AMZDFY Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

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If you are well informed in the field of Amazon FBA, then Kevin David is no stranger to you. You are probably here because of his glowing reputation as an Amazon FBA guru. After all, what could go wrong with signing up for a course with an experienced professional? Nevertheless, not every professional is good at delivering their programs, and in today’s review, we’ll see if Kevin David knows how to teach what he preaches. To learn more about Kevin David’s new Amazon FBA mentorship course AMZDFY, keep scrolling!

What is AMZDFY?

Before I explain what the course consists of, it is useful first briefly to understand how the Amazon FBA business model works. Making money with Amazon FBA isn’t easy as it involves many different aspects that can make or break your business. For instance, you need to find the right products to sell, the right suppliers who sell them, cost-effective and efficient logistics, marketing, etc. All of these elements need to be well thought out and executed if you want to achieve six or seven-figure success.

Instead, what Kevin David and his team offer in AMZFDY is a done-for-you course, and all you have to do is invest $40k. But does it work? Let’s see…

Who is Kevin David and David Arnett?

You all probably already know Kevin David from YouTube or his course FBA Ninja. His 1 million subscribers on YouTube does set some high expectations for his class in terms of course material and also delivery as he is used to making YouTube videos. His immense success also verifies that he’s legit and not some random guy who is lying about his expertise. His business partner David Arnett also helps him with this AMZDFY course. While I couldn’t find much info on him, his Instagram account claims that he’s an 8-figure seller on Amazon.

Who is AMZFDY for?

AMZFDY is annoying who is willing to take significant risks and has $40k to invest. You don’t need much else since the course is already done-for-you. If it works, your $40k investment will be worthwhile. But if it doesn’t, all the risks falls upon you losing your initial investment, and possibly even more.

What’s included in AMZFDY

Unlike most courses, AMZFDY is more of a mentorship program. Once you invest the $40k, your new Amazon FBA business will be created to run it. Essentially, you are paying a lump sum for your stocks upfront, which means if you don’t sell any of it, Kevin and his team still gets your $40k. One of the ways Kevin and his team save on cost is by using their own warehouse to store products. And how they make money, of course, is your $40k investment and on top of that, they take 30% off your profits from future sales. Why don’t they just sell their products on Amazon themselves? Simple. To sell on Amazon, they have a strict rule which only allows two accounts per person.


While AMZFDY sounds excellent, there is still a matter of you investing $40k and assuming all the risk. I’m not even sure if Kevin and his team will be there when you can’t sell all your products also to cover your investment. So if you don’t succeed, you will be down $40k and stuck with a bunch of products. And even if you do manage, Kevin and his team will take a cut of your profits on top of your investment money. Overall, this whole thing screams high risk to me. While business is all about taking risks, I believe that there are calculated risks and some risks that don’t make sense at all. As for the AMFDZY program, I think it is too much of a risk with only a slim chance of working.

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