Best Hacks To Boost Your Shopify Sales

Best Hacks To Boost Your Shopify Sales

Best Hacks To Boost Your Shopify Sales (2021)

Find out the best hacks you can use to increase conversions on your Shopify store!


Let’s face it: turning your visitors into actual customers who buy from you is a challenge. It goes beyond your product quality, trends, and even marketing. It’s a holistic combination from all those factors and how you implement them into your particular situation.

You can have the best products within the hottest trends, but you won’t sell if your store isn’t good. That’s because all of the hype and interest you build around your store culminates inside your store.

You’ll waste your time if you take customers through an expert funnel just to have them squint once they get to your sales page or home page.

That’s why our focus today is on what you can do to make your store more enticing for customers. With just a few changes, you can give them that last push to turn them into buyers.

I’ve also used all of the methods below in my own ventures, so you can rest assured they’ve worked for me. Not all of them are free, of course, but running a business means you’re already expecting to invest in it, and if you can spend $100 to make $200, then I’d say it’s a good deal.

Let’s dive into 3 easy hacks you can implement into your store to increase those revenue numbers.

Conversion Pirates Checkout

This one is actually one of my favorite tricks right now, and it lets you tailor your store’s checkout pages in a few seconds. You just need to embed a Google Analytics script into your store – which is free – and add your script to the checkout page to turn it into one of your conversion boosters.

One of the nicest features from this script is that it installs a countdown timer. It’s perfect for employing scarcity into your offers; it’s defaulted to 10 minutes, but you can change it to whatever you need. The same goes for the page itself, you’re free to adapt its fonts, colors and text to your own brand and style.

After installation, it might not take long before you start seeing a change in your statistics. My own results were actually quite dramatic, and judging from other people’s opinions, I’m far from the only case.

It’s not really clear if this script will last forever. After all, you’re changing Shopify’s own checkout, but I haven’t seen any complaints so far. There’s little harm in trying, though, and besides, it’s completely free.

eCom Turbo

Free themes are nice to test out how Shopify’s customization works and getting your feet wet before installing a premium theme. That’s because free themes are rarely optimized, and they mostly look stale – not mentioning how countless other people are already using it.

My personal choice when going for a store theme is always eCom Turbo. It’s tailored with a strong focus on increasing conversion, and it’s more than enough to compete with themes like Shoptimized while costing a lot less.

The problem with many of the more popular themes is that they’re designed for desktop, and mobile users make up a huge portion of your visitors. You can’t forget about them.

That’s why eCom Turbo is my favorite premium theme right now. Franklin Hatchett built it entirely around increasing your conversions, and that means catering to what your customers want and expect.

It integrates with some of the best apps you can find for Shopify, and there’s more than enough functionality built into the theme itself. It saves you a lot of money you’d otherwise have to spend on different apps to get the same features.

Besides, it works just as good on mobile as it does on desktop. A highlight here is how all the relevant information and buy button show over the fold, so no one needs to scroll before buying. It might sound small, but it makes purchasing a lot more comfortable.

The best part about eCom Turbo is its price. The single license costs $97, but – even better – you only need to pay $50 extra if you want to use it on every site you own. If you want to run more than a single store, then the unlimited license is a wallet-saver. Even if you build a second store, you only need to pay half its price for the next one.

Adding phone numbers

Finally, adding a phone number on your theme header can boost your conversions unexpectedly. You don’t even need to use your personal number since a virtual one can cost as little as $10 monthly.

You just need to buy your number and record a voicemail so that your customers can leave their queries. Even if almost no one actually uses it, it shows you care about your customers and adds authenticity to any business.

CallHippo is a great service for this task, and it’s available in over 50 countries.

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