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Best WAnguard Alternative

WangGuard – The service we trusted for a long time as the most effective service to block all spam registrations through WordPress login dashboard was closed down without much information. When the service that we actually liked was gone, we left the thought of obtaining an effective anti-spam protection plugin.

CleanTalk was referred by a friend and I thought of giving it a try. There were few posts of CleanTalk on the official WordPress forums but besides that, we didn’t find much information about it. Although after some due diligence and testing, it surfaced as a formidable alternative for WangGuard which we lost a long time ago. So, here are the 10 important features that makes CleanTalk Spam Protection superior than WangGuard Spam Protection.

10 Important Features That Makes CleanTalk Spam Protection Superior to WangGuard

1. Advanced Server-Side Spam Detection

The main difference between CleanTalk and WangGuard is that CleanTalk implements a technology called E-Mail Verification to determine spam based on the source IP of the browsers. Somehow this feature works better and protects your website against spammers in some ways in which WangGuard does not work. Further it utilizes many other server-side technologies to detect the spam and the spammers. As a result, it protects the website from IPs that are proved to be used by spammers.

WangGuard is a good firewall for blocking the spammers who are getting access to the site through a WordPress login dashboard or other means (such as comment form, shortcode etc.). Although sometimes it cannot detect the source IP and hence it uses advanced heuristics to recognize spam.

This is not bad at all, but CleanTalk has much better and advanced system than WangGuard and what it does is at least very effective. It is possible that CleanTalk is hundred times effective than WangGuard. Please note, both CleanTalk and WangGuard may fail to detect some spammy comments that actually post as spam using some feign mode. However, they will keep the possibility of spam very small.

2. Simple and Minimal Setup

CleanTalk is much more effective than WangGuard in blocking spam and hence it is better. But the best part of CleanTalk is, how simple a plugin can be in protecting a website against spam registrations than just a single plugin.

Unlike WangGuard, CleanTalk is just a single plugin you need to install. After the installation and activation, it will start protecting your WordPress website from spammers. You don’t need to hire a developer to extend any other WordPress plugin or anything else. Just install it and you need to wake up to a spam-free website in your bed. This simplicity is very important to keep your friends away from spam!

3. Two-tier Verification

CleanTalk protects the website through the source IP of the viewers and the source IP of the comments. It works as a two-tier tool that way.

As the first level, it will block the IPs of the source browsers that are used by spammers.

As the second level, you can modify the comment settings and allow the Spambots to post some comments to get verified by the CleanTalk.

So you will get two-tier protection of CleanTalk:

  1. By blocking the source IPs from specific countries that are used by spammers.
  2. By allowing the Spambots to post comments under specific access restrictions and then verifying the Spambots under an approval process.

This is a very useful tool, as the Spambots play a primary role for forums and other websites that are meant for discussions and exchange information. These Spambots never get access to these websites and so they don’t have any source IPs to attack. So, whereas they are regular visitors to these websites, they can never contribute.

3. Approval Process

The word approval is not prevailing in the CleanTalk label. You can actually modify it as “approval process.” This process works much like the blacklist systems you use to block spammers and spambots. Your chosen keywords (one or more) will be used to scan through the comments and first-time commenters who contain the keywords will be filtered and then they will be whitelisted.

This feature can save a lot of time and energy from spam. When a commenter will post more, the chances of them getting approved are increased.

4. Blocking IPs

CleanTalk works somehow like a firewall that blocks access for your website through some source IPs. These source IPs are generated based on the geographical locations of the downloader of the service and the actual browser in use. Thus it is a safe and reliable tool to block users from specific IP addresses of specific countries and cities.

You can even allow the requests to come through IPs determined by the location, as some countries are not spam-filled. For example, in our case, based on the latitude and longitude of our location, all the requests should come through the IPs of USA. However, in reality, when we surveyed for half an hour, some spam IPs found entry into our website.

But, by blocking them, we are protecting the website. These IPs can be blocked easily from the Protect settings of CleanTalk. You are even allowed to blacklist any other IPs.

5. Importance

CleanTalk manages to make a far better job than WangGuard. It is a dangerous notion to think that WordPress plugins are not important. CleanTalk has the power to protect your site against primitive spammers that use primitive methods such as a single IP or a few IPs.

The major point of contention here is that this plugin needs to be installed on your website for 100% protection from spammers. This doesn’t mean that you use these plugins to block many IPs. The major role of CleanTalk plugin is that it blocks the IPs of the users who hit your website when they try to spam your website or they are those Spambots who already enter the site but are not approved in the process.

Spammers by default try to get access to your website in order to spam it. For this purpose, they use the IP address of the source that are unpredictable. If you are not using CleanTalk, they will create havoc in your life like many other websites.

On the contrary, if you are using CleanTalk, they will not have their way in your website. Even if they keep trying through the IP addresses of different countries, with CleanTalk, they will not be able to dull your pages.

6. Company Response

You are not going to get an answer to your emails from the official Company. However, because of the nature of the problem and the attempts of their developers, you will get prompt responses from the CleanTalk team.

They also have a live chat support service that you can use instead of wasting your time on emailing them. The CleanTalk team support is friendly and will try to resolve the issue the best they can.

7. Easy To Setup

Though unexpectedly Simple, CleanTalk comes with a very friendly interface and easy to follow instructions.

Once you install and activate CleanTalk, you’ll be required to go to the Protect tab and click on the Spam Protection.

This will take you to the options where you will need to select the general spam protection level. For starters, I would recommend setting it to the highest level possible. This is the most important thing you can do to protect your website from spam.

Once done, the spam protection level is set. You will need to continue by logging in with your WordPress credentials. You then need to click on the “Manage Blacklists” link. Here, you can add the keywords you want to block in the comments. This will be an effective method to prevent the spammers from posting any comments along with the keywords you add to the blacklist.

8. Small Footprint

If you have tens of thousands of spam comments, you might be in pain if you are using WangGuard. CleanTalk is a rather small tool that runs quickly and efficiently

9. No Spam Detection Failures

We have faced some of the spamming failures in WangGuard. This happened in the form of submissions to page forms like Contact Form 7 and other contact forms.

This situation can be avoided through the CleanTalk spam protection plugin as it can block the IP of the source. This can happen many times, and CleanTalk will be able to protect you in many ways.

10. Global Spam Blocking

CleanTalk is not just a WordPress related plugin. It can be used to block spam across all your websites and applications. It is also one of the popular plugins used to make web forms efficient and spam-free.

These 10 features make CleanTalk Spam Protection a better alternative to WangGuard Spam Protection. If you are looking for a spam protection plugin that can stand against the current anti-spam plugins for WordPress, I would recommend CleanTalk Spam Protection.

Get CleanTalk Spam Protection Now!

CleanTalk WordPress Spam Protection Plugin is extremely effective in blocking the spammers who are trying to enter your WordPress website. It is been used to block spammers and spambots from accessing your WordPress website. CleanTalk is an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your website from any kind of spam attacks.

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