10 Best Side Income Ideas For Psychologists (2021)

Find out 10 Best Side Income Ideas For Psychologists Below!

Best Side Hustles For Psychologists

Everyone could use some extra money. As the global economy experiences a downturn, making more money becomes as difficult as it is necessary, but the internet can help you a lot.

It’s not a secret that the times are tough right now in 2020. From the health side of things to the economic conditions that were already building up, everything came together to create – simplifying it – a hard time.

Most people could argue we’re going through an economic crisis right now, and it’s affecting every profession.

Now, you can take 2 paths from here:

  • Keep on with you life as usual, pretending nothing is going on right now and hoping it doesn’t strike you as hard as it could.
  • Work with your creativity and take measures that can help you curve this problem with a side job for extra money.

With that in mind, let’s see what options psychologists have to do just that.

Affiliate marketing

Many psychologists already run a website for themselves, and blogs are quite popular in this career. It’s an excellent way to promote your knowledge and make more clients on the internet.

If you do this already, you have the chance to monetize it with affiliate marketing. It’s already a billion dollar industry, and it’s only estimated to grow larger with time. It’s definitely a path worth considering.

Let’s go through the business model in case you’re not aware of what it is. It’s basically just promoting products from other brands and companies. You register on affiliate programs and receive a link. Your job is to generate interesting content around the niche of your product and promote your link there to direct people to the offer. Every time someone buys it coming from you, you earn a commission from that sale.

A great option for psychologists is Online-Therapy. It’s an online therapy website that offers therapists to its users through different avenues. The therapists guides the client through all the steps.

Among the avenues, we have:

  1. Sections with the necessary information and help to help people overcome challenges.
  2. 30 weekly minutes to live chat with therapists and ask for support.
  3. Messaging with the therapists.
  4. Activity plans.

The affiliate program is also quite good. Your referrals receive 20% off the payment for their first month, and you earn $100 for each user joining from your link.


You don’t need much money to start out, and you don’t have to be a marketing career since you can learn everything online. It’s a very flexible career; you can set your schedule according to your time and preferences. You don’t really need to interact with customers, and your income will generate on its own after your website and content is set up properly.


It takes a lot of work at the start, and you need patience to overcome your competitors and establish your website. You can’t really create a personal brand, and you’re not in control over the programs and their conditions, so there’s also no guarantee on your income levels.


Don’t think that an online business takes less work than a physical one. You won’t make thousands the next day, and you need to understand patience is a virtue here. You need to keep your website updated and generate a lot of content when starting so that your customers have a reason to visit you.

You want to learn as much as possible about the business model. There are countless resources on the internet about it, and it can be overwhelming at the start. If you have the money to invest in a course, consider doing so to save time and stress.

Use online tools like Ahrefs and GoogleTrends to find keywords and niches you can work with.

Corporate events

Some companies have policies that require them to look after their employees’ mental health. That’s why so many invest in workshops and retreats to assess issues on their workspace.

This means opportunity for psychologists. You can create a package for companies’ retreats to help them with their needs.

Work burnout is an example. Lots of people have experienced burnout: complete physical and emotional exhaustion that keeps them from working any further. That’s because people need to deal with work, family, children’s school, and their own personal issues.

Even before starting their job’s responsibilities, people can feel overwhelmed and too tired to work – just from their problems alone. There’s an obvious result here: they won’t perform as they should on their workplace.

You can help this issue by helping them with life skills, assessing their individual problems and giving them strategies for their daily lives.


It’s very flexible, and you’re in charge of what you offer and how you deliver it. The money is good, and it’s closely tied to your career, so satisfaction is high.


You need to be a good organizer. Creating and delivering your presentation takes a lot of time, and your income isn’t really steady.


Your presentation needs a clear focus and set of goals; the idea isn’t to overload your audience with information. It’s ideal to focus on a niche, and this lets you work on your personal brand while providing an intuitive experience that will teach them something.

You need time before you build your clients and portfolio. You won’t be making tons of money initially, but your services will become more demanded as you build your reputation.

Amazon’s FBA

Amazon dominates the online shopping industry, and it should be logical that leveraging their influence can help you make a lot of money. That idea takes us to Amazon FBA.

The name is fairly self-explanatory: Fulfillment by Amazon. It lets you sell your products through Amazon, who takes care of fulfilling your orders. You just need to send your stock to an Amazon warehouse, and once you receive orders, the company handles packaging, shipping, and customer aftercare.

In other words, you outsource the annoying part to Amazon. You can find products related to psychology in a specific niche and use this business model to deliver them to your customers.


It saves a lot of time. Not only do you benefit from skipping a lot of annoying tasks, but your customer also gets Amazon’s extremely fast shipping times. You can also take advantage of Amazon’s storage and customer service 24/7, and your clients even get Amazon Prime and free shipping.


Amazon charges a fee. Tracking your inventory can be challenging, and refunds are easier and – thus – more likely. You have less control over your packaging and delivery procedure, and you need to follow their guidelines when prepping you products.


If you’ve never sold anything before, it can be had to figure out where to start. Luckily, you have tools like Jungle Scout that let you find products to sell on the platform.

Amazon’s reviews are also a great source of insight for market gaps you can fill. Don’t ignore them and find which products people enjoy, which ones they don’t like, and what they want.

Food-related items are also quite trendy on the platform. Health, organic food, and similar niches are a great opportunity right now.

Finally, you might also want to consider a course on Amazon’s FBA.


You can also consider becoming a therapist on Talkspace. Mental illness isn’t as uncommon as people think, and that’s why therapy is such a lucrative career. However, people often lack the time to schedule appointments.

That’s where the internet and Talkspace come to save the day. Talkspace is an app focused on providing help through chat with an online therapist whenever someone needs one.

It works by letting people assess what they need from the therapy. Then, they choose one of the payment plants and proceed to match with a therapist. They’ll work with this professional through the app.

From there, the therapy starts. Clients can message their therapist anytime they need, and they can expect a couple of responses daily; if more interaction is necessary, video chat is also an option.

You can sign up as a therapist with your psychology license, and it’s a great way to make extra money without drifting from your experience.


Talkspace takes care of the marketing side. They already have an established audience and client base. The hours are flexible, and rates are quite cheaper than regular therapy, so it’s easier for people to afford these.


Getting set up can take some time at first, especially since you need to train on how the platform works. You also have to provide diagnosis to each client, but that shouldn’t be a real problem.


Be patient. Setting up is a rigorous process, but it’s definitely worth all the time spent once you start working with the platform.

You must set up your profile with credentials before becoming a therapist since Talkspace checks their applicants. Your profile will show on Talkspace, and potential clients can review it so that they can trust you.

Talkspace provides therapists with training on how the platform works and how they expect you to interact with your clients.

Online courses

Online learning is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s expected to grow exponentially in the future. It makes up a huge portion of the educational industry overall.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why this is an interesting business opportunity with experienced people in any field. It can be very profitable as well.

If you’re missing an idea for a course, consider our current generation’s mental health: anxiety and depression is one of the most common complaints for people these days. You can build an entire course around anxiety: what it is, what causes it, what treatment can be sought, and which daily practices help people deal with it.


It can help a lot of people around the world – even some you might never reach otherwise. You’re the complete owner of the course. There are many great platforms you can use to create and host your course, and once it’s ready, it’ll keep generating money even while you do other things.


It requires more investment than other options: marketing and subscriptions mainly. Developing your course also takes some time, and you also need to upgrade your technology if you don’t have the necessary equipment and software.


Research the market before developing your course to find out whether or not your topic has an audience looking for it. You can use online surveys and ask your current clients for this task.

Be transparent with the goals and content in your course. You want to make it clear to your students regarding what they’re going to learn and what they can obtain from applying the knowledge you’ve given them.

Still, you must provide an entertaining and interesting course so that people feel motivated throughout the lessons.


This is a similar option to the online course. You’ll be providing your knowledge to people, educating them for a profit. It’s a great venture that you can use to make extra money from what you already know.

The difference lies in that it won’t be a course with video lessons. You’ll be writing an eBook on the subject and publish it yourself using Amazon Kindle. It’s currently an industry leader for eBook sales right now, and it keeps growing each year.

Many people are using this venture, and you can leverage different tools to find out what’s currently selling well on Amazon – including your niche.


You can evaluate market conditions a lot quicker. You can provide both digital and print products for your customers as well as controlling both marketing and pricing for your eBook. Quick evaluation also allows for faster exposition to the market. You can fix mistakes easily, and once published, you can just sit back and see the money come in.


It’s very competitive, and it might take a while before you start making sales. If you’ve never made an eBook before, formatting can be a challenge. Finally, you’re tied to an exclusivity period for 90 days with Amazon.


You need to be mindful when choosing how you want to title your book. It needs to catch people’s attention and be memorable. You also want a good subtitle that’s emphasizes how people will benefit from this book. Consider highlighting positive results for people after reading the product.

Don’t cut corners when designing your book. You might want to invest a bit more in a graphic designer for your cover since people won’t stop to look at it unless it grabs their attention. You might also want to consider hiring an editor to ensure its quality.


As we already mentioned, sharing knowledge it’s a great way to attract an audience and make some money on the side. We also already talked about how many psychologists also run blogs.

That’s why you should consider blogging and article writing if you aren’t doing it already. It’s a million dollar industry, and it’s also one that’s currently growing each year. You just need to ensure your grammar and communication are strong skills for you.

You can write about different conditions, healthy practices, and overall insight on interesting subjects that people should learn about.

Anxiety in particular is going to be a great focus for your blog, and the amount of people writing about it will only increase with how popular this issue is becoming.


It’s very flexible, and you can write new posts whenever you want. You can monetize your blog with different approaches, and the initial investment is quite low. You don’t have to sacrifice your full-time job, and it’s also a great first exposure to the market.


It still takes time, especially coming up with new content and researching.


You want to prepare some samples or a portfolio when applying for a new job. Especially when writing as a guest on other websites, you want to offer them a “taste” of how you write. Your personal blog is a great portfolio.

You can find work on sites like Upwork or Freelancer.


Consulting is a huge market, and it generates billions of dollars in the US alone. You can start out on the industrial organizational psychology field and make good money.

You can assist different companies and organizations with issues related to their employees and management. Strengthening the manager-worker relationship goes a long way to improve efficiency.

You can also work in flexible schedules and charge people per hour.


It offers lots of flexibility – you’re your boss, after all. You’ll also feel satisfied by helping others solve their problems, and the money is nothing to scoff at.


You need time marketing your personal brand. It requires strong skills for socializing and organizing.


You want to make your contracts as clear as possible regarding goals, services, and rates. Asking previous clients for reviews and testimonials goes a long way in promoting your personal brand and finding more clients.

Public speaker

People love hearing experts and their knowledge regarding relevant issues that everyone faces today. Public speaking at events and conferences is a great way to make money and work on your personal branding for other services you can provide.

Meetings and events tend to be quite big and generate a lot of money. If you’re good at public speaking, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider this venture for yourself.

If you’re really knowledgeable on certain topics, you can make serious money speaking at events. Psychologists in particular tend to have an easier time thanks to the prestige behind their career and what they know. Besides, your studies should more than prepare you to tackle this task.


You can set your own schedule once you’re renowned. Not only there’s good money to be made here; you also have lots of chances to travel. It’ll make you more confident, and networking chances are huge, which can boost other ventures you want to pursue (writing books, giving courses, counseling, etc).


If you’re nervous, this won’t be easy. You also need to spend time working on your material and different ideas as well as preparing your presentation.


You might want to start speaking for free just to let people know you. Similarly, stick only to subjects in which you have experience; your clients are paying for a presentation based on expertise.

Keep your presentation grounded in facts and statistics. It gives you more credibility, and people will have an easier time trusting what you’re telling them.

High-quality means more chances to speak in future events. You definitely want to avoid neglecting any aspect of your presentation, ensuring you provide only the best.

Finally, speaking at public events provides an unique chance to know influential people and work on your networking. Making a name for yourself not only means you’ll make more appearances, but it’s also a great way to pursue other ventures thanks to the reputation you have behind you. Even your full-time job can benefit from this renown.

Psychological tests

Think about how difficult (and expensive) it is for companies to find, hire, and train employees into their business. Psychological tests are a great way to make the entire process more efficient.

In case you don’t know, testing people psychologically just means ensuring that any potential employee is suitable before the company decides whether or not to hire them.

You can offer this service to virtually any business looking for new employees, which tends to be a majority. Luckily, that’s not where it ends; you can still provide this service to companies who want to keep an eye on their current employees. It lets them assess whether or not they’re still suitable for positions currently being held by someone.

You can also provide aptitude career tests for high-school students about to graduate.


You’re basically your own boss as well, so you can schedule your tests as you see fit. The money is great, and you’re still getting the satisfaction of helping others – this time by helping people with their careers.


While you’re free to schedule your work, it does take a lot of time when you’re actually on it. You might also need to travel to different places when providing your service.


Networking is very important when going down this path. You want to make sure people know who you are, what you offer, and the quality of your service. You can interact with high-schools around your area as well as with companies you might be able to reach and offer your services.

The internet is a great way to market your services as well. You can use LinkedIn to find more clients and contacts, and it’s a very powerful networking tool. Think of it as Facebook exclusively for business.

Craigslist and similar sites is also a good way to make people know about your services and contact you.

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