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Almost every business online should be doing email marketing. Whether your a solo internet marketer or a company looking to expand!

Need an email autoresponder software? Should you use AWeber? Read below for a full AWeber review to see if it’s for you or not!

Looking forward to designing and creating newsletters the easy way? Every business needs newsletters to reach out. Whether it be telling clients about the new developments or wooing new customers, newsletters can help others know about you and your organization. Unfortunately, designing newsletters can seem a tedious task and to send them out individually to your customer base might just not seem feasible.

We know that managing an online store requires a considerable amount of work when it comes to marketing. You must interact with customers through social networks, blog posts, and all other elements that connect with potential customers that access your website.

With AWeber, you not only have the opportunity to connect with customers through your inbox, but services like AWeber make it easier for you to carry out automatic campaigns, incredible templates, and reports to better understand how well you are doing.

The truth is that Aweber was once the most popular email autoresponder for bloggers. However, this software has ended up behind its competitors over a lack of updates.

What Is AWeber?

Although it was originally launched in 1998, Aweber Communications is one of the most successful email service providers. Its success is due to its great ability to deliver email and excellent customer support.

But that’s not the only thing AWeber has to offer. This software helps you track and control all the important steps of the email marketing process. From the personalization of your transmission message to the design of your subscription forms. Fortunately, AWeber is one of the easiest autoresponders available.

Best of all, they also offer useful analysis tools to help marketing professionals keep track of the details of visitor activity.

Taking all this into account, it is very remarkable that—as time goes by—the popularity of AWeber continues to decline.

Why is this? Well, a new generation of marketing professionals is simply demanding better features to give them an advantage in their business. Currently, there are future rivals that offer a similar service, such as ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.

Top Things to Look Out For

  • A good range of newsletters means that you can try out a new design every month!
  • Split testing will allow you to get better results. You can try out split testing with as many as 5 different parameters
  • You also have an auto responder functionality as well as responsive email designs – helping make a richer experience for your readers.
  • Social sharing tools help make your newsletter go viral – and the ability to import data easily, in just one click, makes it stand out.

The Good

AWeber offers its clients an optimal email marketing service with an accessible price similar to that of the main rivals in the industry. The list of functions and tools that AWeber has to offer will ensure that any business that seeks to be successful and expand can benefit from this software.

AWeber satisfies the marketing needs of both experts and complete beginners. In addition, it allows you to enjoy the 30-day trial period with all the functions. It then gives you the option to switch to a better plan that suits your needs.

This tool has a function that prevents services such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo from sending your emails to the junk mail tray. This is one of the most important features of a service like this.

This software allows you to start sending very professional emails thanks to their designs and various email templates. It means that you do not need to know anything about programming to exploit this tool to its fullest.

As mentioned above, the main aspects of this software are its simple use and excellent customer support. For some, customer service is very important. That goes double for those who are just starting in the marketing world and do not know how to use email marketing.

It gives you the option to add contacts to an individual or multiple lists.

It has excellent import functionality; it allows you to import a variety of file types and add email addresses in many ways. If you look for integration, the software is versatile, and it has many tools that facilitate this process.

It has more than 700 templates, many more than its rivals. When creating your autoresponder configuration, it is very easy. It also contains a very complete report of your marketing campaigns.

Aweber is excellent in terms of customer service. The company has one of the best customer service teams in the industry, and if we rely on several opinions taken from the Internet, they have many satisfied customers.

You can configure Aweber to follow up automatically and send emails at intervals of your choice. In this way, you can free up your time to devote to your business.

If you have a WordPress store and use WooCommerce, then this service is for you. The installation is simple. It’s hard to mess up with the WooCommerce plugin, and it only takes a few minutes.

The WordPress plug-in facilitates the process so you can include an email registration form on your website, and thus, be able to add your clients’ mail to a specific contact list.

The Analytics section, as its name says, analyzes and shows you the best options to improve your messages. It also shows you the number of potential customers who are reading your messages, or the links they are following.

These functions, fortunately, are fast and easy to use. In fact, you can see them even on your smart device.

With AWeber, you can segment your mailing list with many options.

These tools are also useful when using an autoresponder or when promoting a product on the Internet. You can group your clients according to the country where you are currently, the number of emails read, or even approximate age; you can separate your contacts according to the relevant data that you are given.

In summary, it is not complicated to use. Its customer service is super fast and efficient, in addition to having an affordable price despite not being the cheapest service, but even so, it is cheaper than that of many rivals.

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The Bad

It is one of the most respected tools in the market thanks to its simplicity. However, while other tools have evolved dramatically in recent years, AWeber has not had more updates, stagnating in the basics and making the software quite simple.

While AWeber wanted to create a simple way to successful marketing, this has made the tool give way to some companies with more advanced features and services. Thus, Aweber comes off as “too simple” for many users.

There are more accessible options available that might be able to offer you a better service for specific things, such as the automation of your marketing campaigns.

Good Quality Templates are Hard to Find

While there are a lot of templates to choose from with AWeber, it is important to remember that quality can be more important than quantity by itself. The issue becomes more apparent when some of the templates simply will not give you optimal results.

Campaigns can be Tedious to Set Up

When it comes to the segmentation of your campaign lists, AWeber does not make things easier for you. In other words, you can not include or exclude several segments at once by sending an electronic bulletin. If you want to update and customize your email content strategy, you may have to try another different email automation service.

There is no drag-and-drop functionality when it comes to editing your email messages, and unfortunately, their templates are quite limited.

Some of the email templates are quite heavy. It can become a problem if you want your emails to be delivered quickly.

Editing Customer Lists isn’t Easy

The statistics it offers could be more complete. Another issue regarding numbers is that it’s not straightforward to edit your customer lists. Moving them around or deleting bulks of contacts is cumbersome and annoying.

You Pay More

One of the biggest disadvantages that AWeber has is that you not only pay for the subscribers, but also for the people who cancel the subscription.

Therefore, you must be careful if you do not want to obtain charges over unprofitable messages. It is a good idea to cleanse your lists from unsubscribed emails; this prevents you from losing money with unsuccessful messages.

If you have multiple lists and want your potential customers to belong to more than one list, you will have to pay for their appearance on each list. Combined with the former, you’re not exactly paying for each subscriber; you’re paying for each time the platform reads a name, and this can cut your income significantly unless you keep track of everything.

No Import Option

Also, you cannot import your contact lists from other providers. Aweber has a strict anti-spam policy that does not allow you to add contacts that have not received a subscription request. In other words, AWeber offers you a solid automation solution, but it is completely behind compared to the competition.

There are limited options to create automation in Aweber. For example: when someone subscribes to a list, or when a label is applied.

Aweber can only make sequential emails. There are no different automatic executions in parallel.

The automation of Aweber seems to be so deficient, therefore this flaw that presents the functionality only tells us that it can not create the types of email marketing funnels that other products can create.


Even though AWeber was one of the first to present automatic responses, it no longer tops the list of best options. However, it’s still a widespread platform, so it has enough to offer by many people’s standards.

Here we leave some more remarkable features that this software has to offer:

Impressive customer service

This service is one of the attractions of AWeber, and this is due to the dedication it has to help you to use the functions of this software. They have a professional and friendly support team ready for you 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You can reach out to customer support by phone, live chat on weekends, and email support that always replies in less than 24 hours. You don’t have to worry about useless responses either; real trained employees take care of email support.

Is it not great?

The agents who are attending Aweber’s customer service are very knowledgeable and will help you with any questions you may have.

Simple Drag-and-Drop Campaign Builder for Autoresponders

Aweber offers you the possibility to create automation in a very basic and straightforward way with the creator of your campaign.

The generator is capable of creating automated tracking sequences, customizable through an easy-to-use interface. Also, automation can add labels. Even, tags can be automatically added to customers or subscribers who open an email.

Thanks to this function you can create a sequence of tracking activities in a more specific way.

It is not as powerful as other software that offers a service similar to that of AWeber, yet it has a fairly intuitive interface and presents an upgrade to its old interface.

Create Multiple Forms per List

A content update is an important notification, such as a strategy sheet or a checklist that has a lot to do with one of your blog posts. Subscribers have access to that in exchange for their email address.

Although this software uses an outdated system, it also allows you to create multiple forms for each list you wish to create. Therefore, it gives you the possibility to have multiple content updates from your site and have them all integrated into the same list.

Create tags based on Link Click

This function is related to the function of the campaign generator since it has the option to tag someone based on whether a client or subscriber clicks on a link. It allows you to create more personalized marketing methods for each potential client based on the actions they perform on the website.

Split-Test Functionality

This is a new feature that makes divided tests. These tests are conducted to optimize your results and make them simple.

You should consider that it only works for broadcast emails.

This function is somewhat limited when compared to other email marketing tools that allow you to perform this test on a small part of your list and then send the winner automatically to the rest of your list.

However, everything is a matter of trying other approaches and see which ones fit and work best with your clientele.

AWeber vs MailChimp

Both AWeber and MailChimp take their work seriously in terms of ease of use. Each platform does its best to make the registration process and navigation of the control panel as simple as possible.

AWeber gives you the possibility of importing your list from various text formats, spreadsheets or even copy and paste from another application.

MailChimp does not stay behind, as it allows you to import lists using Excel sheets or CSV files. The only difference between both tools is that MailChimp focuses on the customer experience so that everything is easier for them.

AWeber and MailChimp provide many email templates designed to meet specific needs. However, AWeber offers more templates compared to MailChimp.

Of course, both allow you to modify templates. Email templates have a very responsive design so they can be resized automatically to fit any device.

AWeber vs Actionetics

One of the most important aspects to consider is whether the tool is easy to use.

Both tools are very good. AWeber has a very clean interface. While it is very basic and simple, it is powerful; it is designed for users who do not have the marketing knowledge or are new to the trade.

Instead, Actionetics is designed for marketing experts and not so expert users; it has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to use. However, if you are used to other interfaces, this is no longer a surprise to you.

NOTE: Actionetics has been discontinued and AWeber is still available though.


Aweber presents its prices in a fairly simple way, and as we have observed with similar software, it is based on the number of subscribers that you have in your account.

The price starts at $19 per month when you have less than 500 subscribers, but then it goes up to $69 per month as your subscribers’ number goes up.

One of the benefits that Aweber presents is that if you pay quarterly or annually, you can receive an additional discount on your prices.

Also, it offers a free 30-day trial. It is fully functional and allows you to test the complete service.

Ease Of Use

Although AWeber features are impressive, it can be difficult to find them at first. It can even be a bit confusing to learn how to use them.

First, you need to know where to go to start editing a template. The AWeber editor is not easy to find; it strangely contradicts with its beginner-friendly approach.

Luckily, the process is incredibly easy once you already know where to find certain functions. The editor is quite intuitive and offers some special services, such as being able to change the theme of the template from within the editor. If you have some technical knowledge, you can make adjustments in HTML.


AWeber makes the list with other platforms that have one of the best teams in the business and offer live customer service through chat or phone. Besides that, it gives you the possibility to send an email if you wish.

This software offers many resources. For example, you have a database to complete your research, track the various activities that are performed on your website, and you can access marketing guides, infographics, and your blog to get updates.

The good thing about this software is that live chat, email and phone number appear on each page once you have logged in.

Its customer service is simple and always available, but like other functions of this platform, it will take you some time to find it.

Final Verdict

Currently, there is software that offers the same service as AWeber and has more attractive services than this tool can provide.

Nevertheless, AWeber deserves an opportunity, and it only takes a moment to understand what the platform offers with the free trial version.

In spite of everything, AWeber is still a decent option for certain companies. You need to keep in mind that if you do not have such complex email marketing needs, you should try this software.

However, it is necessary to note that if you are looking for an email service provider that will grow with your business, you may have to look for other software instead of AWeber.

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