Best & Highest Paying CPM Ads Network with Fast Approval (2021)

Google is not the best way to make money from ads. You can make much more money from networks like JuicyAds, Chitika, TrafficJunky, and more. But if you truly want to make money that`s unlimited, then you should join HillTopAds . One important difference between Google Adsense is the chance to earn not only per page views, but also per click.

What Is HillTopAds?

HillTopAds is undoubtedly one of the best CPM/PPC ad networks that I like since I have started to promote it and the numbers of its users are constantly growing. The following is a glimpse of HillTopAds’ statistical data: 27.5 million daily impressions, 4 million fill rate, and 2.5 million unique monthly visits (these figures were updated on June 20, 2018, having increased steadily since March 2018).

3 Things That Makes Hilltop Ads Unique

Firstly, they accept all who want to earn money like me, and HillTopAds is the only major Ad Network that allows you to work with it 24/7. This is why there are thousands of people who choose to make money with HillTopAds. I’m going to discuss the three reasons why this ad network is the best:

  • There is a high fill rate;
  • They pay via PayPal;
  • You can earn up to $8 for 1000 clicks.

The fill rate is the percentage of the ads shown. Some networks show ten of the ads, but may fill two or three. This way, you do not make money. But HillTopAds earns a higher fill rate, so you must have noticed the large number of ads you saw while surfing the Internet. They help you earn more.

How To Join Hilltop Ads?

If you truly want to work with HillTopAds, and you know the benefits of advertisings, click on the “Register Now” button. Registering is easy:

  • Enter your email address;
  • Select campaign type (you may choose from basic-free, upgraded-Free, basic-VIP, upgraded-VIP);
  • Enter your password in the following box;
  • Indicate two or three interests, which will help to personalize services.

After the registration is complete, you will get your own personal account that will allow you to receive payments instantly via PayPal.

3 Ways How To Make Money With CPM Ads?

There are three main ways to earn money with HillTopAds:

  • To benefit from CPM ads;
  • To use SafeLink Ads;
  • To earn money for the completion of tasks.

All these ways can be used to make money with HillTopAds, although some require more effort and time than others, and some are more profitable than others. It`s up to you how to allocate your time to make the most profit. Why do I bring these three ways for you? Let`s discuss them more closely.

#1 To Benefit from CPM ads

The first way is to benefit from CPM ads, which works in such a way that there are a number of ads placed on a page; it is up to the viewer to click on them. CPM is an acronym for “cost per one thousand impressions”. These impressions are shown as many times as possible, but the more they are shown, the less paid for them you are. Nevertheless, if you have enough website traffic on your site and the CPM rate is relatively high, it can bring a lot of money.

#2 To Use SafeLink Ads

I should say that the SafeLink system HillTopAds used is really unique, and it should be used in every network for people’sbenefit.

What is SafeLink? Well it is a feature that is offered by some of the major CPM networks (such as HillTopAds). If you use this feature, it will be automated for you and will help you to boost your earnings. The idea is really simple. When you use SafeLink, every time a new visitor visits your website, he immediately sees ads for .

You do not have to do anything, ads will automatically appear, and the visitor who will see it, will see HillTopAds ads first. After that, it`s up to them to click and see your ads in addition to the HillTopAds ads.

#3 Earn Money for Task Completion: A Unique Way to Make Money

The third way to earn using HillTopAds is to win money doing tasks. When you complete tasks, you will start to receive money for that. Tasks are beneficial to both users like you and for advertisers who pay you.


Have you decided to start to make money with HillTopAds? I think it`s the right choice and you should follow these three steps:

  • Register on
  • Choose your own payment currency
  • Use the ads!

Good luck with HillTopAds!

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