Best 37 Ideas For Making Good Money Online Today (2021)

Find out the best 37 ideas to make good money online today!

Best 37 Ideas For Making Good Money Online Today

Making money online is all the rage today thanks to how comfortable it is; it’s also immensely profitable if you can take it serious and do what you must do.

The main obstacle is finding what you can do. You need an idea you can base your business around, but don’t worry; we’re here to help you.

We’ve compiled all the ways people make a living on the internet, so read on and find your calling.

Selling eBooks

If you want to make money from eBooks, your objective is to find problems that people can face, study them, and come up with solutions for them.

You don’t even have to know how to write perfectly. There are countless platforms available where you can find freelance ghostwriters that will write the content for you. You only need to pay them, receive your ebook, and sell it somewhere like Amazon or on your own.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing requires you to promote other people’s products and earn commissions from the sales you generate.

It’s fairly easy as well. You need to study the best keywords with tools like Google Planner and use them in your own platform; it can be a website or just a YouTube channel. Once you have a following, get a good affiliate program and start directing traffic.

Online testing

One of the most important factors for getting a good ranking on Google is user experience. That’s why testers are always demanded from companies looking to improve their website’s functionality.

You can spend less than an hour on sites like Userfeel and make up to $20 for your minutes.

Domain name reselling

Anyone looking to start an online venture needs a domain name. Even a significant part of this article’s readers will need one.

You can satisfy that need. You can find thousands of domain names available on the internet. Your job would be to start making your list and post them on sites like Flippa. A great strategy is finding expired ones with many backlinks and potential.


Dropshipping lets you open an online store by promoting products from a supplier instead of your own inventory. You save a lot of money and stress, and your job will be just to get people to buy those products.

Your only expenses will be advertising, practically. Your supplier will even take care of shipping and the whole paperwork. You only need a website where you can list their products, some nice adds, and you’re set.

Being an influencer

Not many people do this because it seems hard, but it really isn’t.

Your objective is to find a niche, study and become an expert about it, and start generating an audience. You don’t even have to study a lot; you can go for things like gaming or giving your opinion on relevant matters.

Once you have people behind you, you’ll start receiving offers from companies to promote their products.

Managing social media

You can earn money by doing what millions of people do for free every day. Social media marketing lets you make money by getting hired to manage pages, post regularly, interact with users, and anything in-between.

Engagement helps companies improve their Google ranking, so it’s a vital side of SEO. If you’re good at it, you won’t need too much time before you find a job.

Graphic design

You don’t need to be an expert to make money from graphic design. You can make simple logos and infographics for websites at their starting stages, and you have many platforms for advertising your work.

Even as a beginner, you can make around $20 per job as long as you know how to use basic tools and work on your skills.

Writing freelance

People with high English proficiency can write online for others and make money, similarly to the ghostwriters we mentioned first.

You can create a profile on Upwork, open a PayPal account, and you’re ready. You should improve your skills by taking tests and coming up with a few articles you can then add to your portfolio. Then, you’re ready to start bidding for projects.

T-shirt design

If you’re creative and know the basics about graphic design, the you should head over to Teespring and try it out. You can create t-shirts, but you also have more options like mugs.

You can submit products to the platform and promote them. You’ll then gain commissions from all orders placed on the products with your work on them.

If you’re bolder, you can even start a boutique store and promote your t-shirts.

Selling photos

Stock photography is an excellent way to squeeze money out of your favorite camera, even if you’re a beginner.

Stock websites let you post pictures and earn a commission every time anyone buys a license for your photos.

You can also take your portfolio into a specific niche and start promoting your photos to companies and websites related to that.

SEO consulting

All websites want to be among the top results on Google, so SEO is paramount in all online businesses. You can start offering your services on freelance websites, and once you have enough experience, you could open a consultancy firm.


Anyone who knows different languages can find a job if they’re good, and the internet makes it even easier.

Most websites want people to visit them from all over the world, so translation is always enjoying significant demand. You can use freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to offer your translating skills and start getting started quite quickly.

A good tip is to focus on niches so that you’re easier to find for companies.

WordPress assistance

WordPress is one of the most popular web building tools available today, and you can take advantage of its large user base by offering your services in many ways.

You can help with their design, solve HTML issues, answer questions, and much more. If it goes well, you may even think about expanding towards similar tools like Joomla and support those users as well.

Designing WordPress themes

Another great choice if you’re good with design is to start designing WordPress themes and make good money out of it. You can even hire someone to design it for you.

The Envato marketplace is a great way to sell your theme, and you can start by charging $50 for it and increasing that by offering additional features for extra.


Personal blogs are excellent for beginners. You need to find your niche, something about which you love to write, and start writing.

You can write about food, science, politics, pop culture, or anything. Once you have a significant audience, sponsors will start to contact you, and you can turn it into a fairly long-lasting income stream.


You can make a lot of money in many ways from cryptocurrencies.

You can build an entire business from it. The options are almost endless: developing wallets, reviewing wallets and brokers, buy miners and start mining, and you can even take part in the crypto exchange and trade them yourself.

You can even blog about cryptocurrencies, or become a YouTube influencer by offering insight on the market regularly.

Managing websites

There are countless beginners on the internet. Many create a website without knowing what to do with it.

Helping people is a great way to make money, and most online entrepreneurs need someone to help them manage their sites. You’ll handle SEO, content, fixing errors, and the in-betweens. You don’t need to be an expert, either, just good at management.


It’s not easy, but you can make excellent money from sharing your skills on the internet. You can promote them on many websites, and there are platforms specifically for offering classes and coaching.

The only requirement is to find something you excel at and base your business around it. Just make sure you’re an expert on the matter.

English lessons

English is the most widespread language in the world. Anyone who wants to have a huge business will eventually need to contact and attract English-speaking people.

If you’re great at it, you can make serious amounts of money from teaching the language to others. English tutors can be hard to come by, so if you have ample knowledge, this is a great idea for beginners in the online business industry.

You can teach on websites like Udemy to non-native speakers and make great money.

Web development

This is a surefire way to make money if you’re good with programming languages and coding. Being a good web developer means also knowing how to fix the ever-present glitches, so you’re set if you fit that criteria.

You can join support teams, build plugins, code themes, fix faulty scripts, and much more. Programming can be tough to learn but it pays off immensely.

Editing video

Visual content is a lot more engaging that text, and most businesses have (or will have eventually) a video editor to increase its marketing efficiency.

You don’t have to go too in-depth at first. There are quick edits you can learn without too much trouble; these include sound mixing, correcting colors, and the like.

As your knowledge grows, you’ll quickly see how much you can increase your income.

Live streams

Streaming video is a great choice, and you can use streaming-specific platforms or just go to YouTube. You can run adds, receive donations, sell affiliate products, or even promote other people’s products.

Live streams are an obsession for many today, and you just need to be charming and have a good niche to start generating a good income.

Email outreach

Most companies end up hiring someone to manage their email accounts, and email marketing is huge today as well. You can write emails for sales generation, guest posts, or just updating customers.

All you need to become an expert at email outreach is good skills in written English and a stable internet connection.


If you like to travel and are able to do it often, then you’re sitting on a gold mine. People love to learn about different cultures, and you can reach out to that audience in many ways.

You can run a travel blog. You can create a YouTube channel and record your experiences to upload them there. You can push your internet connection and live stream parts of your travels. It’s endless.

Writing stories

Writing stories (both non-fiction and fiction) is a great skill that not everyone has, and online magazines are always looking for storytellers.

You can start writing stories and submit them to different publications; if it’s accepted, you’ll get paid.

The steps are seamless: first, choose your favorite genres, and find a good publication with a significant audience. The last step is as easy as running a Google search.

Virtual assistance

Everyone today hires virtual assistants for managing their work digitally. These employees are vital for keeping everything flowing properly, ease management, and keep business owners and companies away from stress.

It’s a great idea especially if you have a lot of free time during which you can do some tasks and can stay in contact with your boss.


Becoming a podcaster is another way you can start growing your influence into a profitable business. You can record several podcasts at once during your free time and start releasing them every week or however fits your schedule.

As usual, find your niche, and start building an audience. Once you have enough followers, sponsors and marketers will start reaching out to you to promote their products.

Creating apps

This is somewhat similar to writing an eBook in that you’re creating something to solve a common problem.

The difference is that apps are a more direct approach and require programing skills. However, you can find many tools that make everything a lot easier, and you can always just hire someone else to develop the app for you.

With smartphones being everywhere, it’s just a matter of time for your app to start generating money.

Landing page creation

For a visitor to buy your product, they need to reach your site, learn why the product is useful, and fulfil the order.

Landing pages condition and control all three steps, and marketers always point out the importance of having a good landing page.

You don’t need to be a professional, and there are many plugins that work perfectly for creating landing pages. You can then sell them on WordPress or other platforms.


This is another great choice for people with good English proficiency. You can fix the grammar of other people by checking for errors, correct sentence structure, and other factors.

You can make great money by proofreading eBooks, guides, and even essays if you feel confident. You can set up your own website or use one of the dozens of freelance marketplaces available.


This is an excellent way to generate a good income stream without too much effort. You want to start contacting websites, offer them your services, and then just go to freelance platforms and hire someone to do it.

You don’t have to do much other than proofread and check that everything’s fine, and once you start getting more clients and increasing your profile, you can start growing the profit from each work.

Chat support

Being a chatbot is another way to make money online. In many websites today, you’ll see a “live chat” window at the bottom of the screen, and your job would be to answer messages there by solving doubts and questions.

Chatbots are a great way to entice people towards conversion, so it’s easy to find a company looking to hire one.

Selling on Amazon

eCommerce is booming today, and you can use several platforms to do that. Amazon lets its sellers market pretty much any item they want, so your job is just to find profitable and trending products and start offering them.

You want to work on your SEO descriptions and images, and you can use sites like Alibaba to start getting products.

Product reviews

Many companies will pay you to review their products, so you can both keep their product and get paid if the review helped them increase their sales.

Even better, if you start reviewing products, then you can become an affiliate marketer and use your reviews to increase your sales further.


Animated videos and GIFs are a great way for companies to promote their products while retaining a certain charm and creating their own characters for marketing purposes.

Animated videos particularly are much more expensive than live ones, so if you’re good at it, make sure to seize an excellent opportunity to make great money.

Guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to increase SEO performance, and many companies will pay people to bring up their brands on sites like Huffingtonpost, CNN, and similarly sized publications.

You want to find a good niche for you, and then find websites that accept article submissions to start working. Once you see your exposure increase you can start contacting larger brands and grow your business.


I hope you guys liked this post, give some of these a try and see how it goes. Now, remember guys, a lot of these require time and effort before you start seeing results. So, if you don’t see results immediately, that’s normal. Keep working and eventually, you will probably start seeing results.