Best Side Hustles For Making Money This Year (Top 6)

Best side hustles

There are many reasons why someone would rather have a “side hustle” and get more money without having to move from their couch. Some want to travel; others save up for something they’ve always wanted, and others simply like to feel the safety of having extra cash in case of emergency.

I understand that more than many people. I was just a teen when I started making my first money online, and the lack of competition back then made things really easy. Now, here we are: years later, and there’s more competition and opportunities to make money on the internet.

It’s easy to feel lost at first, but that’s why I’ve written this article. I’ll offer you my own thoughts on 6 different side jobs you can have online, and I’ve done most of these; the ones I haven’t performed are from very close acquaintances whom I’ve studied.

These 6 options have all made their way to become the main income source for thousands to date.

Before we start, I’ll give you a tip: don’t be carefree. Make sure to keep a register of all your earnings. That way, you know exactly how much you have available, and it’ll save you a lot of pain filing your tax returns!

There are countless advantages in starting your venture earlier: you can turn your forward losses to your favour, helping with your taxes on the long run.

Also, remember: your expenses should never come from your wallet. Your business must be able to maintain itself.

Affiliate marketing with content

I’ll start with one of my favourites: this is an almost seamless way to start making money on the internet and having your venture ready within a single day. The best method is to set up your blog and start writing about products and services.

Your objective is to be an affiliate with your own links to the buying pages.

You can find examples in websites publishing news, reviews, and even other blogs. You want to offer your readers excellent content and convince them to buy the products; you get to pocket a commission for your service.

The commissions tend to circle the 15% mark (give or take) for physical products; however, if you’re promoting digital businesses, then that could go up all the way to 70%.

It’s considerable: many online courses can go for around $300.

It’s not difficult to get started, either. You need your own domain, a hosting service, and the discipline to produce content constantly and on a schedule. You can even hire other people to write the content for you.

With just $100, you can create and pay for hosting your site!

Your main obstacle is constancy and discipline. You should get yourself a good course so that you can learn the tropes. Savage Affiliates is a good choice, and it’s not expensive.

Sales funnels for single products

You can sell products without having to create an eCommerce site today, so don’t worry about Shopify for now. Kartra, ClickFunnels, and many other platforms let you give birth to sales funnels; you can use them to sell a single product and add some upsells to it. It’ll only take a few hours!

You just need to link your domain and find a good product; this last part is what needs more studying and research. Then, you can add upsells like warranties and express (or free!) shipping so that you can raise the price of your item.

You can find items on sites like AliExpress, and you can ship them straight to your clients without even having to see them. You may have heard the term “dropshipping”, and that’s what this is.

You just need to direct traffic from social media to your funnel, feed that engagement, and turn your visitors into customers.

You can set up your site with a $300 budget, but you’ll need about twice as much for a killer marketing approach. However, if you find a good product and exploit it to its fullest, you can have your money back (and much more) in just a few months at most.

There’s a myriad of courses offering dropshipping knowledge, but I can recommend eCom Elites over the rest. You can get it for just a bit below $300.

eCommerce site on Google Shopping

Everyone looking for good deals go to Google to find it. It’s easy to see the ads at the top of the results.

Google Shopping Ads aren’t used as much as you’d think. Almost everyone focuses solely on social media, so you have an unexploited chance to gain an edge over many people.

You just need to set up a store on Shopify, list products people want from your favourite suppliers, and create your Google Shopping feed. You even get to save money by using free platforms like WooCommerce.

Then integrate your Ad account and target the keywords people use the most. Take note of the best-sellers, invest into making them more attractive, and cut spending by removing the worst performers.

Tracking pixels are a great advantage for knowing from where your customers are arriving along with the best products and keywords currently used by you.

Not many courses teach you about Google Shopping, but eCom Elites has training for Google Shopping ads as well.

Business marketing locally

Basically, you need to create an agency and reach out to local businesses; the idea is to offer them the chance to increase their traffic and get more leads to turn into sales. It’s an easy thing to do if you’re good with social media platforms and tools like ClickFunnels.

Local firms can’t do much without leads into potential clients. There are successful companies everywhere, but there’s at least one or two struggling businesses for every successful one.

You can solve their issue and keep small businesses from dying out. You hardly have to invest on your agency, and it’s something you can do with an hour or two from your day.

The main issue is to find your first clients. Once you do, it’ll start getting easier, and you’ll grow into a successful marketer with a good portfolio and test campaigns to prove your skills.

You should also save money so that you can advertise your services on Facebook or Google Ads. You can also exploit your marketing knowledge for your own business. A great way to make your ads enticing is to offer extras like discounts and courtesy work for loyal customers; they never fail to get you leads.

Online marketing is so popular that finding a good course isn’t hard at all. Make sure to read all the info and reviews you can before you decide.

Broker for web services

This is one of the first jobs I took when online business started to grow. You can be the middlemen between people requiring digital services (freelance writing, designs, community management, etc) and freelancers offering those solutions.

You can find people on Fiverr and Upwork and offer their services to businesses you contact; you can create your own site, but you can also skip that hassle by simply going to eBay.

Take design as an example. Googling this service results in large companies offering their services for hundreds of Dollars. You can then go to Fiverr and look for the same thing; you’ll find great designers selling their work for as little as $5.

You can link them with your clients, charge half (or less) of what your Google results asked, and then pocked a few hundred Dollars from the difference.

It doesn’t end there. You’ll find that any service from Google’s results have a much cheaper counterpart on these sites, so you have ample range to exploit this opportunity. Just use your own knowledge and figure out your business approach.

You’ll only need a way to get payments from credit cards, a management tool like Clinked or Notion, and a source for clients. You won’t have to pay much setting up your business, but you may need to pay the freelancers first before your clients pay you.

Problem solving

A company doesn’t get enough clients. People need someone to do what they can’t. Customers don’t have certain products and they need them.

All the previous options are actually examples of how you can exploit other people’s problems by solving them; you get to benefit them and yourself! As long as you’re aware of problems people want to solve, you can get good money by figuring out how to do so.

There are countless ways you can do this; you can write an eBook, offer courses and webinars, small training courses, and many more things.

You want to provide the best value you can without charging anything.

Why’s that?

You’re looking for leads: a way to reach out to your potential clients and hit them with your service and premium additions. Just don’t try to direct cold traffic to your page offering a $1,000 course; you may get a couple of overhyped buyers, but it won’t make up for your investment.

Make sure you condition your traffic, offer some free value to get them excited, and then provide your final offer.


First off, there’s no such thing as “free money”. You need to invest your funds if you want to make money anywhere and in any way. You should never be afraid about losing some money when you start.

If you don’t have the funds to start, then it’s better to solve any immediate issues and save money for later. While you do need to spend money before seeing any success, you should never endanger your life quality.

The money will always be there; just make sure you’re really ready to go.

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