7 Best Side Income Ideas For Truck Drivers (2021)

Find out 7 Best Side Income Ideas For Truck Drivers Below!

Best Side Hustles For Truck Drivers

Truck driving is more than just a job; it’s a way of life for many people, and some would even argue it’s the best way to know your country. Not only do they drive for hours and miles, but they’re also indispensable for our economy.

However, the automation trend has made some truckers afraid of what the future holds for their careers. This immediately means the smarter ones have started to consider what they can do in the midst of all this.

That brings us to today’s topic: what options truck drivers have to make some money on the side – even if it’s just to help them save money.

We’ll be looking at different alternatives: ones that you can do on the side, without sacrificing your full time job. All of the options in this list are also easy to learn, and even if you know nothing about what’s necessary, you can expect to pick up your new job in a few days or weeks at most.

Affiliate marketing

If you know your way around a computer and the internet – you’re here, after all – then you already meet the requirements to become an affiliate marketer. If you don’t know what it is, it’s just promoting other people’s products by placing links to their offers on a website. You only need to register for an affiliate program, generate content, and direct traffic to their products to make a commission once someone purchases it.

It’s a part time job at most, and it’s currently a multi-billion dollar industry. I say “at most” because once you set up your website and content, you don’t have to sit down everyday in front of your computer to make money.


You don’t need to sit down and keep tabs on your business constantly. You can set up your site for free using CMS platforms like WordPress, and even if you have to pay for your hosting and domain, prices aren’t high. You can find affiliate programs for basically any product and niche, and you can scale your business with time to make even more money.


You do need to learn quite a bit if you want to be successful. It requires a lot of patience while you build your audience, and you also need to keep tabs on any change Google makes that can alter your business.


There are a few skills you’ll need: proper writing, marketing, and maybe even video recording/editing. You can find all the resources you need for free on the internet if you’re willing to research carefully, but you can also find affordable online courses that condense the information into an intuitive package.

Don’t jump into the market blind if you want to be efficient. Do your best at researching your product and niche to find profitable options without much competition. If you can find an unsaturated niche and market your product efficiently, then you should have a significant edge over the rest.

Amazon’s FBA

You don’t need to be an internet expert to know how huge Amazon is. Their Fulfillment by Amazon program lets you take advantage of their size by offering your own products through their platform while they handle everything: from packaging to shipping and aftercare.

You can even set up your own website and social media to promote your products. As for shipping, you just need to send your products to one of their warehouses, and they’ll take care of everything once orders start coming.


You can leverage Amazon’s fast shipping as a benefit of your business; the same goes for tracking. Customer support is handled by Amazon as well, and you can even offer free shipping.


Amazon makes returns and refunds easier, so their chances are higher. You don’t really interact with your customers, and tracking your inventory can be difficult. You also have to pay a fee for the service.


Amazon boasts thousands of different products, so it’s a good idea to research what sells well and how you can stand out from your competitors. Pay attention to writing descriptions and taking good photos.

Investing in training could also be a good idea, and there are good courses focused on Amazon FBA.


Traveling around the country means you have the opportunity of stopping at different shops and find good deals on interesting items. You can easily list whatever you buy on eBay if it’s unique enough. Once someone buys it, you just go to the post office and send it.

You don’t really need to remain stationary to make sales, and if you have a laptop, you can basically take your business with you. You can take your 182-billion-buyer potential audience wherever you go.


It’s quite easy to set up, and the possibilities are many. You can operate your business remotely while you sell anything you want and ship anywhere in the world. The reviews system also make it so that, once you make good sales and get rated, newer buyers will trust you easily.


Fees for listing can get out of hand if you don’t keep them in mind. You also have to handle refunds yourself, and selling can be a bit more difficult, especially with lots of competition.


Older sellers on eBay have their own following, especially those who have been selling since the early days. Getting people to prefer your newer offers instead of other established  businesses takes a lot of effort, and you might even have to lower your prices.

Consider spending a bit more on your listings to get them among the top results until you start receiving good reviews.

You’ll have to source your items constantly as you start getting regular orders.


This option is a great chance for people with artistic aspirations or hobbies. You can monetize these skills and make a nice extra income with Etsy. It’s particularly good for people skilled in painting, jewelry, modeling, and more. As long as you can make art, you can sell it on Etsy.

You can make your own business within Etsy. You can take a look through its categories and offers to see what other people are selling and their prices; these are great guidelines to set your prices.


You can sell any item you’ve made and feel that’s worth money. The entire process is quite easy, and the fees are also fairly low. You’re free to set your own prices, and depending on where you live, you might get a slight advantage with taxes.


You might be surprised at how many people sell similar products. Your store is still part of Etsy. You might have to lower your prices to gain an edge over your competitors. SEO can be tough.


Handcraft items take time, so you definitely want to test how much demand there is for your products. Make sure you have enough free time to work on your craft if you expect to receive lots of sales every month or even every week.

Try to choose a single payment method and not change it down the line. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of your transactions and how much you earn in general; it can be frustrating to lose track of your income and them mess up your taxes. That’s important because internet sales is still subject to income tax, so you want your records in proper order.


Many truckers have to stay away from their home for days (or even weeks) because of their job, but this can translate into a business opportunity if you’re willing to take the risk. Airbnb lets you list properties for rent to people around the world.

Aspiring guests can book everything through the Airbnb website, and you can do the same for your listings; they even offer an online calendar for you to list your home’s availability. In other words, you can specify which days you’ll be home – and thus it won’t be available. You don’t need to worry about interrupting your holidays or resting time.


There’s little need to worry about outlays, and you’re free to set your own rates. The calendar makes it easy to schedule when your property is available for renting, and Airbnb doesn’t charge big fees.


You do need to take strangers into your property, so there’s a risk for damage or theft. You need to be specially mindful of your home’s hygiene, and you might face restrictions depending on where your live.


You should think about relocating any items you care about since you’ll have strangers inside your place. If you own a closet you can lock or a safe, then you definitely want to keep expensive items in there – or those you have an emotional attachment with.

Speaking of items, you might also want to consider storing away family photos. Most people won’t think about taking them, but it could be somewhat uncomfortable for your guests to stay in a place filled with family photos – especially if they’re also a family taking a holiday trip.

Make sure you clearly state which areas of your property aren’t available for your guests to visit. The same goes for liability, like who’s responsible for any damage your home might take. In other words, be as clear about your terms as possible; you’re practically a landlord now.

If you have enough money – or you manage to save enough money with Airbnb – consider upgrading your insurance.

Social media management

If you own a laptop and enjoy spending time on social media, then you can turn it into a business for yourself. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular social platforms today, so if you’re familiar with one of those, you can charge others monthly fees for managing their accounts.

It can be quite lucrative (and low on outlays), but you need to keep a calendar or schedule that lets you keep track of all accounts and posts you’re responsible for. You might want to invest in tools that make this easier, and the same goes for spending time researching hashtags to improve your targeting.

If you know about marketing – or you learned how social media ads work – you can expand your services range. Paid ads pay more, and with billions of users through the different platforms, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find clients, even more so if you know how to set up paid ads.


Start up costs are quite low. You can run this business remotely, and you can offer different services depending on your experience and knowledge; offering packages is particularly good. Even if you’re not an expert on social media, you can still manage accounts, and the schedules are quite flexible.


It’s very competitive, so finding clients can be a challenge. Some clients might be more demanding and harder to work with, and tracking multiple accounts isn’t the easiest task. You’ll probably need to invest in paid ads to find clients yourself.


Sure, there’s not a set of requirements you need to meet before you can manage social media accounts, but competition is big. That means you’ll have a much harder time getting clients if you can’t offer the same (or more) services as your competitors. Therefore, you definitely want to learn as much as you can. Luckily, this isn’t really hard, and it’s more about learning the tropes and making it second nature.

You want to set up your own system for managing and dealing with clients, especially their complaints. As with any job, your reputation matters a lot, so you don’t want bad testimonials from your clients.

eBook writing

This might be a nice change of pace after driving for so long, and it’s a good way to change some of the knowledge you’ve gathered with others. If you’re good at writing, you can test your skills writing a novel or any kind of eBook for Amazon Kindle.

You can publish your own work and set your prices, and you’re free to write any book you want with any length you deem necessary. Amazon also gives you the tools you need to monitor your sales performance.

You also receive complete creative license over your work, and you can even make more commissions than with other publishers.


You set your pace, and you don’t have any limits on the amount of eBooks you can publish. You set your own prices, and commissions are better than many other options. You can write about anything you want – even stories from your own job.


Competition is fierce, and many eBooks cover similar topics, so you might have to reduce your prices. You’ll have to market yourself, and you receive less editorial support than with traditional publishers. Plagiarism can also be an issue.


Self-publishing means a lot more creative freedom and control, and you don’t need to meet deadlines to get your work out there. On the other hand, you’re basically on your own, so don’t expect assistance or proof-reading for your work.

Once you start making sales, copyright becomes something you want to keep in mind. We all know how easy it is to copy other people’s work online, so you need to protect your own content.

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