

Module 7 – Done for You Affiliate Systems

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 7 Done For You Affiliate SystemsAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 7 Done For You Affiliate Systems 2

Now that you’ve got an idea about the first six modules, if you’re someone who finds it a huge task to do all of that mentioned in them, this module is for you.

You need not create a funnel from scratch. Franklin has done it all, and all you need to do is to tailor to your needs and send it. That’s it. Simple as that!

The done-for-you funnels are easy-to-use and promote. There is minimal work involved, and if you have gone through the previous modules well, you just need to start promoting with these ready-made funnels.

It is hassle-free, and you can be on a roll in no time. These funnels have been made by Franklin to be beneficial in making more money. This module is all about them, and you can get your hands on them here. To this point, this course has tons of topics covered for a beginner and is excellent.

Module 8 – Free Traffic Training

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 8 Free Traffic TrainingAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 8 Free Traffic Training 2Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 8 Free Traffic Training 3

Apart from boosting traffic through SEO, there are plenty of other ways to gain more traffic to your website. You need to attract customers from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Forums related to your niche and more.

And that’s what is taught in this module. You will learn how to gain free traffic by applying various strategies, and you don’t have to pay a penny for this.

Customers are everywhere; you just need to use the right methods to attract them and ensure they don’t become your one-time-customers.

Getting them to stay and subscribe to the products regularly is no easy feat, and that’s what marketing is about. Knowing how to retain customers is equally essential.

Once you’ve understood affiliate marketing’s nuances, lead generation through multiple platforms is what is module teaches. This course is all one needs for a budding marketer, and there’s pretty much everything you will learn from scratch.

Module 9 – Paid Traffic Training

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 9 Paid Traffic TrainingAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Module 9 Paid Traffic Training 2

Ever heard of paid ads? If not, this module teaches you all about it. Apart from attracting traffic through free methods, Franklin teaches you about Facebook and Google ads and how to make more money through them.

Once you gain a better insight into these methods, you can apply them practically and check out which method fits you best.

You can earn more through these ads, and it is one of the leading marketing strategies every online marketer will follow. Customers are essential, and to get many customers monthly; you need to use these tactics.

Online marketing is exciting as long as you get more traffic to your website. You need to be consistent and patient when it comes to marketing on the Internet.

This course does it right and offers the best possible information out there at a fair price. Module 9 is the last in this course, and depending on your plans, you get bonus packs, which will be discussed below.

Bonus #1 – Frank & Student Case Study

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus Frank And Student Case Study

The bonus section is present for both the packages, and in this first section, Franklin teaches you two strategies to use while online marketing.

He throws in some light by showing case studies applied by him and one of his students. It is highly insightful, and you get to know how exactly they made big bucks with those techniques.

You can apply the same and see if it works for you too. If not, try out your own new strategies and make money on the go. Either way, you get to view the complete process of money-making with these two trusted and tried case studies.

If you’re looking for a course or a way to earn passive income, this is the one for you. Franklin is a great tutor, and he goes at a pace where beginners can understand and become a professional by the end of this course.

Bonus #2 – Launch Jacking & Web Hosting

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus Launch Jacking And Web HostingAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus Launch Jacking And Web Hosting 2

In the next bonus section, he teaches you how to launch your products and host your website. With the ever-increasing use of websites, numerous websites are created every day, making it challenging to rank on Google.

But, Franklin teaches how to jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey with two more strategies. Could it be any better?

You’re getting tons of valuable information in a single course at an affordable price. These bonus deals show you the practical applications of these strategies carried out by him.

There’s no better way than applying the same strategy, which has already been successful once, right?

Bonus #3 – Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus Amazon Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2

If you’ve heard about Amazon affiliate marketing, this bonus gives you a more in-depth understanding of it. As an affiliate marketer, you might find fellow marketing promoting products on Amazon.

It’s a regular place to promote, but commissions might not be that high. However, you can definitely give it a try as you can earn decently here too.

Franklin will teach you about how to gain traffic to your website and, in turn, how to market on Amazon by heading to the Amazon associates page, how to find products and more.

There is an ocean of resources online, and it only takes one to know how to use it wisely. And that’s exactly what Franklin did and teaches his students.

Bonus #4 – Extra Free Gifts

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus Extra Free Gifts

This section has videos on previously discussed topics in other modules. You can know more about blogging and other kinds of marketing from the videos. They are just free gifts and bonuses offered and ideal for beginners. I personally am Not a fan of this section. Quite lackluster but, it’s just a free bonus so, not a big deal.

Main Advantages of Enrolling in this Course

That’s about it! There you have the complete review of Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Course. As far as we know, there are no drawbacks to this course.

It is excellent and teaches affiliate marketing from scratch—one of the best courses for beginners in the market. If you’re a total newbie to affiliate marketing, you can become an expert in no time by enrolling in this course.

  • There are over 200+ videos overall, which is impressive. You get to watch these hundreds of videos at a budget-friendly rate. Videos are to the point and don’t lag much.
  • You get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the course, which is cool.
  • The videos discuss in-depth and explain the proven strategies to become a successful affiliate marketer, all at an affordable price.
  • There is no extra fee or charge for updates. The videos are up-to-date, and new videos are updated time and again to keep you updated as well. And you don’t have to pay a penny extra for that.
  • It is easy to follow and connect. There is a Facebook group to communicate and ask your queries with fellow peers.

The support  is also great and available you must use email if you have sales questions to get a better response then on Facebook.

Make sure to check out the bonuses (worth $2985) I am only offering for those purchasing through me!

Personal Experience With Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Course

Now, I am an experienced online marketer. Even I learned A TON of things from this course. This is not just an Affiliate marketing course, it has like over 10 videos on SEO and like 20 videos on youtube alone. A lot of people charge 197$+ alone for basic SEO & Youtube and the SEO (and Youtube info) covered in this course isn’t even covered in courses which are over 1000 dollars.

With this course alone I was able to increase my traffic on some of my niche websites by quite a bit. The thing about this course is that you can APPLY these things to your e-commerce store however, Franklin Hatchett does have another course which is Ecom Elites 2.0 which I actually did do a review on as well!

There are days where I look back at the course and I learn something new each time, the reason for this is because it has so much information I didn’t finish all of it before.

Does Franklin Update his Courses?

Absolutely. This is the same affiliate marketing course as SA but, he did a changing of the name because he didn’t like the previous name.

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Scam?

Nope, this is FAR from a scam. It is a Franklin Hatchett Course, he’s here to help you out, I mean this isn’t some 1000$ overhyped course which is poorly thrown together to try to rip you off. There is a 30-day guarantee so, Affiliate Atlas Blueprint is NOT a scam.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliate Atlas Blueprint course. Every one of his is course is at 197$ price.

There are other sites claiming they either have Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Coupon or Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Nulled or Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Free is not a thing.


A lot of videos are really high quality and really long!

Ease of use

The user inferface is quite easy to use, instructions are quite clear.


The amount of information offered is not even comparable to other courses.


The facebook group is quite helpful, however emailing seems to be the quickest.

Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Concluding Thoughts

Let me start by saying that, I personally love the content Franklin Hatchett posts on his youtube. But, this course is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there. I have bought a lot of different affiliate marketing courses which I actually have reviewed a ton of them on here.

Hands down, this one is the best outta all of them.


So many of them are garbage and overpriced. Keep in mind that, there are many affiliate course instructors who have reached out to me offering me a high commission to promote their overpriced garbage course.

However, those courses just are too expensive, very little info, outdated information a lot of the time.

He has over 100+ videos with 10 different modules and on top of that, he keeps it updated. The bonus module he uploaded not too long ago.

I personally think Affiliate Atlas Blueprint is a great product for a great price. For just 197$ you get an affiliate marketing course which is better than all the 1997$ courses out there.

One thing Franklin Hatchet can improve on would definitely be if you were stuck on what to do or people who have limited time and want just one easy method they can do and focus on that will make them money.

You can always ask him a question on the Affiliate Atlas Blueprint exclusive private Facebook group where he answers all the questions.

Many people complain about Frank not being as active on his Facebook group but, you have to realize there are tons of other people on facebook who have made money and have tons of experience in affiliate marketing who always are willing to help out.

Check out Affiliate Atlas Blueprint for yourself! It has a money back guarentee, so try it risk free!

My Exclusive Affiliate Atlas Blueprint Bonus

Here is how it works, I am offering bonuses for anyone who decides to purchase Affiliate Atlas Blueprint through my link here!
All the bonuses I offer are all extremely high quality and none of them are nulled or pirated.

Youtube Ads Excellence (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Youtube Ads ExcellenceYoutube Ads Excellence is a program which comes an in the ebook where they cover all the youtube basics, linking your adwords account, setting up your video campaign, advanced techniques, youtube remarketing, creating stunning youtube ads, creating videos without a camera, and much more!

Split Testing Profits (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Split Testing Profits

Split Testing Profits is a small ebook which teaches you about split testing. Split testing is a very important skill to learn especially if your internet marketer since, you can gather data from your split tests into improving your landing page and thus earning you more money!

WP Backlink Checker (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus WP Backlink Checker Plugin

WP Backlink Checker is a WordPress plugin which helps you check your backlinks automatically. You can monitor your backlinks automatically, monitor your backlinks with anchor texts and receive email notifications for changed or removed backlinks and set reminders to renew your paid backlinks!

Twitter Marketing (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is an ebook which teaches you all about marketing on Twitter. It covers why you get an advantage when using twitter marketing, learn how you can create effective brand awareness, and techniques and tactics you can use for twitter marketing!

The Expert Guide to PPC Marketing (Value 295$)

Snag Success Bonus Expert Guide to PPC Marketing

The expert guide to PPC marketing is an ebook which teachs you about pay per click marketing. It goes in depth with how you can create a profitable PPC campaign management, PPC Bid Management, PPC affiliate programs and much more!

Solo Ad Mastery (Value 249$)

Snag Success Bonus Solo Ad Mastery

Solo Ad mastery is a video course which teaches you about solo ads. It contains various chapters on Arcamax, Newsmax, Internet Markets, Demc which are all solo ad providers. It also contains a lot more information to help you master solo ads!

Social Media Authority (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Social Media Authority

Social Media Authority is a program which has both an ebook and videos which include how you can build your social media authority. It goes over building your social media profiles, getting followers and boosting engagement, maintaining your social media profiles, social media automation with scheduling and how to leverage twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, instagram and pinterest.

Snapchat Marketing (Value 297$)

Snag Success Bonus Snap Chat Marketing

Snapchat marketing is an ebook which teaches you about Snapchat marketing. It teaches you on things like why pick Snapchat, what exactly is Snapchat, basics, advanced features, how to get your initial following, building fans through stories, how to use live events to get followers, running contests & promotions on Snapchat, integrating Snapchat with your site & Social Media and MUCH more!

Six Figure E-commerce (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Six Figure Ecommerce

Six-figure ECommerce is a video course which teachs you all about ecommerce. It dives deeper into the formula to succeeding with your own online ecommerce store, picking your niche (Three Different Methods for Picking the Right Niche), sourcing your products, how to choose the best units, dropshipping or Amazon, the importance of creating a brand and how to create a brand, how to drive traffic to your own website or leveraging amazon traffic.

Pinterest Traffic Ninja (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus Pinterest Traffic Ninja

Pinterest Traffic Ninja is an ebook which teaches you about pinterest. It contains the basics for pinterest, how to setup your site for pins, how to keep your pins interesting so you can repins, what gets pinned the most, powering up your pinterest traffic, finding out who is pinning your content and much more!

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Marketing Lessons Taught by Pyschopaths

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths is an ebook which essentially teaches you about marketing lessons which are taught by pyschopaths. This is valuable since a lot of psychopaths tend to be good in business and marketing. It goes over techniques such as flattery, favors & gifts, false intimacy, false expectations, silent treatment, over asking, false equivalence, fake normal and much more!

Killer Video Conversions (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Killer Video Conversions

Killer Video Conversions is an ebook which contains 7 killer tactics on how you can make visitors who view your videos to go straight to your site! These are really great tactics you can use to improve your video conversions by a lot! Also, there are some tools and resources provided as well!

Invoice To Go Plugin (Value 34$)

Snag Success Bonus Invoice To Go

Invoice To Go is a WordPress plugin which lets you create personalized pricing pages for your clients. You can create your own invoice pages on your wordpress site!

Google Position Checker (Value 29$)

Snag Success Bonus Google Position Checker

Google Position Checker is a WordPress plugin which Google position checker WordPress plugin is a useful keyword rank checker tool which helps determine your website’s relevance for specific keywords. It also shows where in the SERPs (search engines) your keyword is ranked at.

To claim your bonus simple just purchase through the link below and comment:

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