Best Shopify Ecommerce About Us Pages Templates and Examples

Best Shopify Ecommerce About Us Pages Templates and Examples

Best Shopify Ecommerce About Us Pages Templates and Examples (2021)

Find out how to get the Best Shopify Ecommerce About Us Pages Templates and Examples Below!


About us, the page is just as essential as the Contact us page on your site. It is a supporting page that you create irrespective of your industry. Different sites can have different names for their About us page, but all of them serve the same purpose of letting the customers know more about your business.

About us, the page is an excellent opportunity to connect with your customers by conveying your story and mission to them. Your About us page should focus on emphasizing the crucial selling points of your brand. It should bridge the gap between you and the curious visitors with a single link.

With About us page, you can tell your customers various things about your business like:

  • Why you started your business?
  • What purpose your business serves?
  • What is your business model?
  • How are the products made?

It is a space where you can tell the customers about your business’s strength, and the customers will find the answers to most of their questions about your business.

Elements to include in your About us page

1. Business Structure

You should create your business structure to give back to society or customers in some way. You have to let your customers know about it in your About us page.

  • You can cut the costs of intermediaries and direct the benefits received to the customers by giving them discounts.
  • You can manufacture your products in some isolated areas and generate employment for the community living there.
  • You can give a small portion of profits received in charity.

Your business should be structured to improve transparency with your customers. If you will create awareness about your excellent work in the society and then customers may come in a fiduciary relationship with your business. 

2. Mention awards and testimonials

To share how your business is impacting your industry, you should include the awards, testimonials, and press mentions in your About us page.

Your mentions and awards make the customers confident in your brand. It is a way of winning their trust while teaching awareness of your business success.

You can gather social proofs and display them on your About us page. You can also share the views of satisfied customers, logos of the publications that covered you or Instagram galleries.

3. Introduce your team

By giving a face to your brand, you can humanize it. Customers will trust your brand. For now, they know the look of your top-level management like founders and administrators.

Giving your team’s faces will improve your relations with your customers as they will be confident that your business is not a fraud like many others on the internet.

4. Add videos and pictures

To give your customers an insight into your business atmosphere, you can upload a video or a picture of anything related to business on your About us page. 

It will help your customers to learn about the inside culture of your business. Also, videos or images will brief your customers about your products.

5. Add necessary links

Your About us page is incomplete without the necessary links. It can lead your customers to various other pages of your site.

Whether it is blogs or social media handles, make sure you insert relevant links to your so your customers can get an in-depth knowledge of the objectives and history of your business.

The will the customers know about your business, the easier it will be for them to trust your business and recommend others about it.

Some killer About Us page template examples

Here are some cases of Shopify About us pages that have benefited by increasing ecommerce conversion rates:

1. Airbnb

Most of the merchants make most of the primary mistakes while creating the About us page. They usually focus on writing about the mission and story of their business while neglecting to disclose their identity.

You don’t have to compare your site to ten others and come to a conclusion. All you have to do is support your brand. You may tell your customers about yourself and the work you do.

You can keep it simple yet effective, just like Airbnb About us page.  It has helped them attract a lot of customers and increase conversion rates.

2. Apptopia Story

Apptopia has helped in developing customer trust by sticking to the principle of disclosing anonymity of the people behind the site.

It has effectively connected their customers around their site by giving customer awareness the utter importance. Companies like Apple and Apptopia implement the practices that make customers connect to your brand. It is necessary to attract customers for interaction to strengthen brand image.

A person tends to believe another person rather than a machine. By giving your staff identity and presenting them as your company’s team member, you can increase conversion rates.


Humans have a proclivity of discovering new things. Your customers will love to know the story behind your store. A good store will have a great storyline. engaged people and increased their conversion rates with their storytelling. It gives customers an idea of your business objectives.

You can also make a substantial impact on your customers with vivid storytelling and effective communication. This way, your customers will have a better understanding of your brand, and maybe they will commit to purchasing from your site.


Jon Loomer is a famous Facebook marketing blogger. He has built his brand with his About us page. What makes his site stands out is the trust that he has built with his customers by telling about his personal life, home, and family.

The customers are confident that they are interacting with a real person and not some fake person. His About Us page is all about his life facts.

Your About us page should offer your customers something to discuss. If you share facts, it will make it less tedious for them, and they will know what you are trying to say.


If your About us page is full of text, it becomes very annoying to read. has implemented the page builders. It makes its About us page more readable and enjoyable for customers.

It captures attention and makes them interested in the content. has inserted the pictures and has the material in small colorful blocks. With this, they were able to increase their conversion rates and convince them to visit their site.

Now, it’s time to create your Shopify About us page

With the help of the Pagefly app, you can create various essential pages for your Shopify store. This app gives the next level experience to your customers when they arrive at your website.

Here is a tutorial video that will help you create your About us page.

About us page templates

  1. Logan
  2. Lukage
  3. Citilize
  4. Centic
  5. Mumento


Implementing these About us pages and templates can help you gather a lot of traffic on your site. So be careful with your ideas as they play a significant role in attracting customers. Shopify is always at your service if you need help with one.

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