Agency Bud review 2021- a detailed overview


As the pandemic is slowly sliding away, the business community has delved into ways to boost their business and revamp their already existing style of business. To add to the measures online business models are gaining popularity with passing time.

With the restriction of outside movement, people have devised strategies to avail all the benefits from the safety and comfort of their homes. With most of the services going online,  the need for softwares  has increased even more.

Why do we need an online business plan?

With the increase in the requirement of the software subscriptions, agencies have started selling the subscriptions with online sales and support. A subscription service business  can be a good way of generating recurring income and this business does not have any downside.  This is due to the fact that Agencies who sell the subscriptions are not liable for after Sales Service.  Rather the  developer of the software, takes on the job of after Sales Service.

This model of business gives the opportunity given to affiliate marketers to establish a software subscriptions business model,  where the generation of the revenue is earned entirely  by the affiliate marketer without the need to share any cut.

Subscription sales  business model is cost effective and generates revenue in the short run. No wonder online business owners have been trying to elevate the subscription Business models that they can offer their customers and have easy income.

Agency bud  is one such platform that helps you to establish a step-by-step program to build an online software subscription based business model.

About the program 

Starting your own subscription based software business is far too expensive as it requires lot of investment  in developing the software,  working on the updates,  I’ll trying to bring innovation to the software as per the latest market trends;  it is only more than suitable to subscribe to an agency program which helps businesses to come up with new and innovative subscription Business models  without the need for huge Investments.

If you don’t want to waste your effort in trying to establish your own software subscription based business model agency bud  is the best program that provides you the ultimate solution  to start a software subscription based business without putting in lots of hard work.

This new innovators program was launched on 30 April 2020 with the main aim to enable businesses and individuals to set up an online business model  where they would be able to sell software as a service tool and keep hundred percent profits to themselves.

Who are the creators of this program?

Agency but has been created by Walt Bayliss,  who is a successful individual in the field of Internet marketing for several years.

He has created many such products,  which are doing very well in the market such as Mani love speed  launched in March 2014,  Hydravid 2.0, WP Text extreme are some of them.

Walt Bayliss has  put in all his experiences and learning of being an online affiliate marketing in developing this product.

What are the components of Agency Bud?

Agency but comprises four subscription-based software platforms that have been built and modified to make it sales ready for you. 

1. Repwarn

This is a social media monitoring tool that runs 24/7,  to keep a tab on the reputation of your business in social media. As soon as it comes across any reviews whether positive and negative about your business on any online platform  as well as the various social media platforms,  it sends a notification to the owner of the business.

This way the business owners stay aware about the reviews of their products and also how customers feel about their business.  This in turn helps the business owners to take onus of any negative vibe and work rapidly to bring it under control.

This software can also be shared over social media. This software was created in 2014 and was launched in 2015.  Being part of the agency program this software has been updated as per the requirements of the latest  media panels.

Repwarn’s new models have a Lead Management area which is a perfect fit for people who are looking after their clients’ businesses.In other words this software air is effective for business Consultants.  The inclusion of the new review generator tool,  allows businesses to float more good reviews online while filtering the bad ones.

2. Coldreach

This is a lead generation tool for B2B business targeting.  Currently it is in its third stage of release.  Initially known as the LeadGeyser and then the Discover, Coldreach Used to instantly find out business leads in the specific area and find out the contact emails of the key people of the organisations.

You can use this software to search for people in an organisation who fits certain roles  and who would be beneficial for your business lead generation.  Running a search on the software for  people in key  roles immediately  generates a list of the right people who can be reached out to.

3. DataJeo

This Software delivers Advertising and Marketing profiles.  Currently it is undergoing an update  and the updated product will have many new features that will be beneficial for searching the top competitors of a product.

Once you are aware of the close competitors in your market, you can take action by finding out the Keywords that they use to bring in more traffic. A look into The audience section will give you an idea about the targeted democracies including location, age and interests.

You will also be able to get YouTube videos, you can place your message  in it and also get access to top Twitter channels where you showcase your online business.

You can get hold of the real winning campaigns with the help of the integrated tracking and split testing facility of this software.

4. Engage

Engage is a super bot system that integrates your business platform with existing message platforms like Skype Messenger etc. This integration can be used to make your online business platform engaging and interactive.

By integrating your website or online store to already existing messenger services sends the messages and reviews of the customers directly to the concerned team who can then revert on the queries.

This way you do not have to stay on the site 24/7 to be able to engage with the visitors to your site. Effective communication with the customers prevents disgruntled reviews and negative comments about your business.

This software also allows you to send pre- recorded messages to the customer queries.  you can also send across  read written answers to the frequently asked questions and satisfy the queries of the web visitors.

Who all can use Agency bud

Agency bud is very effective for people who want to boost their online income.  This includes online marketeers, Local business owners,  e-com business owners,  freelancers,  bloggers,  entrepreneurs, and newbies who  want to venture into online business.

Price of the program

You can buy the Agency bud program by paying 497 dollars as a one-time fee. On the other hand if you have been trying to set up your software subscription sales business, then you may be aware that it takes $30,000 just to get a product to the “MVP” stage. Taking the product to maturity entails another $100,000 to $150,000.

Also below are the prices of the individual softwares that are part of Agency Bud.

  • Currently Repwarn sells at $97 a month and $ 997 a year. As an agency bud member if you get to sign an app by an interested party for the app, then you get to keep the entire sales value. A small transaction fee is deducted if the client uses a credit card for making the payment.
  • Coldreach is presently selling at $39.95 a month and at $297 a year. Being a member of the Agency Bud program will allow you to keep all the profits to yourself and all the recurring commissions for as long as the client decides to buy your product.
  • DataJeo is also selling at $39.95 a month and at $297 a year. Here also, you can keep all the profit share and avail recurring commission till the clients keep using your product and services.
  • Engage is priced at $19.95 a month and $197 a year and being an Agency Bud member gives you the benefit of enjoying 100% of the profit.

Final thoughts about Agency Bud

Once you avail the agency bud subscription, you can not only sell the software subscriptions that come along with this program, but can also use the program yourself if you are looking after your client requirements.

The best part is that you can market the tools that have been developed by Walt Bayliss after years of research and development,  as one of your own products. This not only helps you to create a readymade customer base but can also give you paying customers.

Once you sell the software subscriptions,  the agency bud team takes care of the after Sales Service and you do not have to face the hassles of customer queries.  With agency bud you are not only getting one package but are also getting four program softwares within the same package.

Today for your agency but subscription you get to send all the tools and keep all the profits and the recording income to yourself.  Apart from a small  transaction fee in case of credit card usage,  there are no charges that need to be paid to the platform.

Summary of the services that you get through Agency Bud

If you are not up for selling agency bud,  but want to use the services for your business,  you will stay far ahead in your business compared to your competitors,  as with the help of this program you get the following privileges-

  • You can get a strong traffic of customers who are wallet ready with the help of datajeo
  • Coldreach  can help you with automating a process  reaching out to relevant people in an organisation,  who can play a key role in developing your business
  • Rewarn  helps you to track your business’s reputation  in the online market and the social media platforms
  • Engage  helps you to make your business more interactive by integrating your websites with the Messenger services so that the customers’ queries and complaint can be answered as soon as possible.