Best Shopify Theme For One Product

Best Shopify Theme For One Product

Best Shopify Theme For One Product


When developing a website with a virtual store, it is necessary to know which theme best suits your site. It is essential to know what type of content is available to you, as well as how it organizes. The content can include banners, sliders, embedded videos from other platforms such as social networks or YouTube.

Some themes can set up each element in a different way, depending on the template. Each item has a different way of organizing information and content to show the best of the business.

Best Shopify Themes For One Product

There are several themes available in the market that you can use for your online store. In this section, we will show you several options that will serve as a reference to choose the best.

eCom Turbo

The license can vary from $97 to $147: the first is for a single store and the second for unlimited stores. It is essential to determine how much you want to expand so that you can acquire the right license.

The most prominent features of this theme are the shopping carts available as well as the payment methods. Other useful tools are the statistics of views and conversions within the website. It has an alert system to warn you when a customer purchases your platform. 

Another feature is stock management, where you can see the available quantities of the item.


It is a similar theme to the previous one when it comes to the overall feel and functionality. You can have two types of permit: the first one for a single website at $127 and the second one at $297 for ten sites.

The site is responsive; that is, it has the same resolution for PC and mobile devices. Its design is based on current online shopping websites, where most are using mobile devices and not PCs.

The system allows you to create a virtual store for several items; additionally, you can have a cart and make the checkout. You can add several additions, such as payment processors to make the process more convenient for the customer.

Booster Shopify Theme

It is a theme focused on developing virtual stores that are 100% responsive; you can view it on Tablets, PC and Smartphones. With it, you get a single virtual store to place all your products for sale. You have different downloadable tools that you can take advantage of such as social networks, payment processors, and several others.

The theme has a significant advantage over others, allowing you to exploit promotions according to volume. You will be able to add discounts in merchandise or free transport for a specific minimum amount. Another advantage is that you can generate discount coupons to reward customer loyalty.

The license of this platform is unique, unlike the previous ones; it costs  $197 and provides a quick download.

Ap Strollik

It is the cheapest item on the list, with a single license of $70 that allows you to download and install the theme. The theme has several advantages; the main one is a responsive design for viewing on all types of computers. It has several plugins available, although if we compare them with the others, it comes with fewer tools.

The theme has its cart and its checkout with several payment processors and a sales alert system. The system has a policy to validate and configure the SEO to have a high score in search engines. The system has a method to visualize customers and alerts on the sales made.

Single Store Shopify

It is one of the best themes available for the creation of virtual stores in Shopify. The name is not the most original; however, the tools you have are among the best. You can create a website with a mega menu, asynchronous loading content, social networks, sliders, and several others.

Shopify allows you to create different sections in your site to make yourself and your business known. Other options are to edit your store and the offers you want to make in it. The checkout system is the best, allowing the implementation of the most modern and current platforms.

The platform has a cost of $145; it’s an accessible value with all the plugins you need for your business.


We have reviewed several of the most popular themes in the market for the development of single-product stores. Each theme has a different cost and characteristics that you must evaluate regarding what you want so that you can reduce unnecessary costs.

In many cases, people buy intricate themes for full catalogues and discover they don’t need all that space.

Another factor in evaluating is what third party platforms you are going to implement within your website. There are some standard plugins among all the themes, and depending on your needs, you can buy the cheapest.


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