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AWeber Alternatives

Email marketing is an essential part of any successful website. They help you to drive more traffic and sell your products or services. The fundamental task of this tool is to send emails to the public to make them aware of your company. All the top entrepreneurs and bloggers use AWeber, the most popular email marketing software. It has gained such popularity over the years people tend to think it is their only option. Though AWeber is at the top of its game, there are other alternatives also which offer similar features.

Here are the best AWeber alternatives you can try.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing offers a wide range of features to give you the best service, and they have a high response rate. You can send the emails to people’s mailbox either by connecting through an external SMTP or by their free of cost in-built SMTP. It has an easy setup process and guarantees to prepare a campaign within 10 minutes. Also, you can cancel anytime you want without any hassle of contracts.


  • Drip Automation- Schedule your emails at a fixed time to deliver it to your users automatically. It is a great way to have more engagement.
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder- Create interesting emails with their easy to use in-built email builder.
  • Autoresponders- This feature sends a welcome email to every new subscriber.
  • List Management- It gives you the flexibility to manage the subscriber list in one place.


This email marketing tool lets you choose from four pricing plans. They also give you 20% off if you pay yearly instead of monthly.

  • Free- This plan doesn’t charge any money, and you can connect up to 3 SMPT’s
  • Rookie- You can send up to 5000 emails with this plan and can also have automatic follow-ups and SMTP Routing. It costs $29/month.
  • Pro- It is their popular plan costing at $49/month. Along with the features offered in the rookie plan, they also provide live chat support and an MX checker.
  • Advance- You can send emails up to 50,000 subscribers and can enjoy every feature the tool offers. It is at $99/month.


This email marketing tool is cost-effective and easy to use, and they guarantee 100% inbox delivery. MailGet now is the same as Pabbly Email Marketing and has the same features, but their pricing plans are different. With this tool, manage the subscriber list under one place and can filter out the bad email before sending them to any user.


  • Double the open rate- Increase open and click rates by sending follow-up emails to audiences who haven’t opened your email.
  • Enhance lead capture- Use their in-built lead capture tool to generate more leads and ultimately increasing sales.
  • Email tracking- Keep track of the number of opens and clicks to understand your audiences better.
  • Drag and drop email build- Create amazing email campaigns with WYSIWYG editor.


 Pay $15 per form for a monthly payment and $10 for yearly payment. You will also get the first four months free if you choose yearly payment.


From small to large businesses, Moosend has something for every company. They have amazing tools to send attractive email campaigns to users. Also, they have user-friendly subscription forms to drive more traffic and are quick in response. Differentiate your emails from the others in your user’s mailbox with next-level customization. A lot of famous publishers and agencies use this tool.


  • Drag and drop editor- Create personalized emails without any HTML knowledge with this easy to use editor
  • Segmentation- With this feature, you can divide your subscribers of the email list based on demographic values like age, gender. Also, segment subscribers who opened your email and who didn’t.
  • Streamlined UI- The UI of Moosend is user-friendly. For every new user, they will guide you in creating an email campaign.
  • Tracking- Keep track of your user’s action on your blog or e-commerce store. It will help to create email campaigns based on their needs to drive more traffic.


You can send emails up to 1000 subscribers and unlimited emails per month without any charge. They have a monthly plan and a pay as you go plan.

Monthly plans

  • 2000 subscribers will cost you $10
  • 5000 subscribers will cost you $30
  • 10000 subscribers will cost you $55

You can send emails up to 10,00,000 subscribers that cost $3650. Pay as you go plan is mainly for occasional senders. You only have to pay when you send it.


Their marketing software acts as a bridge between the customer and the company to develop close relationships between them. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in this domain, SendinBlue makes it their mission to grow your business. You can send emails as well as SMS messages to the users. Also, they have a high response rate.


  • Simple Email marketing- Create your personalized email and let SendinBlue handle the rest of the work. They have A/B testing to find out the best message and send time optimization for increasing engagement.
  • Contact segmentation- With this feature, increase your open and click rates and a better relationship with the public or customers. Divide and regroup your contacts with similar needs and send emails accordingly.
  • Custom landing pages- Create our own landing page for a more targeted visitor experience. Whether you want to promote an event or launch an ebook, build a landing page depending on the purpose.
  • Eye-catching sign-up forms- Attractive sign-up forms help to grow your email contact list. Create it with a few easy clicks by choosing its design, content, and behavior.


They have five in total pricing plans. You will get a discount if you opt for annual payment instead of a monthly payment.

  • Free- This plan does not charge any cost and is ideal for a newbie. You can send 300 emails per day with this plan.
  • Lite- This plan is $25 per month and can send up to 40,000 emails per month. It is ideal for new marketers.
  • Essential- If you have a growing business, buy this plan with $39/month. Send 60,000 emails for each month.
  • Premium- It is their most popular plan perfect for marketing pros. Send up to 120,000 emails for a month at just $66.
  • Enterprise- It is for more advanced needs like higher volume sending and enhanced deliverability. Their sales expert will guide you at every step with this plan.


It is cost-effective marketing software to grow your audience and promote and sell your products. Their advanced analytics lets you track conversions and leads to create better email campaigns depending on your customer’s needs. You don’t need coding knowledge to create templates.


  • Email analytics- Track the statistics of open and click emails, mobile statistics, and bounces and then split test email content and images to find out the needs of your users.
  • Autofunnel- Build an eye-catching landing page, automate emails, and increase conversions with this feature. They have more than 30 well-curated scenarios with high-quality images and designs to help you grow your business.
  • Effective ecommerce tools- Easily create your own store and integrate it with accounts like Stripe or PayPal to sell directly from landing pages. Use product recommendations to increase upsell and automated abandoned cart reminders to send related emails to them.


You can choose your billing period like monthly or annually and get discounts accordingly. The pricing strategy here is cheaper than AWeber and can avail of a 30-day free trial. They have four plans- basic, plus, professional, and enterprise. Plus is their most popular plan costing $49/month.


It is a great AWeber alternative as they have similar features. They boost your online presence by writing your social content. Create appealing email messages and newsletters with few clicks by their industry-specific templates. Also, they have a fantastic support team to look out for any specific issues or needs of users.


  • A/B split testing- Improve your open and click rates with the help of this feature. Understand the email content your users are looking for the most and send them accordingly. Also, compare discount amounts or color scheme with this test.
  • Automation- iContact’s automation tool eliminates any tedious work and saves time. Every newly subscribed user will receive a welcome email. Also, you can send relevant messages by understanding user’s engagement with triggers like opened, clicked, not opened.
  • List segmentation- Increase engagement by tailoring customers into a specific group sharing similar conditions like demography. And then send emails based on their needs.
  • Performance reporting- Get reports about your campaigns on the personalized iContact dashboard. These are easy to understand and get instant access to information.


Get a 15% discount by choosing annual payment instead of monthly. The pricing here is cheaper than AWeber. You have to pay depending on the number of subscribers you want to send the email. They have two pricing plans- base and pro.


Campaigner focuses on advanced email marketing automation, personalizing messages, and getting more leads. Increase your sales and revenue with their amazing features. You will get a 30-day free trial where you can use their every feature. After signing up, you can cancel anytime you want or upgrade depending on your needs.


  • Eye-catching templates- They have various professional-designed templates to create emails and newsletters.
  • Delivery time testing- Find out the specific time you get most clicks with this feature and then schedule the emails accordingly.
  • Integrated with Ecommerce stores- With their API, easily connect your Shopify store and sync every data and contact list. Also, use their two-way third-party integrations to connect with Big Commerce and Woocommerce.
  • Social sharing- Increase your online presence by sharing your email content in all your social media platforms automatically.


You can either sign-up to their pricing plans or get customized pricing. You can save up to 18% with the annual plans instead of monthly. For the customize pricing, fill out a form, and their sales team will contact you within 24 hours.

  • Starter- $40.95 per month
  • Essential- $119.95 per month
  • Advanced- $449.95 per month
  • eCommerce- $65.95 per month

Active Campaign

They have every CRM tool for a healthy and personalized relationship with your customers. With powerful marketing automation, Website messaging to integrating with popular apps such as Shopify, WordPress Active Campaign is a great alternative to AWeber. They increase engagement and drive more traffic by advanced reporting, site tracking, email segmentation, and many more.


  • Dynamic content- This feature lets you change images and texts to send different emails to different people. It helps to understand the need of each individual. Also, change your email calls to action to send the right offers to the right people.
  • Split action- Make automation more flexible with this feature. Test a workflow against another to find out which one resonates with the customers most. You can test it on conversion rates, email opens, and many more.
  • Contact and lead scoring- This feature tells you about the number of people engaging with your business and who is not. It will help to send email offers to buy for your potential customers.
  • Live chat – Connect with your customers through live chat. You can also combine automation with it. Deals get automatically created when anyone submits a form through live chat. Also, send follow-up emails when the chat ends. And later, use the info obtained from this conversation to segment audiences automatically.


The pricing plans start from a minimum of 500 contacts and has a total of four plans.

  • Lite- $15/month
  • Plus- $70/month
  • Professional- $159/month
  • Enterprise- $279/month

The prices will increase if you exceed the number of subscribers.


Like AWeber, MailChimp has gained popularity and has become a potent service provider in email marketing. They have features for every business type and the stage level. Their CRM tools collect data from contacts and use them to gain more traffic. With the pre-designed templates, one-click automation, you can create attractive campaigns within minutes.


  • Audience dashboard- Every section in your dashboard is clickable and act based on the data you have gathered. Know more about customer’s wants and needs with this dashboard. It also has pre-built segments to connect with more targeted customers.
  • Digital ads- reach targeted audiences on social media like Facebook and Instagram with this feature. You can retarget website and landing page visitors by giving appealing ads on your Facebook profile. Make your visitors aware of any new or existing products through Instagram ads.
  • Reports and analytics- With this feature, you can keep track of emails, automation, and social ads straight from your MailChimp account. Understand your audiences better with their growth, engagement, and revenue reports.
  • Integrations- MailChimp integrates with various popular companies on domains like design, E-commerce, developer tools, etc.


Upgrade the pricing plans depending on the number of subscribers you have.

  • Premium- It starts from $299 per month and is ideal for pros who need more customization
  • Standard- Starting from $14.99 per month, it gives better insights for growing businesses.
  • Essentials- This plan has the features for email senders who need added support. It starts from $9.99 per month
  • Free- This plan is free of cost and has all the basic features for getting a business started

Mad Mimi

It has the simplest way to create, send, and create emails and newsletters for your customers. They have affordable pricing plans and useful features to increase sales for your business. One of the reasons why Mad Mimi is an amazing alternative to AWeber is due to their tech support and user-friendly interface. Build stylish yet simple emails with this super-fast email marketing tool.


  • Drag and drop editor- Easily add text, images, and manage content in your emails with this amazing editor.
  • Add-ons- Integrate with various popular applications like Google Analytics, Etsy, etc.
  • Subscriber control- It is a unique and useful feature. With this feature, your subscriber can customize their subscription, like adding their personal information.


This software has four pricing plans, and you can change the number of subscribers you want in each of them.

  • Basic- It is ideal for individuals and costs at $10/month. You can send unlimited emails to 500 contacts.
  • Pro- It has the best value costing at $42/month, and you can send up to 10,000 contacts. The speed of this plan is double the previous one.
  • Silver- Opt for this plan if you have a business. It charges $199/month and sends emails to 50,000 contacts. The speed here is three times the previous one.
  • Gold- If you own a renowned business, then this the best plan for you. It offers the fastest speed at $1049 per month. You can send up to 350,000 contacts.


This email marketing software is best for small businesses or someone getting started. They provide personalized support and will guide you every step of the way. Their features are effective and yet easy to use. You can create beautiful emails in just a few clicks. Also, they are up to date with technological features to help grow your business. You will get a 30-day free trial as well.


  • Organize contacts easily- manage your contact list by regrouping people with similar situations to send the right type of message to the right people. It increases traffic and sales.
  • Email creation- Build a complete email campaign with their WYSIWYG editor to send emails seamlessly. Also, pre-scheduled your email to send at your desired time.
  • Analytics- Integrate your CakeMail account with Google analytics to achieve information for every campaign. It is one of the ways to improve your marketing strategy.


Send emails up to 500 contacts with just $8/month and enjoy every CakeMail features. The pricing will increase if you exceed your number of contacts. Also, you can save 20% if you go for yearly payments.


The features and pricing plans of these email marketing software proves that you don’t only have to depend on AWeber. Some of these tools are cheaper than AWeber but provide similar features. Hence, you can opt for any of these tools, depending on your requirements.

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