Affiliate Bots 2 Review

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review: Does it Actually Work? (2021)

Find out if Affiliate Bots 2.0 is worth it or not Below!


The 2.0 version of Affiliate Bots has been one of the most popular product releases this year for affiliate marketers. Its fame seems to follow the steps of its previous iteration, which was one of the largest releases of 2018.

Today, we’ll take a look at the second version and what you can expect from it. It comes with 37 different bots that you can integrate into your affiliate business. It helps you implement bots to improve your efficiency and, of course, income.

Now, I’m a strong advocate against “autopilot” income streams, especially since these type of software are either scams or overhyped products that only make you a couple bucks a day at best.

However, these Affiliate Bots are better described as automation tools rather than an income stream by themselves. How is that different from the other scammers? Let’s find out.

About the product

The first version was a huge hit within Clickbank, and over 3,500 sales prove this – especially considering they keep adding up, and the refunds stay low. This new version improves its predecessor’s offer while adding new tools for users, and its main focus is around web traffic, and it’s great for affiliate marketers.

My only issue with this product is the claims surrounding it. Don’t get me wrong; they have nothing to do with its users, but they do resemble your standard guru overhype. You’ll see him claiming you can make about $900 daily or or 10 times that amount in a month.

You’ll quickly realize how strange these claims area: making $9,000 monthly but $900 daily makes no sense. Besides, the creator doesn’t really state how he got to those numbers; you just learn you can make lots of money from the tools, not how.

It’s strange because the tools themselves are quite good, so there’s really no need to hype them up this way. You should never buy something based on some screenshots and sales page claims.

Luckily, the offer is very affordable: $27 for full access to the full array of 37 tools. You get a buyer bot, several tools for affiliate marketing, video and website creation tools, and more.

It’s basically a repack of the previous product with new additions. The price is still the same, however, which is a good sign.

Search engines

One of their most interesting tools are the search engine ones, and they let you check out the most popular websites on the internet. This is when you realize that’s basically what search engines do anyways, right?

Well, once you’ve gathered the websites, you can sort out the affiliate marketers, list builders and affiliates. You then get to see whether they use Adsense, API or RSS and whether or not they’re running PPC or display ads.

Other options include sorting out eCommerce sites and those using SEO. It also tells you who have a social media or news’ website presence.

When you click on a website, you’re then given a look of different analytics: profiles, age of their domains, traffic meter, and more. It’s basically Ahrefs included into a $27 bundle, yet it has its own limitations.

You can only check out the 100,000 best websites, and everyone with Affiliate Bots 2 has access to the same information.

Web widgets

This tool lets you create different widgets for your websites. These can be referral messages, coupons for repeating and hot visitors, timer coupons, time-spent coupons, geolocation features, and more – all of them compatible with pop-ups on Android phones.

All features are very helpful for anyone running an eCommerce website, but there’s one that I need to point out: the 10-minute display coupon. It basically allows you to generate discount coupons before 10pm; these discounts expire after said time, and it adapts to the user’s local time.

The hot visitor HTML is another interesting addition, and it lets you display certain code for specific visitors depending on where their IP is located. You can use it to customize user experience with limited location-based offers, and the geolocation text features lets you dial down specific cities.

After you’re done personalizing everything, you receive the code you need to integrate to your site. Keep in mind you’re getting this as part of the entire bundle while this tool alone would cost the same or even more.

Clickbank banners

The next feature lets you look for almost 2,000 banners for the most popular affiliate programs, and the list is made up of 1,400 different offers.

If you’ve never used Clickbank, then you might not understand the utility of this feature. You see, searching through this platform is painful at best, but these banners let you sort them depending on their banner sizes, payouts, etc. You just need to add your reference and get your code.

Other search criteria include offers, Alexa ranking, commissions, PPC, and keywords. The last one is the most traditional of the bunch, but other criteria really speeds up the process. You can even download your favorite banners to use on your website and link these images with your own affiliate code.

It’s great value, especially if you’re busy and want to find great offers without spending an entire day surfing the marketplace.


Those starting a new site will love this one: it lets you search through different expired domains you can find by using keywords. It adds several metrics and filters to make the process easier and the data more accurate.

Yes, there are already free tools available like ExpiredDomains, which already offer this feature. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good addition, though; remember you’re still getting several other tools for a single price.

Website generator

If you’re lazy – or you simply don’t know how to create websites – and you want to create a PBN site, the the website generator bot is a lifesaver. The name explains itself as well: it builds websites automatically, and it even integrates your own affiliate links depending on the keywords within a few minutes.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but keep in mind it’s far from perfect. The results are pretty average. The real advantage here is that they work perfectly for building PBN or just giving you a quick page.

What is new in this new version?

As I said, there are new tools besides what the first version included, and going through the dozens of options you have would make this article unbearably long, so let me give you a quick run-down.

Version 1 had auto affiliate adverts, and this feature gets upgraded in the second iteration. As for videos, you get the rapid ranker, single-click video pages, and more. There are launch tools, different bots to automate different affiliate tasks, banners, etc.

Differences with the last version

The first version offered 17 different tools; in other words, you’re getting a bit over double the value with 20 additions. You’ll still have access to all of the tools if you didn’t buy the previous version of Affiliate Bots.

The 17 original tools have received noticeable updates and improvements. If you didn’t like them previously, chances are you might want to give them a second chance.

Version 1 offered different bots for searching affiliate programs, launches, write ad copy, VSL (video sales letters), and standard video creators. Version 2 includes banner builders and the Dropaveli tool. The 2.0 version of Affiliate Ads also lets you A/B test your banners for around 1,400 different Clickbank offers.

The only tool I’m not particularly fond of is the self-serve adverts platform. It’s great, yes, but you do need more credits if you want to keep using it.

Should you buy it?

In short, yes. Even if some tools aren’t your cup of tea, you’re still getting 37 different tools for $27. Chances are you’ll find most of them useful regardless, and even if you only use one or two, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

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