Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers (2021)

Find out the Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers Below!

Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers

Looking for the best WordPress hosting provider seems to be the right step to jump into developing either your existing business or business idea.If you are a newbie with little or no IT skills, it is safe to find the provider which has the best reviews and offer you a complete aid. The Internet is huge and it becomes even bigger when it comes to business. There are millions of options to choose from. In your quest for finding the right one, you should pick one which is fast, has the best features for your business and offers you customer support. You need to check out the cost also in order to find a suitable one for your penny.

In the following content, we are going to take a look at the overall WordPress hosting. We want to provide an answer of what’s the best WordPress hosting services in 2020. Read before you make any decision.

1. Siteground

Siteground is currently ranked as the #1 best WordPress hosting provider. They also offer the best customer support.

They have been in this industry for over 18 years and are trusted by many professionals. A lot of major companies around the world use them including Microsoft and Apple.

Siteground’s shared hosting plans start at just $3.95/month. Siteground has one of the best WordPress hosting platforms with its support for Apache, PHP7, and MySql.

All plans include unlimited SSD storage, free cloud credits and other features that enable you to make your site grow.

Their support is some of the best in the industry. You have the freedom of choosing who will resolve your issue on your site. They have a customer support team available 24/7/365 to assist you in any issue that you experience.

You can also take advantage of their free migration service to move your site to their servers.

All Siteground Hosting Accounts include

  1. Unlimited Data Transfer
  2. Free Website Migration
  3. 3.24/7/365 Support and Site Monitoring
  4. Free SSD Storage
  5. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Siteground is pretty good. It’s a decent WordPress hosting provider for beginners. It’s highly affordable and very easy to use which makes it suitable for everyone. It also has one of the best customer services on the internet. Overall, Siteground is a great choice!

2. Bluehost

Bluehost has been around for many years and is currently the official recommended web host. Currently, they’re also rated as #1 for small business hosting solutions – so there’s a lot of great reasons to choose them.

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans start at just $2.95/month. They are one of the most recommended WordPress hosting providers in the planet. The platform is easy to use and it enables you to get your website online in no time. One of the most positive things about Bluehost is that they offer 24/7/365 support.

They are also known for having more than 40,000,000 websites hosted on their servers and uses the industry-leading, redundant hardware and hosting platform built by leading experts to help your WordPress site perform at its ultimate best. Your WordPress hosting is automatically optimized to boost uptime and performance of your website.

The innovative design of the platform will allow you to fully utilize the tools of WordPress, as well as any custom web development that you may purchase from an external development company.

All Bluehost hosting plans include

  1. 24/7/365 Support
  2. Solid State Disk (SSD)
  3. Free Migration
  4. Security & Malware Protection
  5. Cloudflare CDN
  6. 24/7 Billing Support

When it comes to security, Bluehost applies all the latest security protocols to protect both you and your site from any cyber threats and DDoS attacks. In addition, Bluehost will also take care of any issues you experience including SEO, SSL certificate, and even spam filtering.

3. Hostgator

Hostgator is currently ranked as the #3 most recommended hosting provider. They are known for the awesome customer support and many other hosting features. They will assist you until your blog is fully up to date.

Whether you are a newbie or require deeper knowledge to work professionally on your website, there is a member of the Hostgator team there to guide you.

Hostgator started in 2002 as a humble seller of shared hosting solutions. They currently have a staff of over 1,000 employees including a 24/7 live department that are there to help you.

What makes them top of the list is that they are very affordable. You can subscribe to a shared hosting plan for $2.95/month. They have some of the cheapest WordPress hosting plans in the market.

Additionally, you can also run a site for a company with it. Depending on your usage, they have both unlimited and capped plans to choose from.

You can also run your business site perfectly with their cPanel. They offer an excellent hosting platform that is powered by Apache, PHP7, MySQL5 and SSD Hard Drives. If you are a beginner, this is your ideal choice because it is very easy to use.

All Hostgator hosting plans include

  1. Unlimited Data Transfer
  2. Free Website Migration
  3. 3.24/7/365 Support and Site Monitoring
  4. Free SSD Storage
  5. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  6. $100 Google Adsense credits

Hostgator has an amazing website hosting platform and customer support. If you are looking for a host that values your money and time, this is it.

4. Dreamhost

Dreamhost was created in 1997 to provide technology-empowered hosting services to organizations and individuals like you.

Dreamhost is known for the cost-effective and fast WordPress hosting solutions. It has a solid and reliable infrastructure that all Hostgator customers experience. In addition, they offer useful WordPress hosting tools and SEO packages. They also have some of the most helpful community forums.

You can personalize your WordPress hosting configuration as you prefer. They have a control panel that is easy to use. In addition, Dreamhost offers a lot of products that you can use to build more complicated sites.

Dreamhost has a solid reputation in the industry with well over millions of customers. They are known for their fast and friendly customer support team.

They are one of the best WordPress hosting providers as they cater both small and large scale operations. They have a solid hosting feature around $10/month.

All Dreamhost hosting plans include

  1. Free SSL Certificate
  2. Free Migration
  3. Unlimited Space
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. 24/7/365 Support

Dreamhost stands out from other WordPress hosting providers because it offers free SSL certificates and website migration services. In addition, you will also enjoy unlimited free domain names. Dreamhost also offers a full refund of your plan if your site is offline for more than 30 minutes within the first 30 days of your plan.

Dreamhost is the ideal choice for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and other websites.

5. WPEngine

This is one of the newest generation of hosting service that started in 2009 before the boom in WordPress popularity. In just a few years it has become one of the top private hosting service providers.

You will have to pay a little bit more to get WP Engine hosting than other web hosting services on the market. However, you should not forget that this is one of the most feature-filled hosting services especially WordPress hosting services out there at a very reasonable price.

Their web hosting service and WordPress hosting platform comes with features that cater not only to WordPress hosting but also for any other content management system (CMS) system. For instance, they have multi-site functionality in addition to WordPress specific features. They also offer easy backups that can be scheduled.

There are more than three reasons why you should pay extra for a premium WordPress hosting. These include

  1. Uptime Guarantee
  2. Multiple Backup Choices
  3. 24/7/365 Live Support

WP Engine is the ideal choice for businesses that want to have higher influence and growth with their website. It is easy to learn and use. Additionally, it provides everything you need to get started in any industry, what more if your business is about WordPress hosting.

In addition to all these, WP Engine also provides a free SSL certificate. These features come in handy especially for businesses that want to have a perfect WordPress hosting.

If you want, you can also access the entire console, which is a tool that will take you through many processes that you normally need to do manually. Doing these manually can be time-consuming and can create errors, which is why this tool is a lifesaver for many.

6. Flywheel

Flywheel is relatively new when it comes to hosting services however, they have gained a lot of popularity for being excellent when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Flywheel is very intuitive to use, as it looks like a desktop application when in fact, it is actually a web-based platform.

One of the most notable things about Flywheel is that they are using SSD storage for hosting. This translates to a more responsive WordPress host and faster loading web pages when visitors come to your website.

Like the famous names in the list, Flywheel also provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9% so you are assured your site is always accessible to your readers. They also have a completely free migrations service, which is a relatively unique feature.

Flywheel is a solid choice especially if you are an expert in building WordPress sites.

In addition to their hosting packages, Flywheel also provides a theme that you can use to create a professional website drawing inspiration from many modern websites that you can find online.

All Flywheel hosting plans include

  1. Free Migration
  2. Free SSL Certificate
  3. 24/7/365 Support

Flywheel is an excellent choice for small businesses and startups that have a decent budget going around $15 -$25/month.

7. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was created in 2008 with a huge focus on giving each of its customers the best hosting experience possible.

This one focuses on both all WordPress hosting plans and all other plans as well. What you are going to get for the same cost is usually higher with A2 Hosting. This also makes it one of the best WordPress host providers out there today.

The host will give you a blank canvas to get your site customized and running at top speed. They have one of the best customer support out there.

They also have a huge network and high end servers with the latest technology that is going to give you no problems. The customer service is top notch.

This is ideal for anyone who wants the absolute best in performance from their WordPress hosting. They are known for their 24/7/365 support.

A2 Hosting provides the perfect balance of quality focusing on the needs of the customer and the business need for optimization. In addition, it is a scalable hosting service that has loads of excess power to handle a larger server without any issues. Know that with this provider, you will have the best WordPress hosting service so that you can change your business to grow big.

All A2 Hosting hosting plans include

  1. 24/7/365 Support
  2. Free WordPress Website Transfer
  3. One-click install of WordPress and other Content Management Systems
  4. Softaculous
  5. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  6. Free SSL Certificate

The top features on this provider include the free lifetime of domain, an extra free of seo tools, a free SSL certificate, web staging, traceroute optimization, free domain name, free website transfer, and more.

Additionally, they also have a monthly Webinar on WordPress that will help you look beyond the basics and will guide you to advanced topics. It is free to watch the webinar.

8. Cloudways

Cloudways has been around since 2013. They are one of the honest hosting companies there that align their services with the best way to offer excellent customer support. Cloudways is known for the amazing and useful hosting platform. The Cloudways service is all in one, and from the servers to the cloud panel.

Every part of it is optimized for WordPress hosting. The platform is customizable to the extent that it can cater to each person needs. You can choose to install any themes or plugins that you want. In addition, you are also able to install any type of language that you prefer.

The platform also has the best cloud infrastructure that will allow you to either have a small, medium, and large-scale website. The platform allows you to build a great site for your business and it is a cost-effective solution.

Additionally, the one-click deploy feature of the platform will enable you to launch within minutes. The platform also works with any kind of development company. The company also allows you to have free backups every day.

In addition, Cloudways supports your site and it is PHP-based hosting platform which allows you to use your existing development tools.

Cloudways bills you based on the hosting provide you choose for your site. This means that you will only pay for the services that you are going to use.

You will be charged based on the number of servers you use. You are going to have a central management of the control panel, and this will be great for a large number of sites.

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