Best Website Builder For Non-profit Organizations

In this growing age of digital marketing online presence is one of the basic necessities for any business organization, let alone non-profit or not. 

Because let’s face it without a website or blog or social media activities you can never get enough traffic to see some noticeable output. 

So you should probably take matters in your own hand and start designing a kickass website to reach more to your potential leads. 

Yes I know the whole process can be a bit overwhelming at a first glance. So let me break it up for you into pieces. 

What are the major parameters that you should consider before investing in a website builder and what are your options at hand. Then I will give you the best one out of the lot. 

Let’s get started!

How to Choose the Best

Three most important parameters to look for in a website builder should be hosting, SEO optimized pages and pricing

There are many website builders in the market like, Weebly, Squarespace but none of them completely fulfills these three conditions. 

GrooveFunnels has created quite a buzz since early this year among the all-in-one sales suite platforms like Kartra, ClickFunnels, Builderall.

So many reasons can be cited to show that GrooveFunnels totally lives upto the hype. 

Now let’s see why it is your best shot for website building purposes. 

GrooveFunnels as a Website Builder 

GrooveFunnels has its own website building tool called GroovePages, integrated in the software suite.

With GroovePages you can design very effective, pro and crisp looking websites, landing pages and sales funnels. 

Once you sign in to GrooveFunnels, you are taken to the simple and clean dashboard page. From here you can easily start building your website or landing page with the ‘drag and drop’ feature of GroovePages. 

Drag and drop the elements (such as icon, content box, progress bar, headers, footers, navigation menus, countdown timer) on the page where you want them to be.  

You can customize the website differently as suitable for different devices like mobile, desktop, laptop, ipad etc. 

Also they have tons of pre-designed templates that you can directly apply. 

Web hosting

One of the most vital reasons to choose GrooveFunnels is that they provide free hosting up to three custom domains

If you are wondering what exactly is hosting and domains and why free hosting is such a big deal let me first give you a basic idea. 

A web hosting provider is the storehouse of all the data and files of your website. And as it is not possible to remember all the IP addresses (which is a string of numbers), every website is assigned a unique domain name.  

You can imagine the hosting service as the house of your website. And the unique URL (domain name) of your website is like the address of that house. 

The first step towards building a website is buying a hosting and domain. You can buy them separately or from the same provider. 

Here is a list of some hosting and domain providers along with their pricing. 

 Domain name providers

  • NameCheap – $8.88 – $12.98/year
  • GoDaddy – $1.95 – $23.95/year
  • Google – Starts at $12/year

 Hosting providers

  • Bluehost – $3.95 – $79.99/ month
  • SiteGround – $6.99 – $14.99/ month
  • InMotion Hosting – $23.99 – $99.99/ month

I think now you can fathom how great it is that in GrooveFunnels FREE base account free hosting and upto three custom domains are included. 

No other company is providing this kind of service for free as of now. Other all-in-one SaaS companies like ClickFunnels, Kartra only offer this to their paid customers. And other cheap website builders will suggest you to outsource hosting from providers like BlueHost or SiteGround. 

SEO Optimized Pages

Because they are offering this kind of shocking pricing plans like a free account or lifetime platinum deal for a one-time payment, doubts might occur in your mind about their credibility.

It’s very natural to question the quality of a free or cheap service. 

Well you have absolutely no reason to think this as a scam. They use top notch Amazon servers as hosting hubs for their websites. 

Creating an official website for your business is just not enough. It is important that it ranks in Google or Yahoo searches and shows up on the top search results. 

For that your webpage has to be SEO optimized with right keywords targeting the right audience. Loading speed of your page is also an essential factor. A slow loading site will never stand out in Google ranking.

But don’t you worry. GrooveFunnels got you covered here too. 

GrooveFunnels uses an extremely progressive Javascript in their system, called Vue.js. This helps in preloading of the complete HTML structure. As a result of which websites built in GroovePages load a lot faster than any other sites. The loading speed is almost 1.5 second which is brilliant. 

To rank in Google mobile-first indexing is important. Mobile compatibility of  GrooveFunnels products ensures SEO optimization. 

Other Perks of Using GrooveFunnels 

GrooveFunnels cuts all your extra subscription costs in different softwares for different purposes. Here you get all you need to run an organized business under one roof, not just website building.

Three major steps in the process are :

  • Aware people about your brand : It is important to let everyone know about your business ideas and products. To get more traffic you can publish optimized website contents or increase your social media engagements.
  • Grab attention of potential customers : Once you have grabbed the attention of your target audience, it’s important to hold their interest. At this stage you can start an email campaign or send newsletters. Share video contents about why and how your products will benefit customers. 
  • Lastly conversion : Now all that is done, announce exciting offers or free gifts or lower your shipping charges and ensure that you sell your product at the end of the day. 

With GrooveMail you can create a sequencing automated mailing list for newsletters or start SMS broadcasting. If it’s a digital product you can deliver it through email as well.

With GrooveCalender you can schedule any meetings and calls with your customer. You can share video contents with GrooveVideos and Webinars. 

GrooveFunnels comes with more exciting features like one-click upsell, downsell, order bumps.

Get GrooveFunnels for Free

That’s right. This world class service of GrooveFunnels is accessible at 100% free of cost. 

Currently GrooveDigitals is offering a FREE Base Account for everyone. They don’t even ask for credit card information. 

This offer is up for a limited time span but its validity is lifetime. So if you don’t subscribe now you will certainly regret it later. 


So I hope I established all the arguments why GrooveFunnels is the ideal choice for a non-profit business.

Even though all the features and services are not included in the free plan, what you get is more than enough to run a successful business. 

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, independent small business, content creator, podcaster GrooveFunnels meets every marketing need.

To talk specifically about website building, it is not yet possible to get GroovePages separately. Such options may come later when the software is fully launched. 

Until then it’s better to make the best of what is available at free because if not now, later you will be charged a minimum of $99/month.