Best Mobile-Friendly Shopify Themes

Best Mobile Friendly Shopify Themes

Best Mobile-Friendly Shopify Themes (2021)

Find out the Best Mobile-Friendly Shopify Themes Below!


Most people today spend more time on their phones than they do on their laptops or desktops. This is why the number of people shopping on their phones has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. Therefore, if you’re running a store on a platform like Shopify, it is imperative for you to have a theme that is compatible with mobile phones as well. Every time a user has a difficulty in viewing, accessing or buying your products through their phone, you lose a sale and also the chances of that visitor ever coming back.

There are many mobile themes for Shopify that make the user experience great does mobile device users and also ensures that they make a purchase. This is because most of the themes on the Shopify platform are intuitively coded to make the user experience best. They make sure that the store looks professional, secure and trustworthy enough to the audience so that they don’t just browse for the products but also end up buying them.

One of the mobile responsive themes that you can try for your Shopify store is eCom Turbo. The theme offers all the great functionality that a theme must have and has shown a 32% increase in conversion rate for most of its customers.

If you want to make your Shopify theme mobile-friendly, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Mobile Responsive Theme

Just as the name suggests, a mobile responsive theme is the one that loads on a mobile phone. This means that when a user checks out your store on their mobile device, they can see it just as they would on their laptop and can access all the items too. They can also able to buy the items from the store as they would on their laptop. In simpler words, a mobile responsive theme mirrors the desktop version of your Shopify store’s theme on mobile.

A mobile responsive theme is able to understand when the user is accessing the website/store on their phone. It is thus, able to load the mobile version of the store on their device. The process involves adjusting the dimensions of various elements on the store’s page as well as the images to the size of your phone screen. This way, they will be able to access the site just as usual. This process requires intricate coding and is intuitive in nature.

In a way, your store will have two themes working simultaneously. The first theme is the traditional one that would load the store on a person’s desktop. The second theme is the one that would load on their phones. The theme is a lot quicker and responsive on the mobile though. Thus, the user gets the same extensions, plugins, and functionality on the mobile version of the site as they would do on the desktop.

Why you need Mobile Responsive Shopify Theme

If you have an eCommerce store online, it is important to track the behavior of your visitors so you’re able to increase your sales and earn more profit. Thus, you also need to know the devices that your potential customers use to access, visit, and buy from a store online. Therefore, if your store doesn’t load at the same speed on all devices or doesn’t have the same functionality, you might end up losing your customers.

Therefore, managing and optimizing the theme of your store to be compatible with mobile devices is essential. This is because around 50% of the recorded traffic on Shopify stores comes from mobile devices. Even with social media, around 80% of users of Facebook, access the platform through their phone. More than 25% of all searches on happening on the phones, which is why the biggest search engine Google has optimized their site for mobile devices. The search giant has also started preferring the mobile-friendly websites over others for ranking in the search results. This is because, Google wants to give users the best experience on any website they visit, whether it is through a phone or a laptop. This is why they prefer ranking websites with a mobile version higher than the other.

Most importantly, the user experience of a website is the biggest reason that a visitor would buy something or come back to the website. If your users are unable to navigate through the website properly, they would move on to another site which is easier to use. For example, if they find it difficult to search for products or store them to buy them later, they would visit a website that allows them to do that. In order to gain sales from the customers, your store’s visitors should be able to add products into their cart as quickly as possible and finish the payment at a faster speed too.

Currently, over 60% of carts are abandoned in an online store. The biggest reason for this is that most users are using their phones to shop and these stores use free themes that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, they have difficulty in navigating through the site and leave the product in the cart without the purchase. 

It’s understandable that you want to keep your investments as low as possible when you have just started out. However, you won’t be able to see a growth in your sales if users are unable to access your store on their phones. Thus, you need to invest in a mobile responsive theme early on and increase your rate of conversions to get all the invested money back.

Features of a Great Mobile Shopify Theme

Any theme that you pick for your Shopify store needs to match the style of your business and your brand. It needs to connect with the visitors so that they understand instantly what you’re selling and if they are interested in it. For example, if you have a store that sells dog toys, your theme cannot be business-like, sleek and serious. Your theme needs to represent your brand and the products you’re selling. Thus, you should go with a theme that looks cute, is colorful and has a lot of canine references.

Your store also needs to be as user-friendly as possible, i.e. the page loading time should be minimum and the customer’s focus should instantly land on the products. Apart from that, your store should also be very functional and should have the best applications to draw most of the user’s attention.

If you want to get the perfect theme for your Shopify store, here are some of the points that you must keep in mind:

  • Minimal, clean design
  • Easy to use and purchase from
  • Easy to navigate through
  • Can be customized, offers different color schemes
  • Compatible with different browsers
  • Compatible with Desktop/Mobile devices
  • Has the same look and feel irrespective of the devices
  • SEO-friendly
  • Offers customer support and assistance services
  • Has minimal and concise coding in the background
  • Comes with great reviews

Why eCom Turbo is the best shopping theme for mobile?

eCom Turbo is an extensively customizable mobile responsive theme for Shopify that loads quickly on all the devices. Not only does the theme look good on stores and loads quickly, but it also comes with several conversion-boosting apps that help increase your sales in the store.

The main objective of the theme is to make sure that it is easier for visitors to buy products from your store and to make sure that they buy the product they leave. For example, when a user is about to leave the website with products in their cart, a pop-up message would appear on their screen asking if they really wish to leave. In some cases, the pop-up message might also offer a discount to retain the customer.

The app has been designed to increase sales and is thus, one of the highest-rated mobile conversion themes for Shopify at the moment. It is driven by the art of persuasion to make the sales happen with the customers and to make their entire journey on the store, a breeze. Some of the features in the app are:

  • Fully customizable cash boosting upsells
  • Fully customizable home page
  • Fully customizable product pages
  • Built-in scarcity timers
  • Cash boosting upsells
  • Urgency sales tickers
  • Custom clean footer
  • Instagram integration
  • Profit boosting cart buttons
  • Trust badges
  • Minimally designed call to actions


Getting a mobile responsive theme for your Shopify store will only result in more sales and more profits. Not only will this increase the number of people visiting your websites, but it will also stop people who have already accessed the store on phone from going away. However, you must be careful while choosing the theme as it needs to match your brand communication and have good reviews as well. If you wish to try a theme for your Shopify store, you can try the eCom Turbo. The theme has been specifically designed keeping sales in mind and is coded with booster apps as well.

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