Artisan Shopify Theme Review

Artisan Theme Review

Artisan Shopify Theme Review: An Affordable High-end theme (2021)

Find out if the Artisan Shopify Theme is any good or not Below!


Having a Shopify store is almost the same as having a physical store. You would also need to spend time decorating and making it comfortable and easy to navigate for your customers. Of course, the workload is much lighter and more straightforward than owning a physical store, which is why more people prefer having an eCommerce store these days. How your store looks and feels has a direct impact on the volume of sales. If your website is complicated and unfriendly, customers won’t spend much time on it. They might even leave without making a purchase. Your goal is to create a store that your customers want to spend time browsing while adding items to their cart! It’s also essential for first impressions and maintaining your customer’s trust so that they will leave a positive review or be a regular customer. To have an attractive store, Shopify has come up with a bunch of themes that you could use for your store. This review aims to explore the Artisan Shopify theme, what it is, and will it be suitable for your store. We will also explore the features and benefits of this theme, and whether it is optimized for mobile devices.

What is the Artisan Shopify Theme?

The ever trustworthy team develops this Artisan Shopify Theme at Out of The Sandbox. You can already expect good things from this review as Out of The Sandbox is known for creating excellent and reliable themes. Originally built for service businesses, you can also use it for eCommerce. It comes in a few styles, including Victoria, Phoenix, and Barcelona. In terms of functionality and features, all three themes are pretty similar. What sets them apart are their unique styling palettes. Create content-rich layouts with the Artisan Shopify Theme and customize it however you like, in line with your brand’s personality.

Victoria Theme Style

Its minimalistic design ensures that your customers will focus on your brand and products. Therefore, it is suitable for fashion products and accessories.

With the Victoria style, you get a full-width slideshow to advertise high-quality product pictures. Here, you can also showcase influencers wearing your items to boost conversion rates. Under this, you can introduce your brand using an image box with text. Here is also the place to display media logos if you have any.

Scrolling further, display the cost of your products and services and include a “more info” link so that they can be brought directly to the product page. Under the products, feature specific products or collections.

Almost towards the footer, showcase your Instagram feed and also include a section for customers to sign up for your newsletter. This is important to build your marketing lists, which is also another marketing strategy that you can use to increase sales.

What’s great is that all these functions, even the tables, looks great even if you’re using the app on mobile or tablets.

Phoenix Theme Style

Minimalistic layout with an earthy color scheme and round font style is what you get with the Phoenix Theme Style. Its earthy tone is perfect for “green” business owners such as organic foods, eco-friendly niches, or gardening niches.

At the header, the styles are pretty similar to both themes above except with Phoenix customers can’t click on the slideshow.

Below the slideshow, display blocks of imagery with short texts. This could be a brief description of your products and services to let customers know what you do. Here, you can also include a hyperlink that will take them to the product.

Scrolling further, you have the option to either feature only one product or display a few products in a row. I also love that customers can add items to their cart without leaving the home page.

Next, we have the newsletter sign up section.

Then, showcase more images and include more texts to advertise your services. You can also add a contact form for customers to book a service or place their orders.

Almost to the bottom of the page, advertising blog posts to drive more traffic to your store.

The footer is clean, simple, and clutter-free. The contrast between the products and white background accentuates your products.

If you’re using this style on mobile, you’ll notice the fixed Add To Cart button that stays put even though you’re scrolling down. You can also include a “Share URL” link so that customers might share your page with their loved ones.

Barcelona Theme Style

This theme style comes with a bolder font style and color palette, making it look more appealing and playful, perfect for people selling handmade or bespoke products. The

Barcelona theme style is more inviting with its dynamic colors. Although it is more dynamic in terms of design, the tables and layout are clean and user-friendly.

The first thing you see is a promotional banner that you can use to explain your products and services. Then comes the full-width slideshow.

The full-width slideshow grabs your customer’s attention. You can also take this opportunity to provide more business information and include a link to bring customers to the specific product page.

Below this, advertise high-quality imagery in blocks with texts. Use this platform to talk about your brand and welcome visitors to the site. You can also display an event calendar if needed and include hyperlinks that take them to specific pages with more information.

Under this, you can showcase a product or a collection that customers can add to their carts directly.

Build trust with your customers by including customer’s reviews on your products.

Finally, we reach the footer, where you should display social media information, contact details, payment icons, and other quick links. Here, you should also add a signup form to your brand’s newsletter.

Similar to the other theme styles, Barcelona has a lot of white space that makes it look chic and professional.

Even on mobile, all the components work well, and it also looks good.

What is the Artisan Theme Features?

  • Curate a digital portfolio to include on your page to showcase your products and brand personality. If your images are high quality and engaging, your customers can get inspiration on your products.
  • Customize forms to suit every business by editing drop downs, text boxes, and many more.
  • Product tables enable customers to compare products and services side by side. This usually helps them to make an informed decision, generating more sales.
  • Create thumbnails that slide so that there is no clutter on your product page.
  • Banner overlays allow you to provide a contrast with the background image and accentuate buttons and texts.
  • Get rid of the old stock by having a site-wide feature of the specific product.
  • Get the iconic Parallax scrolling effect like the other great Shopify themes.

What are the benefits of using the Artisan Shopify Theme?

  • Automatically get free and easy to install updates by installing the Shopify Theme Updater.
  • If you run into any roadblocks while customizing or installing, the Theme Help Center is always there to help. It also comes with a bunch of video tutorials that you can follow.
  • Feature FAQs on your site. Usually, themes will require you to install third-party apps, but not with the Artisan theme. The FAQ is excellent for minimizing the workload that comes through customer service.
  • The Artisan theme is also optimized for mobile devices as it automatically adjusts for a great shopping experience. This will increase sales for customers browsing on their mobile devices.
  • The design styles found in this theme is chic, modern, and timeless, which is suitable to use for a long time. This means that you can save on upgrading your theme for a very long time.

What are users saying about the theme?

I’ve only found three user reviews, and all of them are positive, which means you should give the theme a go

How much does Artisan Theme cost?

Artisan themes can be bought with PayPal, Google Pay, and credit card for $180.


Once again, the team from Out of the Sandbox has brought us a timeless design. For its creativity, features, and straightforward navigation, I give this theme a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. Right off the bat, the theme is so easy to install and customize according to your brand. As a person who likes adding my touch, this is a big win. Having a platform to advertise your brand, such as the wide slideshow is good so that your page tells a story of your brand from start to finish.

Next, let’s move on to the font styles and color palette of each theme style, I like all of them! from the earthy tones of Phoenix to the bolder, more colorful themes of Barcelona, I can’t make up my mind which is my favorite. Although Barcelona has a “louder” color scheme, it still looks clean and put together.

The theme also comes with a bunch of other features that other themes usually require you to download third-party apps. You can get everything just from one theme. You only have to download the app for automatic updates, which is worth it so that you won’t have to worry when its time to update.

Lastly, let’s not forget that this theme is optimized for mobile devices. As more and more people are browsing or shopping on the go these days, I believe this feature is very important. Personally, whenever I encounter an unfriendly for the mobile site, I won’t stay long on it as it gives me a headache. But for this theme, even the tables are scaled to size on mobile. The theme also looks as modern and chic as on the computer, and its too as easy to navigate.

As you can see, my review for this theme is a bright and positive one. If you’re on the market for a new theme, I highly recommend you give this a go if you have the budget. If you’re just a beginner starting and you don’t have enough budget, you should start with a free theme. But, if you already have a steady volume of sales every month, then this is for you. You can invest in this theme to generate even more conversions and sales.

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