10 Best Side Income Ideas For Actors (2021)

Find out 10 Best Side Income Ideas For Actors Below!

Best Side Hustles For Actors

Being an actor isn’t ease – that’s an understatement. Sure, hitting a big part can turn their lives into pure fun and happiness, but getting there is the challenge. The majority of actors aren’t actively acting most of the time, and that’s more than a problem.

If you want to be the next Keanu Reeves, then you need to be creative and come up with ways to tackle each part. That creativity shouldn’t be exclusive for acting, though; you want to put the same skills into finding work until you find success.

That’s far from admitting people are right when they say you should give up on acting. I’m actually talking about finding a good job that won’t get in the way of your auditions, training, and important appointments.

Luckily, I have a few ideas for you in today’s article.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven approach to setting up an online business, and that’s why it’s the first option in this list. People make thousands without too much work with this method, and you don’t really need much money or knowledge to start.

You can run your business anywhere you are, and it meets a lot of the requirements for people looking to make extra money. You just need to promote someone else’s product on your website and get a commission from sales coming from your traffic.

Learning the tropes is easy as well. You can find great and affordable courses around the internet, and if you’re OK with investing time with research, you might even learn for free.


It’s easy to set up, and it requires very little investment. Once you find success, you can scale your business and increase your income, and the amount of products you can promote is nearly endless. Once everything is up and running, you can make money while doing anything else.


The conditions are set by the affiliate program, so your income might fluctuate. Some niches are also very competitive.


Some products and niches already have countless of affiliate marketers saturating them. The best idea is to find a good niche with low competition but with a passionate audience. However, don’t overdo it and narrow down your niche too much.

Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon sounds like an easy choice, right? Well, you can do more than that: you can have your products packaged and shipped by them, and they’ll also handle customer aftercare. That’s what the Fulfillment by Amazon program offers.

As I said, you just need to send your products to an Amazon warehouse. The company takes care of everything from there – including returns.

While you do have to pay for Amazon’s fulfillment, you can set your own prices, so you can still make serious money here. Keep in mind that this approach requires more investment than other options, but you can make more money and quicker, so it’s worth considering.

You might find saturated markets around the more popular niches, so research is a must before buying your inventory. Make sure to assess your competitors and their reviews to get an idea of how they’re selling.

As with affiliate marketing, you can find all the training you need with online courses. Learn about the program before buying it to ensure you’re getting good value.


You can leverage Amazon’s fame and their customer base. You save time thanks to everything they do for you, and your customers benefit from fast and free shipping, customer care, and even Amazon Prime.


You need more money to start, and tracking your inventory is difficult.


Define how much of your time you can spend on this business. You don’t need to handle half the work from other eCommerce approaches, but you still need to buy and send your inventory to Amazon. Meeting their requirements can also be a challenge for some people.

Walking dogs

This is a nice side job that lets you make money, exercise a bit, and even have fun if you love dogs. People tend to have less free time because of their jobs and responsibilities, and walking dogs has become a worthwhile job for many.

Keep in mind it’s not as easy as it might sound. You won’t be walking a single dog; it’s common to manage several if you want good money, about 4 is a good number. However, you can offer extras to increase your rates: more playtime or extending your walks.

Cleaning after dogs is also worth money, so you can also provide cleaning services on people’s gardens and lawns after their dogs. You just need to buy a few more things like gloves, a scooper, bucket, etc.


The money is actually good – you might be surprised. You can offer packages to increase your rates while providing more services. You can get some workout into your daily routine, and if you like animals, you could even make money while having fun.


There might me competition where you live. Aggressive dogs are a common issue – both from your clients and other people outside while you work. You might want to get insurance, and you’re responsible for your clients’ pets.


Cities are obviously a great place to find work, but everyone thinks so, so competition is more common there. You should consider getting a certificate as a dog trainer or handler to give you an edge. Think about getting insurance in case you run into troublesome animals.


If you’ve gone to drama school, received coaching, or took any type of formal training in acting, then you could make money out of your knowledge. You can become an acting coach and offer acting lessons to monetize your preparation.

You can reach out to new and aspiring actors and teach them what you know. You can prepare a program structuring your lessons and topics. These can go from the fundamentals to performance techniques. However, you can go beyond that; think about essential skills like how you can apply to auditions and presenting yourself properly to increase your chances of getting calls.

Everyone wants to get an edge over their competitors, and depending on your experience, you can definitely provide them with that. If you’ve already gotten some roles – either on TV, movies or stages – you can be considered a professional, which means higher fees.


You can schedule your own classes since you’re your own boss; the same goes for establishing your own prices and rates. You get to share your experience with others and help them, which always provides lots of satisfaction. Besides, you can meet more people and work on your networking – you never know when one of your students can help you back.


Finding clients can be more difficult for some people with less experience; the clients themselves can also be difficult sometimes. You might have to travel depending on how you give your lessons, and once someone “graduates” from your class, that’s a client that won’t come back unless.


You need to be careful with what you teach. It might sound cruel, but don’t forget you’re basically teaching your competitors how to improve. Acting already faces a lot of competition, and you could end up making things harder for yourself down the road.

Define how you want to conduct your training: do students have to go to you or will you visit them? The latter option sounds annoying, but you can offer it as a premium package and charge more for it.

Singing or dancing lessons

This is closely related to the previous suggestion in that you’ll take advantage of the skills you’ve learned to improve your acting. If you’ve taken special lessons on musical skills – dancing, singing, an instrument, etc – then you can make money as a tutor for actors who want to add a new skill to their resume.

You can schedule your tuition sessions as you see fit so that you can avoid messing with important appointments; you also decide your rates. Since you’re teaching special skills, you can make good money from it.

You can even find clients from your auditions and work, so you should think about having business cards you can hand out quickly. You can teach people in your own home, or you could charge extra and move to their area.


You schedule your work as you want, and you can make quite a lot of money. If you’re passionate about what you teach, it might even be a fun job since you get to share your own talent. Finally, you can also work on your networking with your clients.


If someone cancels, you lose earnings. You need to manage your schedule so that it doesn’t eat away at your time. Some sessions might require uncomfortable hours.


If what you want to teach is noisy (tap dancing, rock guitar, some styles of singing, etc.) you should consider what time of the day you’ll hold your lessons. You definitely don’t want to disturb neighbors, and you could even get in trouble with management and not be able to hold more sessions there.


Continuing with the skill monetization, you can offer almost any skill as a freelance service to other people. You have multiple sites at your disposal built solely to connect clients with freelancers, and you only need a marketable skill, laptop, and good internet.

You can make good money from a wide array of skills. You can write blog entries, manage social media profiles, design websites and logos, translate, and more. As I said, most skills you have can be monetized on the internet.

You have websites such as Upwork, which let you find job offers and apply to the ones you’re interested in. Other sites, like Fiverr, let you just post your offer and wait for people to hire you.


You don’t need much equipment other than what you already use. You can work whenever you want as long as you meet your deadlines. There’s a huge spectrum of skills and works you can tackle. Rates are often negotiable.


Your workload will fluctuate often, and the same goes for your payments. You might need to wait a while before getting clients.


Being a freelancer requires good self-discipline – at least if you want to be a good one – to meet your deadlines and provide quality results. You should keep a calendar and write down your due dates, especially if you’re working with several clients at once.

Additionally, many freelance marketplaces work with reviews and ratings systems. If you’re good, it’ll be easier to find new clients, so don’t neglect your work. If you keep track of all your deadlines, you might even deliver earlier for a nice rating boost.

Temporary jobs

Many companies need help with different jobs, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that you’re good at. Temporary positions can make you good money as long as you’re reliable and trustworthy. You might even be called again for future work.

If your auditions and appointments fall under a certain time of the day, you can look for a temporary position that’s outside of that range. For instance, if your auditions occur mostly in the afternoon, you can look for a position in the morning.

Just remember that you need to show up at work as you agreed with your employer. Luckily, you can usually choose your work shift to avoid scheduling conflicts. Depending on your skills, some temporary positions can make more money than others.


The money is usually good since these are mostly necessary positions. The job variety is also quite broad, so you shouldn’t have too many issues finding one you’re good at. If you’re a good employee, you might even be called to come back later down the line if you need it.


Scheduling might be a challenge. Since you’re working with different employers, consistency is another problem, and your income will vary


Temporary jobs require reliability, and companies look for trustworthy workers, so you need to assess your availability realistically. Avoid taking a job located far from your home, especially if you rely on public transportation – this is more prominent in big cities.


“Gig working” sounds odd, but it’s actually a solid sector that’s made lots of money for many people. In fact, there are apps dedicated solely to paying people for different jobs, shopping certain items, or assist with market research.

Some of these apps include Takl and Gigwalk, and they connect registered workers with different tasks; they then pay people after they finish.

You can even find jobs around your area, like organizing or painting other people’s homes. Some gigs are also smaller, and while they might not be worth much, you can do them quickly and stack up several and make good money. For instance, assisting market research often means just to answer some questions.


It’s very flexible, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about outlays, and there are different apps you can use – even simultaneously. Smaller jobs are fast, and you can finish several to make good money quickly.


Pay is quite irregular, and the same goes for work and inconsistency. You usually need to travel to different locations depending on the task.


Most companies require you to sign up and verify your identity, but safety could be an issue for some. Certain jobs will have you visit a stranger’s place, so make sure you follow their rules and keep an eye out if anything looks fishy.

Food delivery

Busy cities are a gold mine for food delivery workers. Sure, you can work for a local business, but you’ll likely make more money by signing up to services such as UberEats.

Companies like UberEats form partnerships with restaurants, and if you live near several, then you should get lots of work. Naturally, weekends and evenings are the best times for work, so you can make good money if you’re available during those times.

You don’t need any experience other than being able to pick up orders from a restaurant and deliver them to the client – always making sure the order is correct. Besides your fee, customers can leave you a tip, and tips are 100% yours.


You can work whenever you want. You don’t need any experience, and you can still receive steady work depending on where you live. You keep 100% of your tips.


Traffic and parking can be a pain. You might have issues with your customers if you mess something up, and you might need higher insurance.


If you use your car for deliveries, always consult your insurance provider. You might need to upgrade your coverage now that it’s a commercial asset. Always be mindful of where you park; it’s easy to take a hit from a parking ticket when you’re stressed.

eBook Writing

Let’s close with another option to monetize your knowledge: publishing an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing. Again, you’ll leverage Amazon’s huge audience and customer base, so if you’re good at writing, there’s no reason not to try this.

You can write about anything: a novel, self-help, acting techniques, guides, etc. You can turn your knowledge (or creativity) into a book, publish it for free, and get a chance to make money from it.

Kindle does charge a fee, but you still own your book. Once published, it can sell as many times as people want to buy it, so you might make great money from a single work.


You make money for as long as your book sells, and you decide your own prices. You can publish as many books about as many topics as you want.


There’s a lot of competition, and some subjects might be saturated. Kindle charges a feed, and you might have to spend on marketing.


Avoid saturated topics to increase your chances to make money. You should always research Kindle categories before writing. Don’t neglect your cover design, either; you might want to consider hiring a graphic designer for it.

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