AutoStore Review

AutoStore Review

AutoStore Review (2021 Edition)

Is AutoStore worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!


As retailing moves toward e-commerce, individual product buyers, those shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, have become more important to store than they’ve ever been. That means off-line businesses are always looking for efficient ways to get online and tap into the vast opportunity.

Here’s a detailed look at what AutoStore is all about, how it works, and what the value is of making it a part of your online setup.

Starts at 1997$

What is AutoStore?

AutoStore is just as the name suggests an “automatic store” offered to those wanting a ready to go business from day one. Rather than fumbling through website creation, product compilation, and other tedious details, this product allows individuals to sign up and simply integrate their payment option into the store’s code.

AutoStore is a globally distributed, customer-oriented company offering a completely automated and all-in-one solution for retailers who want to push their online businesses. By automating many of the processes associated with e-commerce, it’s simpler and better for both the retailer and their customers. AutoStore automates sales and marketing, sales planning, logistics and order processing, customer relationship management, and payables and receivables, all of which are typically big parts of any effective e-commerce operation. In the middle, AutoStore has automated the way you handle inventory.

AutoStore’s integrated support for Google Autocomplete empowers you with a customer-oriented feature that enables your customers to automatically fill up the address during the checkout process, thus making the whole shopping experience way more friendly.

I think the best part is that AutoStore can streamline operations very quickly and easily, making selling and marketing much more effective than it otherwise would be.

The goal is to have a more beginner-friendly design, and it was set up by a man named Donald Wilson, who is also the man behind GearBubble.

How Much Does Autostore Cost?

$1997 – that’s what you will have to pay to get access to this smart, automated e-commerce platform.

Understandably, the price is quite high, but you will have to account for an array of customer-oriented features that this system comes packed in. Not only does it give you an opportunity to offer your customers are highly efficient, performance-optimized, and mobile responsive shopping experience, it also helps you automate most of the tedious tasks related to any e-commerce business.

As of now, the developers of this theme are not offering any feature upgrades or add-ons to further enhance the core capability of this platform.

What comes included in AutoStore?

1. 2 Licenses at the cost of 1

As already discussed, the cost of a single site license is $ 1997, but as a concerned business owner, if you decide to make your investment on the system, you are guaranteed to receive an additional license for your second 100% automated stored. And the whole process is pretty seamless. As soon as you make the purchase, the second licenses also delivered to your email address, which you can then use to start your second store on literally any niche or market.

See, both the licenses will be valid for one year, so you will want to get started with creating your website is store as soon as possible. And if you’re wondering that you will have to find a web host and do all sorts of settings to get started, then you are absolutely wrong. Because AutoStore is a hosted e-commerce platform something similar to Shopify and to get started, all you have to do is enter your business name, domain URL and feed in some operation related data such as an address, currency, et cetera.

And if you’re wondering why you would want to invest in a platform that is similar to Shopify, and the answer is automation.

Yes, Shopify does provide you with a rock-solid platform to host your e-commerce business. But, everything from inventory management, product listing, and many other businesses as well as customer-oriented features either requires you to install premium add-ons on are simply unavailable.

Autostore, on the other hand, gets you to access every feature you will have on Shopify with the added benefit of automation. And, if your basic perspective of how efficient this platform is – over the last few years, Autostore has successfully processed well over a hundred million dollars in sales. Furthermore, the company even claims that most of its customers were using their platform as generating well over $ 1 million a month and that all these customers have no intention of switching to two other platforms.

What’s Included with Pre-Hosted Autostore Web Store?

  1. Autostore installs an SSL certificate for every web store you create on their platform.
  2. Website performance optimization is handled by the proficient staff members of Autostore.
  3. All SEO needs are taken care of by professionals.
  4. You don’t have to pay a penny regardless of how much traffic your website generates.
  5. Every customer can generate unlimited sales and leads, unlike many other premium e-commerce platforms.
  6. Unlike many professional hosted e-commerce services that take a certain percentage cut the sale you make, with Autostore, every penny you make is yours, period.
  7. You don’t have to manage anything manually. All you have to do is import product listings, existing subscriptions, customer reviews, et cetera. and everything will get populated automatically without needing your assistance.
  8. Once products are uploaded, and listings are generated, inventory management and every other usual e-commerce task will be handled automatically. All you have to focus on is creating quality products to ensure satisfied customers.

2) Ready to Go Product

The charm of using this product is knowing you are going to have 50+ products to choose from right off the bat. This means you are not going to be digging through endless resources, trying to come up with a high-converting product.

Instead, AutoStore does an exceptional job of listing these products in one spot and making it easier for you to get the business off the ground. This is essential for those wanting to learn more about the selling process rather than having to pick out products. This ready to go approach is exciting, and it’s something unique.

2) Seamless User Interface

AutoStore does an excellent job of offering a seamless user interface for those learning the ins and outs of building an online store. Rather than having to learn how to code on your own and not getting things to look the way you want them to, why not allow AutoStore to do the heavy lifting.

This is an all-in-one user interface that is an absolute joy to use and is one of the better interfaces on the market right now.

The attention to detail behind how this store has been designed is unique and something that does make everything ten times easier.

3) Free Plugin

Don’t want to have to pay for plugins all the time.

Each store is going to have a unique set of requirements, and that’s normal. What AutoStore does is make it easier for businesses to take what is already in place and add to it within seconds.

This means if you are someone that wants to use a specific plugin and doesn’t want to pay for it, then you won’t have to. The database of plugins will allow you to pick and choose what you need and have it ready to go within seconds. The simplicity is what makes it such a wonderful product to use when you are ready to sell.

Automated Email Follow-Ups

One of the significant challenges of running a business on the web has been getting users to trust what you’re offering. Either they didn’t understand the functionality of your offerings, or they didn’t trust your company’s ability to answer their questions when they had them and thus don’t make any other purchasing decision – which ultimately cost you money and a potential customer.

The developers at AutoSore understanding the needs of the retargeting sales process itself, and in an effort to familiarize people with your products and services, implemented integrated support for automated email follow-ups.

With this system, you can start sending automated emails and building smart customer acquisition strategies right in their software and figure out how to get the most value out of your users, and then it’s up to you to get the most out of them.

Sales Optimization

AutoStore can be used to sell literally any type of product or service and to further enforce your brand awareness through relationship marketing and sales automation coupled with pricing optimization. However, the core functionality of this platform is automation and the use of visualizing tools that let businesses and marketers visualize customer activities on their website, which further helps them to manually optimize pricing, sales page so as to improve sales and ROI.

The method of engagement starts with understanding visitors and what they are looking for and where the sales process is going. AutoStore enables its users with an interactive decision-making intuitive dashboard that offers them everything they need to take customer interaction to the next level.

4) Paypal Integration

PayPal is a behemoth of online payment processing. With more than billions of dollars in transactions made via PayPal every day, it’s not surprising that every online buyer literally has an account on PayPal. As a business owner, you need to take every opportunity to make the sales process on your website as seamless as possible and integrating the PayPal payment option into your e-commerce site is one of the most crucial steps.

Developers of AutoStore understands the popularity of Paypal as both customers oriented and trustworthy payment processing platform. And considering how much of an impact PayPal can have on any e-commerce site, they provide built-in PayPal payment integration support within AutoStore.

The payment option is always going to be on your mind as you look to set up a new business.

The beauty of using AutoStore knows you are going to have the ability to take control of the store and simply integrate it with your PayPal account. You won’t have to take the time to settle all of the other details involved in building an online store. This is all done for you right off the bat, making it a lot easier for beginners.

If you have your PayPal ready to go, you are going to have no problem at all getting the store off the ground.

What I Don’t Like About This Platform

Pricey Investment

Not everything is rosy with AutoStore because you are going to be paying a premium for the luxury of a “ready to go” store. This premium is going to be approximately $1997, which is a hefty price tag for the average person getting started. However, this is an investment you are going to see a return on as long as you follow what is listed by AutoStore and put in the time necessary to produce sales.

This is a store that has been cultivated with patience, and that’s what makes it such a high-converting opportunity. However, you will have to make the upfront payment to get started.

Final Thoughts

In the end, AutoStore is a world-class solution and perfect for those wanting to enter the world of e-commerce right now.

AutoStore is the definitive online e-commerce solution for selling anything online. All the services they offer, including multiple product catalogs, inventory management, and much more, are integrated from the user’s point of view. AutoStore allows clients to completely reinvent the tools they need to sell their products or services to targeted customers online. This means, now every business has an opportunity to get their products and services in front of more users, all without sacrificing the quality or convenience of service they are accustomed to.

The store is easy to set up, efficient and does deliver amazing results once it is up and running.

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