Affiliate Marketing For GroovePages – A Step By Step Guide

Are you wondering how to become a GroovePages affiliate marketer? Well, this is the right place to look for an answer to this question. Trust me, it is very easy. There is nothing out of the ordinary that is required from you. In this article I will be telling you about the different products and offers that you can promote, the commission structures that you can expect, as well as affiliate bonuses that I provide. You can join the program after reviewing all of this if you want to.

GroovePages and What Is It?

GroovePages is an awesome product. It will help you make the kind of money that it promises to you.However, before starting, there are a few things that you will have to know. GroovePages is a tool that belongs to the GrooveFunnels all-in-one digital marketing platform. Currently, you only have permission to become an affiliate marketer for the website that comes with GrooveFunnels and the tools that are provided along with it. The first level of barrier that needs to be crossed is simple;  you have to become an affiliate marketer for the platform first. Once you are done with this, you will be able to access links to all the products available within the Groove marketplace. All that you need to do is create a GrooveFunnels account. It will be made available free of cost, you are only required to sign into the platform.
There are no added restrictions or requirements that you need to meet before you can become an affiliate for this program. The account meets all the criteria. Why don’t you start with that first?

How Do You Become An Affiliate?

Follow the steps listed below if you wish to work as a GroovePages and GrooveFunnels affiliate marketer. 

  • Click on this link to go to the GrooveJV page
  • Make sure to sign up and create a free account. You will have to enter a few personal details such as name, last name, username, password, and most importantly, an email id. 
  • Once you have registered yourself as an user, you will be able to directly move on to their dashboard. It is known as GrooveSell, Here, you will have access to all the affiliate links you require in order to be promoted. 
  • In case you want to have better control when it comes to overseeing the business, you can easily create custom tracking links within your dashboard. It will allow you to figure out the different components that are or are not working.  

There are three different GroovePages affiliate links to choose from. Remember that each one of them provides you with a different reach, depending on the kind of audience you want to target, as well as the revenue you wish to make. Take a look:

  • The ‘Back Door’ Link – This is a link that provides you with a GroovePages lifetime subscription. It is specifically for those who wish to purchase all the things at once.
  • VSL – This link is responsible for directing the customer to the final page before they can encounter a plethora of options. This means that the objective of this link is pretty clear. It is supposed to go around all the distractions and directly move to the act of purchasing.
  • Webinars – When GroovePages was launched initially, this particular link fared excellently. This provides access to the webinars where the CEO of GroovePages personally explains what is to be expected and what not to be expected. This will help customers understand the lay of the land. 

What Does The Commission Structure Look Like?

I am sure that you want to know more about the commission structure that is present in GroovePages. Let us go through this bit a little carefully.

If you are interested in working as an affiliate marketer for GroovePages, you have access to three different links. One of them is a secret back door, the other is one to the VSL, and lastly there is one about webinars. All three of them will direct customers to the purchasing page that marks the $497 offer. GroovePages offers a 40% commission for everyone, irrespective of you being a free user or a GroovePage member. They do not discriminate. This basically means that you will be able to take a sizable chunk of every sale that you make. It is indeed wonderful. 

However, there is a substantial catch. GroovePages has a one time payment to be made. If someone also wants to upgrade to the GrooveFunnels lifetime membership, they will have to shell out two more payments of $497 each. You, the affiliate marketer, will get nothing for each of these transactions. In my opinion, this is quite a sucky thing to have happened. Think of it this way, if you were to make 6 or 7 sales of GroovePages, you receive 40 percent of the total money earned. However, the sheer fact that this program literally relies on upsells naturally means that nearly everyone is going to get it. I think it is slightly unfair on the part of the affiliates who direct people this way, ensuring that they buy the product itself. 

Here is my suggestion for you; instead of trying out GroovePages, you would do better to promote the GrooveFunnels platform completely. By doing so, you will receive 20 percent of commission on all payments as affiliate marketers. If you are someone who has paid an amount for becoming an affiliate or are a customer of the software itself, you get 40 percent of the payment. In this scenario, you are definitely making a minimum profit of $298 for every sale that you make. If the payment scheme selected by the customer is a 12 month one, you can expect to make more. It would also serve you well if you were to become a paying customer of this platform itself. 

GrooveFunnels is also known for its two-tier system. This literally allows you to make money off of your affiliate as well. If an affiliate of your connection makes a sale, you automatically receive a 5 percent commission.If you already have a subscription then you get a direct 10 percent commission whenever your affiliate makes a sale.   

Promoting GroovePages/GrooveFunnels Sucessfully

This section will not be of much help if you are already a pro when it comes to affiliate marketing. Promotions are already something that feels comfortable to you, and I think you barely break a sweat while managing such campaigns. People who are just starting out in the online marketing space will find this section to be truly useful. Frankly speaking, promotions are something to deal with seriously when starting out.

The scheme behind this project is simple, follow individuals who have already seen success while promoting different products. Allow me to present myself as an example. With GrooveFunnels, I have managed to make more than $4000 simply on commissions. I am also a lifetime GrooveFunnels member, thus I can succesfully guide you through this entire process. The best part about deciding to be an affiliate marketer with me is the fact that I have a lot of bonuses at my dsposal. If you work with me, you can make good use of bonuses and start earning money as fast as you can.

The bonuses that I currently have are as follows –

  • Facebook affiliate traffic video course – This video course is a respository of the multiple strategies I have used to rake in massive commissions over time, only via Facebook. I will personally go through each one of them and make sure that they get through to you. Facebook has one of the best rates when it comes to seeing traffic. My method will help you capitalize on this bit, and ensure that you can make the maximum possible profit off of this entire game. The best part about doing this early on in your affiliate marketing career is simply the fact that you can taste blood at the very beginning. As is the case with most methods, this process requires hardwork and patience.
  • SEO launch-jacking formula – If you are not very comfortable with usinf Facebook as a site for making money, Search Engine Optimization is what you should be looking out for. Trust me, it is literally one of the best ways to make money online, in general. I will help you set up a system that ensures you can make hundreds of dollars worth commissions depending on the hours you decide to put in. All you have to do is to take advantage of a few free and high-ranking SEO properties in order to make your content visible. This method is applicable for all the products out there that you can even think of marketing.
  • A variety of goodies – There are a bunch of PDFs, prepared for your perusal, so that you can have more knowledge about the different strategies to employ while promoting a product. Additionally, there is a video course included which is a part of the Facebook strategy. It will provide you with enough content so that you are at ease with earning money. I have used this method a few times, and the results have always been succesful. 

I literally have no reason to mislead you when it comes to the entire training period. The reason is simple, if you manage to make money off the campaigns you run, I automatically get a cut. It is then in my best interest to help out all affiliates who join the program with my link. 


There is nothing complex about becoming a GroovePages affiliate. It is an extremely easy task. There arent any special qualifications required or any criteria that you have to meet at the earliest.All you need to do is just creae a Free GrooveFunnels account. Once that is done, you simply need to enter your dashboard and begin with your promotional responsibilities. 

Once again, I would like to remind you that GrooveFunnels is the better programme to sign up for rather than GroovePages. There is a simple reasoning behind this advice, the commission structure is not only higher but a lot more robust. Upgrading to a lifetime membership will directly double your commission.