Best Sales Funnel Builder WordPress Themes

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Sales Funnel Builder Themes For WordPress!

Best Sales Funnel Builder WordPress Themes

Knowing what impact sales funnels can have on your online business, it’s common for marketers to indulge in various services and platforms that promise to deliver them with every feature they will ever need to create a successful sales funnel online. However, most of these platforms and services are not cheap and may require a significant investment of front even before you generate a single lead.

This begs the question, is there any possibility to generate high-quality, converting, mobile responsive, niche specific sales funnels without needing to invest $ 100 and even $ 300 per month?

The answer is, yes! And the solution is – almighty WordPress.

If you have a website, then you probably know what WordPress is because there’s a good chance that your website is actually using WordPress to power all of its beauty and functionality. But perhaps you don’t know that you can use the same platform to create quality sales funnels. If that’s so, don’t worry because, in this guide, I’ll be discussing a few WordPress themes that will help you create professional-level sales funnels with just one-time investment.

One of the biggest mistakes that most knew we marketers make is choosing ClickFunnels, believing it’s the best funnels software because most self-proclaimed Internet marketing gurus say so. However, what they forget is that being the marketer that they are, they are simply taking benefit of your innocence to generate massive affiliate earning.

Not only are there dozens of platforms that offer way more integrated features then ClickFunnels, but there are also even platforms like WordPress that provides you with every single feature and integration support you will need to create a full-fledged, funnels, affiliate program for your products, and successful online business with the ability to manage hundreds upon thousands of customers without breaking a sweat.

Clickfunnels – Why You Should and Why You Shouldn’t Use It

ClickFunnels- by Russell Brunson when first released was actually one among a handful of customers oriented, sales funnel builder application which offered intuitive interface, easy enough for even newbie marketers with little to no knowledge about programming to create a full-fledged sales funnel.

But, long gone are those days. With increased marketers’ needs, nearly every funnel platform has evolved, offering the same or near-to-same quality of user experience. I’m not saying that ClickFunnels is no more good software. It is, and I believe, because of the massive pre-existing user base, it will only continue to grow. Its growth can also be attributed to its really profitable affiliate program because of which literally every marketer always talks good about this platform, believing they will be able to generate affiliate earning.

ClickFunnels is also good for marketers for the reason that it offers them many pre-existing, professionally built conversion-optimized templates that Russell Brunson, along with his team of marketing experts, have personally used to generate massive revenue online. These templates are not something you can get for free of cost because they are driven by science and real-life customer interaction.

Apart from that, ClickFunnels also gets you access to sales copy for which Russell Brunson has paid over $ 20,000. You, like many other marketers and me, may not have such a massive amount to invest in just the sales copy. However, if your sales copy sucks, nobody is going to convert – meaning you won’t be generating any revenue from your funnels.

One another reason for its popularity can be attributed to the massive ClickFunnels community, which has hundreds upon thousands of pre-answered questions, all related to optimization, ROI, marketing, website traffic, and everything imaginable related to creating a successful online business. They are simply priceless mainly because these are real-life struggles that marketers are facing in their day-to-day routine, and the answer is there getting up from professional marketers, including Russell, who have made over a hundred million dollars online.

So now that you know what makes ClickFunnels are superior sales funnels builder, this discussion about the disadvantages this platform presents to every marketer.

It’s expensive, and its starter plan gets you access to only limited functionality. The starter plan, which will cost you $ 99 per month, doesn’t include email marketing, more than one payment processor integration, and many other limitations that seriously limit your ability to grow your online business. You obviously have an option to upgrade to a higher plan, which will cost you around $ 299, getting you access to all their features; however, the price tag which by the way is re-occurring isn’t cheap.

The second biggest problem with ClickFunnels is that you lose all your data once your subscription ends.

How to create inexpensive sales funnels?

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of ClickFunnels, you might want every other option you have to create an effective sales funnels for your online business.

If you are just starting out or don’t have the budget to invest nearly $ 1100 annually on ClickFunnels’ basic plan, then you should definitely consider WordPress as your sales funnels building platform.

WordPress Funnels

Though WordPress offers an intuitive user interface easy enough for everyone to create a full-fledged website, there’s a bit of learning curve when it comes to creating something different than the usual websites. This goes true for both e-commerce and funnels.

Unlike basic websites usually consist of user management and content management, e-commerce and sales funnels require some additional settings and controls, including inventory management, form creation, and management, AB testing, funnel integration, et cetera.

However, thanks to dozens of premium and free plug-ins available both on official WordPress and repository and third-party websites, you have the ability to integrate every advanced functionality imaginable into your WordPress website by literally this installing that specific extension.

Creating sales funnels in WordPress

If you are new to WordPress, you might find it challenging to set it up properly so as to create a performant funnel for your business.

Following are some essential steps you will have to follow to create a funnel in WordPress:

  1. You will need a customizable theme that supports page builders.
  2. You will need a page builder plug-in that comes with sales funnels components like pricing table, CTA buttons, form integration, et cetera.
  3. You must have an account with multiple payment processors.
  4. You will need a third-party extension to integrate payment processors with your WordPress website.
  5. You will have to create and customize opt-in forms.
  6. You will need a premium or free extension to enable an affiliate program on your website.

What Are Most Popular WordPress Themes for Funnel Creation?

Generatepress and Astra are the two most popular WordPress themes. Each of these themes is unique, but both can be used for the same purpose, such as blogs, businesses, portfolios, and even online shops. These two WordPress themes come with everything you need to develop a successful blog or website. Furthermore, these multi-purpose themes are fast at loading and have a fantastic look.

Generatepress WordPress Theme

The Generatepress is a lightweight theme that will help improve your website or blog loading time. Furthermore, it will also be easy for you as a brand owner to engage with visitors. Another advantage of using this particular theme is that it gives you the privilege of changing the codes on your blog or site for free.

Generatepress WordPress theme design

The Generatepress theme can be found on the WordPress repository. The theme has various set of functionalities which you can access after installing the theme. This free version has a unique design that focuses on specific elements, which are top tire speeds as well as a secure and stable connection.

Generatepress Theme Features

  1. layout Control

The first amazing feature found on this particular theme is the layout control. With the help of this feature, you will be able to create a friendly mobile or desktop platform. Moreover, you will also be able to include other things that are very useful, such as sidebar layouts, padding, and even margins.

  1. Plugin Compatible

Plug-in compatibility is another major challenge that website owners face when working on their theme. However, with Generatepress, you can rest be assured that all the plug-ins included on the theme will work without any problems.

  1. Page Builder

If you have a favorite page builder, you can use it on the Generatepress theme. Use your page builder to control your page layouts. Furthermore, you also get to choose how your website layouts appear, depending on the content of your site. You can either choose a boxed layout, full width, padded, or fluid layout.

  1. Typography and Colors

When you use the Generatepress theme, you are allowed to adjust the typography and theme colors manually. Moreover, users are also offered other styling options that are more colorful and easier to work with.

  1. Filters and Hooks

Filters and hooks are used to extend different features on a website. It does not matter whether the element you want to extend has an extension option or not. All you have to do is choose a filter and a hook to carry out this task. You can also switch off specific hooks that are not in use.


The Generatepress is available for free. However, there is also a premium option that comes with added features such as premium modules, one year of support and updates, a 40%renewal discount, and full access to the website’s library. The premium package will only cost you $49.95.

The Astra WordPress Theme

This particular theme is well known for its effective design options, which are layouts, transparent header, mega menu, mobile headers, page headers, sticky header, typography, and colors, as well as footer and header options.

Astra Theme Features

  1. Site Layouts

Site layouts is a feature that allows you to display all your main content in a unique boxed layout. The boxed layout is divided into two categories, which are primary and secondary. The primary section contains the main content, while the secondary section contains different widgets.

  1. Typography

These features allow website owners to change a few things when working on their platform, such as custom fonts, text-transform, responsive font size as well as Google fonts. This allows you to organize your content by selecting the type of font and size you want to use.

  1. Background and Colors

The Astra WordPress theme gives you the privilege of controlling your website’s colors, starting with the primary header.  Besides the primary header, you can also change the background and colors of similar elements such as above header, sticky header, single page, content, sidebar, as well as the transparent header.

  1. Blog Layouts

Another interesting feature found on the Astra WordPress theme is the blog layouts. There are various options for blog layouts, which are grid layout, list layout, date box, post pagination, infinite loading, and blog structure control. Each layout offers different options, which makes it easy for users to manage their posts.

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is considered to be effective for those who are selling their products online. That is because website owners can access various options that are found in this category, such as infinite scroll, grid settings, quick view, gallery option, a dropdown cart, and off-canvas sidebar. With these options, website owners can easily manage products and boost their sales.

  1. Custom Layouts

Most WordPress themes do not have custom layouts feature. But by working on the Astra WordPress theme, you get an opportunity to work with custom layouts. That means you can build a custom header, custom footer, custom 404page, and display conditions.


The Astra WordPress theme is available for free. However, you choose to work on the advanced version, which is the Astra pro for only $59. The Astra Pro theme versions come with a number of interesting features, which are unlimited usage of the website, extensive training, and twenty-four hours support forum.

Both Generatepress and Astra WordPress themes are considered to be the best for creating a successful blog or website. That is because they contain vital features that are used to improve the end-user experience.

3. Rise

Rise is an effective and stylish WordPress theme that suits a wide array of websites and blogs. Built-in collaboration with Zac Johnson, one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world, this theme has the power to make your website convert.

With only one click, you can switch between the five available color schemes, in order to make your website match your brand identity and your company logo. In addition, you can use the visual theme customizer to set your backgrounds, fonts, and colors as you wish. The font manager includes over 600 different fonts to choose from.

The automatic page generator enables you to build a website in the shortest time possible. All you need to do is to create pre-built pages and to fill them with content and images. Besides, you can use shortcodes, built-in floating social buttons, and click-to-call phone numbers to make your website as user-friendly as possible. All these features enable the building of professionally looking websites without the need for coding skills.

The Rise theme is responsive and built for speed. The code is light and properly optimized to load as fast as possible on any given device, in order to comply with Google’s recommendations for webmasters. All elements and modules of this theme follow the basic SEO principles and best practices. All WordPress websites that use Rise are SEO optimized right off the bat. These websites have the best chances to dominate the SERPs, provided that you pick the right keywords, you develop SEO-optimized copy, and you have a solid link building strategy.

There are multiple admin options that make customizing your website a breeze. These admin options are available site-wide and also on individual pages. The customer support team is always ready and willing to provide hands-on assistance and answers to any of your theme-related questions. You won’t need to pay for web development services, as you’ll get all answers you need directly from the customer support team. This theme suits any type of online or offline business.

4. Storied

If you need a new WordPress theme for your blog, storied can be the ideal choice. Developed with blogging in mind, this theme makes it very easy for any business to express ideas and make a point through compelling blog articles and conversations. A well-written blog can be a very powerful tool to build an online business, regardless of your focus or area of activity. However, investing a lot of time and money into developing a blog may not be the best approach ever. Fortunately, themes like Storied provide business owners with a more convenient way of building a blog to complement and support their business.

Storied is a theme that’s optimized to load fast, thanks to the lean and uncluttered code. Since Google puts a lot of weight on the loading speed, it comes without saying that an effective blog has to be fast. In addition, the attention span of the average internet user is less than 7 seconds. This means that a fast loading theme is a must if you want to enjoy a lower bounce rate and a higher time on site.

Storied features a mobile-first, responsive design. Your blog will look great on any device, regardless of the screen size or resolution. User experience is key to a successful blog. With Storied, you can offer your readers the best experience ever, regardless of their browser or viewing device. The mobile-first approach is the most effective way to prevent huge data transfers for mobile users.

Switching colors, header styles, fonts, and special elements is very easy, thanks to the in-built customization options and shortcodes. A few clicks are everything you need to completely change the look and feel of your blog. The header of the theme is fully customizable, thus being very easy to match with the branding of your business. The extensive admin options and the automatic page generator are exactly what you need to build a stylish and effective blog without wasting your time with learning how to code.

5. Voice

If you need a theme to focus on putting your content in front of the reader, Voice will provide you with all the tools to speak your mind and spread your ideas in the virtual space.

The headerless design of this WordPress theme emphasizes content and authors. These special features make Voice ideal for writers and bloggers who want to stand out from the crowd. These pages are built to promote content, and to make your words the first thing your readers will focus on as they land on your website.

Switching between different colors and styles is very easy. You can change to tone and feel of your website with only a few clicks. You can also control what elements to display in the sidebar of the page, and how the background should look. The dynamic background can change to showcase the image of the current post. This option alone would require extensive coding skills and a lot of work to implement on any other website. With Voice, it becomes a matter of a few clicks.

Voice is fully responsive and optimized for search engines. All you need is to choose your keywords with great care and to write powerful and compelling content to attract readers and turn them into loyal fans of your brand. The code of this theme is lean and free from unnecessary clutter. Pages and blog posts are very fast to load, contributing therefore to positive user experience.

The extensive admin options of Voice are available both site-wide and on individual pages. In addition, the visual theme customizer allows you to set custom colors, fonts, and backgrounds within seconds.

For those who wish to build and grow a mailing list, Voice comes with built-in features that allow displaying custom opt-in forms connected directly to your autoresponder or direct mailing program of choice. You can display these forms in the best place on the screen for increasing conversion rates.

6. Minus

Who doesn’t like many mistake design that is focused more toward irritability than appearance. If you need a website design that looks clean, present your content in the most readable way, has little to none clutters, and is optimized for mobile devices, you will want to install minus WordPress theme.

Like many other themes discussed in this guide, this template, too, comes with integrated support for thrive architect and many other premium as well as free page builders, thus giving you complete freedom to customize the layout of your website as per your desire.

If you talk about the features, the major selling point of this theme, any Thrive Themes, is how well they are optimized for search engines. In addition to that, these things are meant to be highly performant, meaning they are built and designed to help you get the best score on Google Page speed testing without requiring any additional optimization from your end.

Minus theme also comes with an integrated automatic page generator, which lets you create multiple pages or different usage literally a single click. This unique feature not only saves you time but also lets you present your content beautifully way.

Minus theme also comes bundled with email marketing capability enabling you to generate leads while presenting your audiences with the highest quality content. The integrated opt-in form can be easily connected with multiple email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

7. Ignition

If you need a WordPress theme that is optimized for marketing, then you should install ignition for testing. Built with affiliate marketing, business in mind, this WordPress template makes it super easy for you to create professional-looking sales pages, landing pages, membership as well as service pages, it’s all essential for any business online.

This theme also comes with multiple color schemes, giving you pre-built options to choose the style that aligns best with your brand. Furthermore, thanks to its customizable interface, you can customize these color schemes to give a personalized feel to your website.


The integrated automatic page generator lets you get started with your business in the shortest time possible. All you have to do to create multiple pages using pre-built page template and fill them with appropriate content. To further beautify your content, you can use shortcodes to dynamically indicate social media, call to action buttons, floating social icons, and many other advanced features without needing any coding skills.

8. Luxe

Yet another minimalistic theme from Thrive Themes designed with one single objective, and that is to let your audience read and browse your website without having to deal with cluttered animation effects and slideshows.

Just like every other Thrive Themes, Luxe comes with a powerful theme administration panel that lets you customize various aspects of your website with ease. You can also harness the power of the theme customization panel to truly explore and harness the flexibility of this premium theme.

Luxe is mainly designed for blogging oriented websites but can definitely be used for marketing purposes. Because it’s compatible with thrive architect and many other drag-and-drop pages builder plug-ins, you can easily integrate various marketing components onto your website to create a professional and effective sales funnel.

You can also utilize its integrated support for newsletter subscription, which lets you need to create it often forms with multiple email marketing platforms. This gives you the freedom to generate leads while you offer quality content to your visitors. Apart from these advanced functionalities, Luxe too comes bundled with support for multiple shortcodes, page generator, customizable typography, flexible-header design, integrated SEO features, and much more.

9. FocusBlog

A powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme that lets you create a website in literally any niche and purpose, all while ensuring unparalleled performance and readability.

Focus blog is one of the most popular WordPress themes from Thrive Themes and is also among a handful that comes integrated support for WooCommerce. This means FocusBlog is designed and built with e-commerce in mind while still offering you the same level of customizability that you get to experience with every other theme listed in this article.

10. Marketers delight

Marketers delight is a thesis theme framework’s child theme designed and built with marketers in mind. This theme is available at $ 97 and enables you to use it on up to 5 different websites. Though it might not be as popular as Thrive Themes and Genesis theme framework, it’s really affordable and gets you to access to some really cool features including integrated support for popup creator, multiple page layouts; page leads, widgets, call to action, multiple social media sharing buttons, and so much more.

The main selling point of the marketer’s delight is its design, which is quite unique for all other themes on the market and which also allows you to give your website a unique design. Above all, it is truly optimized for speed and search engines as it supports schema markup, a technical way to let search engines know what kind of content you regularly publish on your website.