25 Best Side Income Ideas For Stay At Home Moms (2021)

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Best Side Hustles For Stay At Home Moms

Finding a side job when you’re committed to your home can be difficult, especially if your main responsibility is to be a stay-at-home mom or taking care of everything around the place.

However, if you have a laptop and good internet, you can make good money without leaving your house. Working remotely is a huge trend right now, and there’s nothing keeping you from joining the huge amount of people migrating to the internet for a living.

There are many benefits other than staying home. You set your rates, working hours, which services you offer, and have everything fit your daily chores. Still, it’s not perfect; there are many scammers around the internet looking to take advantage of how alluring this industry is.

Luckily, staying away from fraud isn’t as difficult as you might think. The internet offers all the information you need to verify whom you partner with, and today we’re giving you a list of side jobs that have been proven to be efficient ways to make money on the internet.


If you’re not a tech wizard, this can be a very lucrative choice for you. Many website focus on offering transcription services to many companies and firms through different industries, and you can join one.

There are many options, though; your main concern at first is to verify that your pick is reputable. After that, you usually need to complete a test to prove you’re good at the job before becoming eligible for work.

All you need is good hearing and writing skills, particularly accuracy and grammar, besides your laptop and internet. As you complete more assignments, you should be given more profitable tasks without increasing the requirements.

Many transcribers use a foot pedal that they use to pause and resume their recordings. It makes the process a lot more efficient and easier, so you might want to consider getting one if things look good for you, but it’s not mandatory.

Writing articles

This one’s another alternative for people without advanced tech skills but with good writing. Writing articles also covers a vast spectrum, so you have both dedicated companies looking for SEO-focused work and advanced requests as well as people who just need a compelling piece.

As long as you have excellent English skills, you should be able to find work with different platforms. Until you start researching SEO and similar techniques, most of your clients will be people looking for content for their blogs or even eBooks. Many people just want good content.

The requirements are mostly the same as with transcribing: decent internet and a laptop. You also need writing software, but you have cheap options like Word or free ones like Google Docs or even Word Online. Both are industry standard as well, so you’re fine with either.

As your customer base increase, you should consider to reinvest some of your profits into software like Grammarly and Copyscape to ensure your content is free from any mistakes or plagiarism. While not mandatory, your work quality will increase noticeably, and you’ll be able to work for more demanding clients who ask for these programs to be used.


If you like reading, then I have good news for you: you can make money by doing just that. A lot of people only read to relax and entertain themselves, but some are always finding small grammatical and punctuation mistakes here and there. Some even like to analyze novels to find plot holes and discuss what could be improved with their friends.

You can make good money if you belong to the second group. Many individuals and publishing houses are constantly looking for proofreaders to review and revise any text before publishing. If you don’t know where to start, you can even work as a freelance editor or proofreader through platforms like Upwork or Freelancer.

These platforms work as marketplaces that connect freelancers offering any service with customers. You just need to sign up, find a job offer that suits your skills, and start working. The rates usually depend on how long and complex the texts are, but you can always negotiate your own.


If you’re fluent in another language other than English, then you can make a solid income by offering your services as a translator. The internet has allowed entrepreneurs to reach potential customers all over the world, but not everyone knows more than one language. Therefore, translators are usually highly demanded for anyone trying to expand their business.

You could work both verbally or by writing, and you can find clients looking for either of the two – and some will pay more if you can offer both. Many companies focus solely on providing translation solutions, but this industry is very similar to our previous suggestion: you can work by yourself on freelance platforms like we mentioned.

The process is the same: sign up, set up a profile describing your skills and experience, and look through other profiles to figure out how much you can charge.

You can schedule your work hours around your other responsibilities to avoid interfering with your priorities. As long as you meet your deadlines, you can work anytime you want.

Designing websites

When it comes to working online, more advanced skills will give you a significant edge over a lot of people; this translates into more money than other services. Web design is the first example, and you can make a significant amount of money by designing websites for smaller businesses looking to venture into the internet.

There are many web builders, platforms, and tools that let you build a website more efficiently. Some are so simple than anyone can create a fully functional website after just a few days learning the features.

Most website builders work with intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop editors to keep you from having to mess with any code if you don’t want to. Wix and Weebly are great examples, and you might have heard about the before.

If you’re a newbie, these tools let you start on the right track without spending months learning the tropes. You can even take smaller gigs with people who just want a simple website while you learn more about the job. Once you start feeling comfortable with more complex features and platforms like WordPress, then you can start charging good rates for your work.

WordPress powers nearly a third of all live websites right now, and it’s mainly because how intuitive it is as well as the huge amount of plugins and templates it offers for people looking to add more functions to their website. Therefore, you should aim towards knowing the in’s and out’s of this platform to build a great business for yourself.

Testing websites

You can also make money if you know how a website is supposed to function: load quickly, work properly in different devices, buttons directing you to the right sections, etc. Not only does a company need a website by today’s standards, but they also need one that works properly if they ever want to be found within search engines while looking like a serious company.

User experience is the priority when creating a website, and many companies hire specialized testers just to make sure their website works the way it should. However, always make sure you’re working with a reputable company. User Testing is a good example; they’ve been functioning for a while now, and they’ve established themselves throughout the years.

After signing up, you need to take a sample test with a website. This is beneficial for both sides. The company gets to see whether or not you’re capable for the job, and you get a taste of how your job will unfold.

After you pass this test, you’ll start receiving websites for you to review whenever one becomes available. You’re usually paid after completing your review successfully, and you shouldn’t run into trouble as long as you follow their guidelines.

The review itself isn’t anything out of this world. You’re normally given a plugin that lets you track the movements of your mouse cursor and record you as you speak while performing the tasks. Keep in mind that different websites have different structures and goals, so not all reviews will be 100% equal.


This is a more traditional option if you’re good with crafts and don’t really enjoy technical jobs. Some people build businesses out of their hobbies on the internet, and if you’re good at something, you could do the same.

You can turn different artistic skills into an income stream, and there’s a huge market for illustrations, crafts, jewelry, clothing, etc. You don’t even need to take this business into the internet. You can attend craft fairs or even contact boutiques around your area to see if they’re interested in selling your products. Of course, they’ll charge a fee, but they’ll take care of selling your items.

However, you can run your business from home if you decide to take it into the internet. You can sign up for websites like eBay or Etsy and sell there; Etsy in particular is focused solely on craft and arts, so you might have a better time there. Another great option is to open an account on a platform like Instagram or Pinterest and use them to market and sell your products yourself.


This is a great opportunity if you enjoy shopping and have a good eye for bargains. You can take a stroll around flea markets, charity shops, or garage sales and try to spot items you can buy and sell for a higher price later. You can even find free listings on Cragislist and similar sites that you can resell for a high profit margin.

This option does take more time; you need to find the products after all, but you can make good money if you come across good deals. You can start with a small budget and perfect your skills with time to identify better items once you’re familiar with the best markets you’ve encountered.

Speaking of markets, you also have the option to focus around areas like antiques, collectibles, clothing, etc. This approach makes it easier to find products since you’ll have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

Second-hand items are a great business for anyone thanks to the growing popularity of sustainable living and recycling.


This suggestion breaks the rules a little since it does require you to leave your home, but it’s so flexible and lucrative that the exception was well deserved. If you have a car, a cellphone, and a few spare hours, you can make good money. Many apps like Uber or Roadie let anyone with a car make money in a couple of ways.

The process is mostly the same regardless of the app you’re using.  Download it, register as an user with your documentation, and you’re ready. Some companies will ask you to bring your vehicle for inspection, but not all do, and after you have your account ready, there’s nothing stopping you.

The best part of working in this way is that you can choose your hours more comfortably than with most other options. You just need to take out your cellphone, access the app, and either go online or offline with a single button press. You can simply activate it when you want to work and turn it off once you’re done.

Any app you use will charge a commission from your fares. However, this is negligible when compared with the amount of money you can make thanks to them. Even better, you can deduct these fees from your taxes along with your vehicle mileage, so make sure to keep your records handy. You can save a lot of money on taxes thanks to these deductions claimable as business costs.

With the two examples I gave you earlier, you have two different business models. Uber and similar apps let you drive people around like a taxi driver. On the other hand, Roadie and its peers are better for people who don’t want to take strangers into their vehicles; it lets its users deliver packages and get paid for it.


There’s another way to make money by shopping, and it’s easier than reselling stuff. If you’re usually grocery shopping, you can take advantage of apps like Instacart and make money since you’re already in the supermarket.

These apps are somewhat similar to Uber; it links customers with shoppers. After you sign up and receive the approval, you just need to download the app. You’ll receive orders from customers with a list of groceries to buy for them.

Just like Uber, you can reject the orders you don’t want to fulfill. You can also turn the app on and off depending on your availability, so you can simply go online when you go grocery shopping and log off after you leave.


If you enjoy being near kids, then you can offer babysitting services to cover the costs of your own children. Needless to say, a mom is already proven to be a responsible caretaker, so you already have a better profile than any teenager looking to offer the same service.

You can even talk to other parents from your kids’ school to find clients. You already interact with other parents on a daily basis, and many of them have younger kids and could appreciate someone else taking care of them while they’re outside. You can even build relationships with your future clients before you offer your services.

It’s not as simple as “I have a kid, so I can take care of yours”, though. You want to take certain certifications like first aid to qualify as a proper caretaker. However, it’s a very lucrative side job, so the preparation is definitely worth it.

Walking/sitting pets

If you like animals, then you can also offer pet services like sitting or taking dogs out for a walk. Again, it’s not a home-based job, but you don’t need to be as far away from your neighborhood, so you don’t have to feel like you’re neglecting your home.

Besides, starting out is quite cheap. You just need to print a few flyers or leave an ad on a newspaper for people to contact you.

Since so many people have to work long shifts, there is significant demand for pet care services. Some people aren’t comfortable leaving their dogs alone, and pet care facilities can be very expensive – some might argue that it’s as expensive as children.

If you’re good managing your time and have a few spare hours, then you could make good money caring for other people’s pets. You can simply offer basic walks around the park and then upsell extra play time, taking them out to “take care of business”, or just keeping them company.

Altering clothes

Clothing alteration has a surprisingly big market, and I’m not overstating it; I’m sure you wouldn’t initially think it’s as big as it really is. Therefore, if you’re good with the thread and needle – or you own a sewing machine and know how to use it – you can make some good money by altering other people’s clothes.

The market is so popular thanks to how many people want or need to adjust their clothes’ size, length, or their general style. Professional tailors are usually very expensive, and not everyone can afford them, so in-home services are more attractive thanks to their convenience and cheaper rates.

If you already own the equipment, your only investment should be business cards and other advertisement forms. You can then leave them on local stores or give them to other parents and friends in case they’re interested or know someone who is.

Any skill requirement you can met simply by practicing on your own. Chances are – if you already own a sewing machine and use it regularly – you’re already an expert in the field. As long as you can measure properly and work with different clothing materials, you can make money.

Call centers

You can also make money if you don’t mind talking to others on the phone and have good social skills to help people with their inquiries. Call centers are a big industry right now, and some of the largest companies are starting to outsource customer service to VA’s and remote workers.

The more common customer issues can be solved remotely without any specialization as long as a script and basic training is given to the employee. There are entire companies dedicated to connecting companies with customer service agents, working as a bridge between the firm and its customer support department.

It’s not that hard to find a position that lets you work as a freelancer for a company dedicated to this industry. Most doubts are solved via call or email, so as long as you can understand the product and offer good interpersonal skill, you can make a good support agent.

Collecting debt

This is one of the most stressful options on this list, so don’t worry if you’re not interested in collecting debt. However, if your skin is thick and can handle rejection, then home-based debt collection can be quite lucrative.

If you can build a successful side job, some companies will be willing to pay great money or commission rates if you can recover any money they lent to others.

You need to be ready to handle many long phone calls with unpleasant people; remember how uncomfortable it can be to talk to someone who’s there just to recover money they owe someone else. Luckily, those who can deal with these people and handle tricky situations will be able to make a decent living solely off collecting debts.

That’s also the extent of the requirements you need to meet: good manners, interpersonal skills, and solid resilience. If you can become a particularly good debt collector, you might be able to work with larger companies due to the noticeable turnover rates for this position.


This is another job that most people won’t be interested in. Punching figures and numbers into spreadsheets can be mentally exhausting after a while, but this aspect of business is as important as it is boring.

When you consider that keeping an inhouse accountant to take care of this task can be quite expensive, it comes as no surprise that more companies are starting to outsource this job to freelancers.

If you know the procedure, you can make good money while still staying competitive just helping businesses keep their financial records in order. Of course, you want to have some experience in the field or an accounting degree, but as long as you can be a good bookkeeper, you can find work and get paid handsomely.

Keep in mind a degree isn’t strictly necessary. You can find online courses that will teach you all you need to know to start offering this service.

Teaching music

This is another option if you want to build a business out of your hobbies. If you’re good at a popular instrument – like guitar, piano or singing – then you can make money teaching others. Note that you don’t need to know a particular instrument; you can find aspiring students for any instrument, but some will be easier than others.

However, you can just give music lessons in general if you can find an instrument-focused student. You can teach music theory, reading, harmony, composition, etc. You also have an advantage working as a freelance since most people prefer private tuition when they want to learn music.

Even then, you can offer your services through different platforms that let you connect with students directly.

Classes can be scheduled around your daily tasks to keep your responsibilities unaltered. Specialized tuition can also make more money than general classes, and if you have any musical education, the income will be nothing to scoff at.

Even better, you don’t really need any license or certification before you start teaching. Sure, they can help you find more clients and charge higher rates, but all you need is to find people interested in learning and – perhaps – a spare room you can use as your classroom.

Designing video

Online marketing is one of the largest industries right now, and it keeps making billions every year, so there’s no reason to try it if you have the skills. Social media marketing has leaned a lot more towards visual advertisement, and video marketing is becoming the preferred approach.

Video editors are among the best-paid freelancers right now thanks to the amount of work that goes into the craft. Of course, the amount of money people make off their ads is also  a strong reason.

If you’re talented with audiovisual software, you could be missing out on lots of money by not trying it. Marketing won’t end until all business does, so there’s lots of work and clients for everyone.

Finding work might be difficult when you’re just starting, so you’ll have to work for lower rates to find more clients and build a portfolio. Luckily, it’ll be a worthwhile investment down the line.

Renting a room

If you have a spare room you’re not using, you can make an income stream out of it by offering it for guests looking where to stay in your area. You can make a great sum for every booking if you live in a big city, near point of interests, or in a sector close to educational institutes like colleges.

You can use Airbnb and similar services to offer your room for rental on the days you deem more comfortable. Many websites offer a calendar function where you can point out which days are available for renting your room.

Keep in mind that rates can vary a lot since they depend on where you’re located and the surrounding areas and attractions; make sure you research other offers in the area – or similar locations – to get a feel for how much you could charge for your room.

You want to keep prices low while you’re starting out; your first goal is to earn good reviews and build your reputation. After you become more popular, demand increases and you can charge more. The platform you use will charge a fee for allowing you to list on their site and leverage their traffic, but it’s more than worth it.

Fulfillment by Amazon

This is one of the best way to start your own business if you have enough money to invest in products. The FBA program from Amazon lets you list your items for sale on their catalog, taking advantage of their reputation and the huge amount of people going through their offers 24/7.

The process is quite simple as long as you have the budget. You just need to sign up to their program, send your products to an Amazon warehouse, and let them handle everything once orders start coming in.

Amazon does charge a fee for the service, and you might have to pay extra if your products have to spend a long time stored. However, you can price your offers however you see fit, and the reach you get with Amazon far outweighs whatever they charge.

You can then start scaling your business with the different tools offered by Amazon or even branch out into different products around your market to boost your sales. Your only responsibility is sourcing the products and meeting Amazon’s requirements for anything shipped to their warehouses.

Preparing meals

With the large variety in the dietary industry, meal preparation has become a very lucrative market for a lot of people. It might’ve been difficult to make a business out of it, but with veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-free and organic food becoming trendy, there are enough markets for anyone to make a nice income stream out of them.

People with special nutritional needs or changing their eating habits usually turn to professionals to prepare their meals according to their needs and desires. Others simply hire meal preparation services to make their lives easier due to their tight work schedules and the limited time they have for cooking.

You don’t need to be a professional chef, either. As long as you’re talented in the kitchen, you can find your own space in the industry. Focus around your local area as well; it’s easier if you can bring them – or they can pick up – their meals comfortably. However, you do need to ensure you comply with regulations related to the food industry.

You can charge additionally depending on the amount of dishes, difficult recipes, or personalized menus for different clients.

Making cakes

There’s always someone needing a cake at any given time – or so it would seem. You have countless celebrations: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s and Mother’s Day, etc. Then, you have all the birthdays around your neighborhood, family gatherings, weddings, and more.

You get the point: if you know how to design and make great-looking cakes, you can find clients quite easily. Everyone loves a fancy cake that’s more unique than what they get from the supermarket, so the money can be quite good.

You can offer basic recipes for a flat rate and increase the price depending on how personalized and complex your clients want their cakes. You also get to accept and reject as many orders as you need to keep your schedule organized.

Just like with the previous suggestion, make sure you meet all regulations regarding making edibles for a business.

Repairing furniture

Restoring furniture is a narrow market, and there aren’t many people doing it anymore. This means that you can make serious money if you’re skilled at it. Many people have older furniture they’d love to see restored, yet they don’t know anyone who can do it for them. That’s where you can find a market for yourself.

You do need to invest in the necessary tools, which can be quite costly. However, once these are out of the way, you can make that money back with just a few jobs. Still, that means you need to consider what’s the real demand for furniture restoration around your area.

If you realize there’s actually people looking for the service, a few flyers and business cards should be enough to find work.

Making training videos

If you’re skilled in certain areas or industries, then you can monetize your knowledge by creating video tutorials on different subjects. Education makes up a big part of Google search queries, and the industry itself is worth billions right now.

You have different ways to approach this business. You can create an educational YouTube channel and grow it to monetize your videos. You can join platforms like Udemy or Teachables and design entire video courses for sale. You can even make training videos on-demand around a specific industry and list the offer on sites like Fiverr.

You’ll need to invest in editing software and maybe a good camera. However, once your videos are online, you can still make money for as long as people pay for them. You’d basically be investing a lot of time for a few weeks so that you can later just mind other stuff while your videos keep generating money for you.

Again, you don’t need to be any special requirements or certificate. However, if you do have them, you can use them to provide proof of your knowledge and charge better rates.

Online surveys and commissions

This is a traditional online income stream, and it’s been this way for ages now. It’s also really simple, requires no qualifications, and can be done from home, but you won’t make huge amounts with it.

You can simply subscribe to a survey company and offer your opinion for market research purposes on different industries. That’s all you need: being able to formulate opinions and complete forms.

The money isn’t big, but you can complete several surveys quickly, so they can stack up quite nicely. Just make sure to stick to reputable companies to avoid falling for scammers.

As for commissions, you can make some money with different organizations for junk emails, upload receipts for cashback, use a different we browser and make money fro searches, etc.

As with surveys, commissions won’t make up your main income stream, but they can be a good supplement to any other income stream.

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