AMZScout Review (2021)

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AMZScout Review

Today, we’ll be discussing a tool that helps users sell their products on Amazon. With the use of a research extension, sellers will be able to track products and collect information about the marketplace.

With the use of these tools, users will save a lot of time and resources selling the right product and not just one that will attract no customers.

There are currently tons of sellers, and with many sellers, there also are different brands that offer different extensions, some of them giving a greater advantage than others as they work in a slightly different way.

We want you and your business to succeed, so it is quite important for you to choose the right tools to make it happen, and here we’ll take a look at one of them.

Amazon’s Wild Competition

When it comes to online markets, Amazon became the leading marketplace, a perfect place to find everything you’ll need to buy. Third-party sellers have a lot of influence in this, being more than half of the revenue that Amazon sees.

By now, you know that Amazon became a hugely profitable online business, selling products there would be an amazing source of income. The problem is that you’re not the only one who wants to make the most out of it.

The amount of products available keeps increasing as each day goes by, and billions of people are doing all they can to increase in popularity and outgrow everyone else, making it harder for others to stand out.

The Use Of Research Extensions

Now that you know how many people are in the market, you might be wondering how you could stand out from the rest.

Here’s where Research Extensions come in hand. Sellers at amazon use platforms like AMZScout as a way to boost their business. People use this tool for one of the following goals

  • Seeing what’s been searched and finding new opportunities.
  • Analyzing the market and its competition.
  • Using the data export feature to collect information.

These extensions help anyone who decides to sell on Amazon, be them a serious brand or just an individual seller; everyone needs to pay constant attention to new trends and products.

The Product research phase

When it comes to selling on Amazon, professional sellers are always searching for new products and opportunities on Amazon.

When taking online courses, you’ll see that people will recommend you to study Amazon’s search results directly from the platform, using the main keywords. You will need a tool that can be reliable and precise when it comes to the numbers projected on its results.

For this, users have been using apps like Unicorn Smasher, Amzscout, Junglescout, and many more, with Amzscout being always one of the top extensions.

Competition Research

If you want to keep ahead of others, you not only need to keep track of products and their ranking but also how other competitors rank and track their data and information.

If you want your product to succeed and reach new horizons by breaking new markets, then you should take the following steps:

  1. You should stay away from seasonal products. You can make some quick cash from seasonal trends, but sporadic success isn’t the way to maintain a long-term business.
  2. When it comes to the top 10 search results, the product should sell at least 10 units daily.
  3. Regarding search results and keywords, avoid duplicate brands as it could make your job unnecessarily annoying.
  4. If you want your product to be on the top results, it should have at least 150 good reviews, with a score above 4.3 out of 5. This way, people will trust your product and won’t think that reviews might be manipulated or that the product could come defective or problematic.
  5. On Amzscout, eliminate any unwanted results using the cross icon on the left of each product title on the platform results.
  6. Check if the product you want to offer has any best sellers badge. If you see one with just one (or none), it could be a good pick.
  7. After removing any unrelated result, and you get your top 10, check the average price to calculate your product margin.
  8. Check availability date, some products that were recently listed as available can be breaking with sales. If so, it will be another good sign for you.

Data mining and export

What we want and need in order to become a top seller, would be a tool that gives us the ability to extract any information and data from its source, so you can view, review, mine and use to your advantage.

What can I do with AMZScout?

AmzScout offers a wide range of tools for you to use with your business.

Taking a closer look, we can see it has a web app, a Chrome extension, and an entire suite filled with tools.

AMZScout Web Application

AmzzScout’s web application comes as an extended version of the chrome extension, with more features available.

Once you log into the web app, you’ll see that navigating around the platform is quite simple, giving you a greater look at all the features you’ll be using and looking for.

Among the tools you’ll find in the app tool, you will be able to:

  • Recollect Sales Estimates.
  • Provide revenue estimates of chosen products.
  • Checking the similitudes of your products among your competitors.
  • Analyzing keywords and finding the right ones for your products.
  • Gather and review the trend data and Sales History. This way, you’ll see if your product is seasonal, or sold as a year-round by using Google trend database, giving you a hint about how much it’s currently selling.
  • Use the profits calculator to check if the product you’re looking for will bring enough revenue.
  • Product sourcing & fulfillment data.
  • Current ratings and product listing ranks. This way you’ll see the ranks given by Amazon and get a hint on how others are being rated.

There are rare occasions where the information, like the number of sales and competitor ranking, could be questioned; if this happens, you should research manually by yourself and compare the information gathered with the data given by the web app.

How Much Does AMZScout Web App Cost?

AmzScout offers three plans, which are the basic, start and business plans. They all provide the same feature; the only difference is the amount of products you get..

There are 3 subscriptions. You can have the basic plan for $30, which gives you access to 20 products. The “Start” plan is $10 more, and you have access to 2 times the products. Finally, the business plan offers 80 products, and it costs $60.

The number of products that each plan offers means the number of products you can track at the same time.

If you’re starting out with this kind of business, it is recommended for you to go for the Basic tier; tracking 20 products will surely be more than the amount you’ll be needing at first. However, if you’re running a larger store, then you should go directly for the Business tier since it gives you 4 times the price for just twice the basic price..

Keep in mind that they also have a 7-day free trial, which comes quite helpful if you’re not sure which tier will work best for you.

Should You Use The AMZScout Web Application?

The AMZScout Web Application delivers data in a way that can be accessed at any time. The app itself is user-friendly, providing all the features in a way that can be easily understood by its users.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

From all the tools offered by AMZScout, the Chrome Extension comes to be the most popular among them.

Providing as much information as the Web App, the chrome extension focuses more on data research for the products and pages you’re currently navigating.

When using the chrome extension, it will provide you with:

  • Listing quality score (LQS): The AMZScout app provides an indicator that represents the quality of a listing, which measures on a scale from 1 to 100. You get all the advantages and disadvantages of the listing you’re looking.
  • Sales Estimation: AMZZScout has an algorithm that is based on statistics from the previous month.
  • Price History: This comes to be quite a convenient tool as it shows all the changes made to a product’s price since the date when it came available. This type of information can help you form an idea of the possible up’s and down’s that your future products might face.
  • Niches: When you’re offering a product online, paying attention to general niches comes to be super important, as much as it is to check the seasonal changes for sales.
  • Return on Investment: Users can make use of this tool to calculate any profit and ROI for a particular product.
  • Rank: It’s tool that ranks product and its performance in a particular search.
  • Total Number of Reviews: Perhaps, not the most outstanding tool out of the box, but it is always helpful to have this type of information available for further research.

Getting started with the AMZScout extension for Chrome

If you’re starting with the extension, this information will come in hand as you start with the Amazon market research tool. This way, you’ll be able to make the most out of the app when you start researching your market niche.

First of all, you need to enter the Amazon store. After that, search any keyword for a product you’re interested in into the search bar or go to a page under any category. Then, open and run the AMZScout extension by pressing the button on your extensions tab, that should be located on the top right of the Google Chrome web browser.

Clicking on the extension will pop up a new window, showing the information about the products of the list with all the details they have.

No matter what page you look into, if it’s in Amazon, it can be analyzed by the AMZScout. It will be useful for checking pages, either the Main page, Stream, Shakers, or the Gold Box. In these tabs, you’ll find a huge potential with the vast number of products available.

What Much Does The Chrome Extension Cost?

AMZScout recently released an update for their Pro Extension costing, offering a free trial and two new pricing options to choose from.

The Free Trial provides you with 15 free runs, where you can get as much information from 15 different products. 15 could even be enough for many sellers, as it is what they need for small research on the products they want to offer.

However, for those who need more, these are the two new pricing options that are now available.

  • The first option is $44.99 monthly; you can cancel anytime you want without commitments.
  • There’s a second alternative that’s really popular thanks to the savings; lifetime membership costs $199, and you can keep it forever.

Do You Need To Purchase Both The AMZScout Web App & Chrome Extension?

It depends: they both offer the same core underlying functionality, yet you can still see some noticeable differences.

The Web App has more features, like the product tracker and keyword research tools; it also grants access to its growing product database search and many other tools. On the other hand, the extension offers a cleaner, nicer and easier interface to analyze all the data delivered by your research.

You might want to go for one or another, perhaps you’ll like to use both, it is up to you. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that both of them do have a free trial, where the Web app gives a 7-day free trial and the chrome extension offers a 14-day free trial for you to test and see which one suits you the best.

AMZScout Free Tools

As it was briefly mentioned at the beginning of the article, AMZScout offers 4 extra tools for free. Two of them are web-based, and the other two comes as chrome extensions. They come as a lite version of some of the tools you get from the paid versions.

Sales Estimator

You can roughly see how many sales categories get based on their sales rank. The difference from the paid version is that it only provides users with the high-level category sales; while you can’t look further into it, it gives you a glance onto what you should be looking for.

FBA Fee Calculator & Amazon Revenue Calculator

It finds the selling price, fee estimates, and a calculation of how much would it sell in a month from a URL or ASIN you insert in the web app.

AMZScout Stock Stats

This free Chrome extension presents the total stock level of a particular product on the platform across all its sellers.

Amazon Smart Shopper

This Chrome extension is for buyers and dropshippers more than it is for retail since it checks the product you are about to purchase on Amazon and searches for a cheaper version on eBay.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re planning to use a tool to increase your profits on Amazon, then we can recommend you use AMZScout’s set of tools, each one will come in handy at different times of your venture.

The only downside would be paying twice for basically the same set of tools. The difference lies in what you would be looking for in terms of convenience.

If you don’t mind that, the two of them do provide enough data and information for you to start a successful business as an Amazon seller.

However, we always have to advise you to use the free trials before actually going with a paid subscription. You can try the web app for 7 days for free, and the Chrome extension’s trial is twice as long.

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