Best Sales Page Funnel Builders (2021)

Find out the Best Sales Page Funnel Builders Below!

Best Sales Page Funnel Builders

The concept of online business has grown over the years. Now it is not easy to run an online business with tons of smart competitors who provide similar products and services. To overstep them, you have to know smart marketing strategies and technicalities to increase traffic to your web pages. It can feel daunting with the complexities, but with the right funnel builder, your work is easy.

They will do all the technical tasks for you. But, no matter whether you are an experienced person or a newcomer in this field, choosing a perfect funnel builder can seem challenging. Multiple builders are available in the market claiming to be the best; as a result, many people get confused about picking any one of them. Also, the affiliates always try to convince you that their choice of funnel builder is ideal that creates more pressure.

What is a sales page funnel builder?

A sales page funnel builder is a marketing tool that makes your target audiences go through a process that converts them to a lead and ultimately into a paying customer. It is ideal for people looking forward to growing their online business. It is the perfect alternative to hiring web developers that can be expensive and take more time. Funnel builders follow the AIDA model, where they go through four stages to reach their goal.

They find out potential customers and guide them to buy a product or service that meets their needs. The first step is awareness; it aims to grab the attention of visitors. Now they have an interest and are potential customers. They are now thinking of buying your product or services. In the third stage, customers decide to buy your product. But it is not the end until they are in action. The last step gets complete when the customer places an order.

Below are some of the best well-designed sales funnel.


Initially, Instapage had the purpose of increasing the pay per click (PPC) landers. They have advanced page builder features and are easy and fluid to use. Over the years, they have grown in terms of popularity, and now you can also build a funnel.  The Instapage dashboard shows a list of all the landers so that you can get an idea of the traffic of visitors.

 For convenience, they have a feature to create a group. On the left-side, you will get all the essential features like analytics and integration. While on top of the dashboard, you have account settings, billing settings, and more. As their main focus is on building pages, you will get to create a page from three different options. With the standard page option, you can either choose a template or start from a blank page.

They have over 200 templates and the best web editor. The AMP page, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, has fast loading, and their way of creating pages is google-friendly. And lastly, the upload page lets you upload any downloaded or exported Instapage lander. Also, they are quick in responding.

The analytics and split testing feature are easy to understand. You can create more than eight variants for split testing, which is more than enough. Also, the A/B split testing includes variations like conversion rate, cost per visitor, and cost per lead. One of the best features of Instapage is its built-in heatmaps. It is easy to use as it has only click, scroll, and mouse movements.

They support many integrations, including email marketing automation, webinar hosting, live chat support, CRM, and others. Instapage offers two plans: business and enterprise. In the business plan, you have to pay $199 for monthly payments and $149 annually.


This software is a high-end check out platform and is perfect for online marketers. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a digital product or a physical one, Samcart has got you covered. They help to grow your business with their tons of features like bump offers and upsells. It doesn’t take much time for the users to create a checkout page.

Though Samcart is the best software for creating a shopping cart, it doesn’t have varied options for payments. Your customers can pay through stripe if they have a credit card or through Paypal if they don’t. It can become a disadvantage for people who don’t use any of them. They don’t support google play, apple pay, or, which are some of the most used payment options.

Some of their payment methods are subscriptions, One-time single price offers, free trials, choice of eight currencies, and more. They have 10+ attractive checkout templates, and you can be sure you will find something of your liking from there.

Samcart allows you to customize the templates on designs like logo upload, custom fields, button text, testimonials titles, and many more. One feature that sets it apart from other carts is the drag and drop editor. It makes your work easier and quicker. For any online shopping cart, integrating it with email marketing autoresponder is necessary.

Anyone who buys your product gets added to the email list. Some of the email providers are ConvertKit, AWeber, Drip, and icontact. They have three plans: launch, grow and scale. Scale is the most expensive plan billing at $199/month. They include every advanced offer Samcart offers and much more. The launch plan bills at $49/month, perfect for creating a one-page website. And lastly, the grow plan currently at $99/month is ideal for converting more visitors into customers.


ClickFunnels is one of the best software for building sales funnels. Created by Russell Brunson in 2014, this product has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. It gives more commissions for promoting their brand than any other sales funnel builder out there. You can use it to build any sales funnel, landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, and more. Their step-by-step process for the visitors doesn’t let them get lost.

They have every tool and strategy you need to market, sell, and grow your product. For example, Drag and drop webpage editor, smart shopping cart with one-click upsells, and email and Facebook marketing automation.

They generate leads to capture visitor’s contact information with their simple funnels. In this way, you can follow-up with the visitors even if they leave the page. They have 50+ templates and gives you a 14-day free trial to use the builder. Some of the page elements they use are Headline, Image, Text, Button.

Their advanced elements are SMS signup, surveys, pricing table, etc. It gives users the flexibility to design their pages. Their most popular plan is $97/month one. It includes 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. However, the $297/month plan offers unlimited features and their popular affiliate program.

Digital Kickstart

Digital Kickstart and ClickFunnels share a lot of similarities in terms of their functionality, features, and pricing. It releases new templates to give you a vast amount of options. They feature integration with teachable, create membership sites, and sell fantastic online courses. It also has a webinar coaching program. Mark Thomson is the co-founder of this builder who promises to drive more traffic to your websites.

It also generates new leads and subscribers and accelerates the growth of your business. And ultimately to increase your online revenue. It is ideal for marketers and online entrepreneurs. They have put products under different categories for the convenience of the users. Some of the categories include analytics, shopping cart, email, video, market research, etc.

Their top developers, designers, copywriters, and support staff will help you in every part of the business. It promises a true one-click upsells, customizable checkout pages, Zero-setup insights and metrics, and instant affiliate commissions. Some of their best selling products are ListEruption, webinar ignition, and Bonus Press. ListEruption V2, a list building software, has a simple interface and high-converting landing page template.

They also have an organized support desk. You will find FAQs of each of their products listed under the respective product name. You can get a free report starting from their marketing hacks to experiments and interviews by entering your name and email address. They also have a blog on topics like networking tips for your next event and how to use influencers to drive traffic. Earn generous commissions by promoting their products as an affiliate. They also offer a free trial, and they have only one plan pricing at $99/month that provides everything.

Lead Pages

Lead pages have been providing service to marketers over the years now. Though it is one of the oldest platforms, they keep up with the latest trends with frequent updating and releasing features. As the name suggests, their primary focus is on leading pages than building funnel. But you can still create a useful funnel builder with a bit of work. You can create attractive leading pages without any knowledge of code and design.

They have multiple category templates, including webinar pages, thank you pages, product launch pages, checkout pages, and even 404 pages. You won’t have any trouble to find a template that suits your business as they have 160 free templates on their library. All of the templates are customizable.  Aside from the in-house ones, there are also third-party offerings like Themeforest. But you have to buy them to use it; their price ranging is from $10-$30.

 It has easy integration as it supports all types of CMS. For instance, WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace, and more. They have built-in analytics to check your performance, but you can also integrate it with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The templates are mobile-friendly so that the visitors can visit your landing page from their phone as well.

They also feature leadboxes, also known as pop-up boxes; it appears when you are leaving the site. They are automatic, and they also appear when any visitor clicks a particular button. It helps to generate more leads and increase engagement. The only downfall of Lead pages is their drag and drop editor due to its slow responding. But it costs cheaper than the other platforms on the Internet.


OptimizePress is the most used WordPress page builder. With the help of their marketing suite, create amazing landing pages, sales pages, and funnels. They also provide a demo video when you provide your name and email address. In that video, they show how they generate leads and conversions for your business. It gives you a clear image of their process. They have 30+ customizable templates, and all of them focus on conversions.

 But, one amazing part about them is it comes in both theme and plugin format. The live-editor feature lets you create pages without the hassle of reloading or previewing the page to check the design. Also, they have 40+ customizable elements like Audio player, content toggle, and video player. It helps in increasing traffic. Another way of generating leads is by their fully responsive feature. It offers people to visit your site through mobile as well.

The page builder is easy and simple; create pages with four steps only. The first step is to provide a name for your page and select a template as the second step. Then using the live editor design the page. Add elements or change color, text, or size of the template of your choice. It is one of the best membership plugins available as it gives total control in designing the pages.

 It also has drip content to help you create, save, and schedule the email. They get delivered automatically when a member first joins. By integrating with your email marketing provider, OptimizePress offers to add buyers into the email list automatically. You can solve any problem with the help of their responsive support team.

If you get confused on how this page builder works or want to know more about them, go to their help page. They also have a troubleshooting page if you run into any problems. OptimizePress has three pricing plans: core plan, publisher plan, and pro plan. The core plan is the cheapest billing at $97/one-time payment. Then the publisher plan is at $197 and the pro plan at $297 for the one-time payment.

With the basic features at the core plan, it is perfect for individuals to use or who are new in this field. The publisher plan is for the experienced marketer, whereas the pro plan is for advanced marketers who use multiple sites.

10 Minute Funnels

This platform claims to be the easiest and powerful sales funnel builder. They guarantee you can build a marketing funnel in 10 minutes, and they are already proven to work. Choose a marketing campaign that suits your business, customize it, and then launch it. 10 Minute Funnels provides multiple types of marketing pages to build. A few of them are Opt-in Lead-Gen Pages, Sales Pages, Launch Pages, Order Forms, Thank You Pages, and many more. You don’t have to be a programmer to use this platform, they have a drag and drop editor to create effortless advanced funnels.

They integrate with companies like Paypal, Stripe, Clickbank, JVZoo,, Amazon, and Infusionsoft to make your customers payment easier. They have two pricing plans: Premium Plan and the Enterprise Plan. The Premium plan will cost you $97/month, while the Enterprise plan is for $197/month. Instead of a 14-day free trial that most platforms offer, you have to pay $1 for the free trial.

Their integration with some of the email marketing solutions is Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse. Also, with their custom add-on feature, you can integrate with smaller email providers as well. You only need custom code. In the support section, you will find multiple articles to understand the platform better. These questions fall under respective topics like page editing, merchant set up, 10FM features, and more.


Megaphone aims to become the best landing page creator. But with 100+ beautiful templates, you can also build a complete funnel. They have templates on various categories, including sales pages, landing pages, webinars, training, download, and thank you pages. Though the templates are customizable, the platform doesn’t give you the control to create a landing page from scratch.

 Their fully responsive feature allows visitors to go to your page through mobile as well. They work with some of the significant email list providers, including AWeber, Infusionsoft, iContact, and mailchimp. Their other features are share pages with ease, real-time stats, and fast load times.

The MegaPop feature allows you to paste a small snippet of code around any text or image on your web page. So when you click that click, a pop-up of your Megaphone page will appear. It is ideal for beginners as they cannot do membership creation and shipping real products. But to compensate it, they provide instant delivery of digital products. Also, they don’t have one-click upsells, and their pricing is cheaper than other landing page builders. You can use everything with $49/ month.


It is another one of a landing page creator where you can also build a funnel with some work. Their pricing stands at $99/month. Though they are on the expensive side for a landing page creator, they provide a myriad of features and templates. Their default template is over 100, and you can also use templates from Themeforest. You can get them at a price range from $10-40. If you have excellent designing skills, Unbounce lets you build the page from scratch.

Also, their web editor is one of the best among other landing page platforms. Unbounce promises you can make a high-converting landing page in lesser time than with a developer. You don’t need coding skills to use this platform; with the help of their drag and drop editor, you can add, remove, and customize any part of the landing page.

You can also add custom scripts and pixels like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to any page. They are fully mobile responsive, and they also feature AMP that stands for Accelerated mobile pages. This feature increase conversion rate by 85% than standard mobile pages. Choose among the three pricing plans they offer: essential, premium, and enterprise. You can either pay annually or monthly. But you can save 20% by paying yearly.

Final verdict

Considering the types of features that each platform offers, Instapage, Samcart, and ClickFunnels stand out the most. Samcart will provide you the best one-page funnel builder, whereas Instapage lets you create professional yet attractive looking sales funnel. However, ClickFunnels is the most used funnel builder by marketers.

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