How To Start Affiliate Marketing On YouTube And Maximize Profits

How To Start Affiliate Marketing On YouTube And Maximize Profits

Did you just start your own YouTube channel, but you aren’t seeing the money you expected from Adsense?

Affiliate marketing may be the solution you need. Let’s go through what you need to know to start out.

Affiliate marketing: what is it?

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you promote products and services from companies, and you’re paid a commission for each sale you generate for them. It usually comes as a link, and you’ll have to direct your followers towards the link through your videos or any other channel.

The objective is for your followers to enter the link and buy the product, which then nets you your commission.

You won’t just get a list of the best programs available for YouTubers; you’re going to receive the pathway towards a constant income each month instead of a single gig. Besides that, we’ll give you a couple of tips to increase those numbers.

If your new to affiliate marketing you should get a proper course on affiliate marketing and I always recommend Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett because it’s just super cheap compared to many other courses out there and this course contains more information than most of the courses out there as well.

Something you should know before promoting a product

Let’s take a brief break to explain a crucial idea you need to have while marketing your affiliate products.

You see, regardless of what you promote, your offer must be beneficial for you, your audience, and whomever you’re promoting.

For example, many affiliate programs on YouTube pay you just once for each new client you get them. While it may sound good at first, it’s actually a losing deal for you since many of your customers will buy repeated times.

That could be fine, but only if it’s a small slice of your overall effort; it won’t make you a living. Your objective must be recurrent income: not a one-time payment, but a monthly flow.

This idea is the path towards a steady and stable income stream. It’s the best approach since it won’t be dependent on the number of views you generate each month.

That’s what we’re offering you with the programs we’re going to present below. As a plus, some of them have additional benefits, so they should be your main goal.

The best affiliate marketing programs for a YouTuber

These are some of the most recommended programs for beginners, but they’re great all around. You get really easy conversions thanks to the products; you give great value to your audience, and you can reap amazing rewards if you take it seriously.


ClickFunnels is a tool for building sales funnels; these funnels are pages designed and laid out in a way that they condition all visitors towards conversion.

It’s comparable to other web-building platforms like Wix, but the difference is that its focus is mainly to turn your potential customers into sales. Some may say that customers are already that: clients, and thus, they don’t need to go through a funnel.

However, even if you have a somewhat recurrent client, using sales funnels can get them to buy even more. Even if your audience aren’t actively needing these funnels, there’s always people wanting to (or knowing someone who wants to) start an online venture.

Sales funnels are easy to sell to anyone looking to start an online business (any type). The reason is that all businesses have an objective in mind, and sales funnels help them gain those conversions regardless of what they are.

The Affiliate Bootcamp from ClickFunnels is the first one on the list for a simple reason: rewards. You get monthly commissions, of course, but it gets better: you receive a commission from any upsells bought from the customers you brought!

Even better, referring just 100 new customers makes you a “super affiliate”. That title comes with $500 monthly and double if you bring double the people. Combining that with your commissions, you’re set for a good while.

You can join Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp here.


Builderall is somewhat similar to ClickFunnels; it’s a sales funnel builder. The difference is that you get even more features.

It sells as a full suite of marketing functions for a price lower than what you’ll pay for ClickFunnels. However, while that’s great for customers, it also means that your commissions will be lower than the ones you’d get from ClickFunnels.

The good thing is that it’s still a commission you’ll get each month. Additionally, the price offsets its own disadvantages by making it easier to sell it due to the price-to-features ratio. You also have a wide variety of products you can use to your advantage when promoting the products.

You can join their affiliate program here


Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform with reliable and recurrent commissions. The only disadvantage is that it’s aimed specifically towards people wanting to start an online store, and if you don’t have that audience, you’ll have to explain the profitability of venturing in eCommerce.

You can make $28 USD monthly for each basic subscription, and if you can make 100 sales, then that’s more than most affiliate programs on YouTube.

Like ClickFunnels, Shopify is a famous and reputable platform, so it’s bound to stay and even evolve at least for the next couple of years.

You can sign up to their affiliate program here

Amazon programs

You get two: Amazon partner and Amazon Influencer.

The former is one of the most popular among YouTubers. It’s excellent because you don’t make money out of direct sales: you have a 24-hour window for your customers to make a purchase, and since most people use Amazon, it’s almost guaranteed.

The Influencer Program works as an extension for the Associates program for influencers in social media. It brings similar benefits as well, like reports and account management. You even have a page on Amazon with a URL you can use to showcase your affiliate products.

You can sign up to their influencer program here and their Amazon Associates program here.

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